AccuphaseCD Transport DP-800 / DAC DC-801Accuphase CD Transport DP-800 / DAC DC-801 with 220-240 Voltageabsolut great condition, like new with original accessories and original box for paypal add 4% DP800 Digital processor designed for ultimate SA-CD quality. Innovative digital signal processing tec...14990.00

Accuphase CD Transport DP-800 / DAC DC-801 with 220-240 Voltage [Expired]

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absolut great condition, like new with original accessories and original box for paypal add 4% DP800 Digital processor designed for ultimate SA-CD quality. Innovative digital signal processing technology MDSD (Multiple Double Speed DSD). Moving-average filter circuit configured with delay and eight parallel converters achieves straight D/A conversion of DSD signal. Seven digital inputs for enhanced versatility. The DC-801 showcases Accuphase´s mastery of sophisticated digital technology and creative circuit topology. It is a digital processor designed to realize the ultimate in SA-CD reproduction. A new technique called MDSD (Multiple Double Speed DSD) allows straight D/A conversion of the DSD signal. MDSD employs eight MDS++ type D/A converters operating in parallel to reduce conversion errors to an absolute minimum while at the same acting as a high-cut filter that removes noise in the high-frequency range. The Direct Balanced Filter is configured with entirely separate balanced and unbalanced signal paths, and a further refined "Ultra Jitter-Free +" PLL circuit extracts the master clock for the D/A converter with absolute precision. The overall result is music reproduction that finally brings out the full sonic potential of the SA-CD format. For connectivity to various sources, the DC-801 offers a full complement of digital inputs: HS-Link, balanced, coaxial (3 streams), and optical (2 streams). This allows the music data to be supplied to the processor without any degradation in quality. Two sets of digital outputs (coaxial and optical) let the user easily connect a digital recorder, for recording of sources other than SA-CD. And there´s even a set of EXTERNAL DSP input/output connectors that allows using the Digital Voicing Equalizer DG-48 for sound field processing in the digital domain. MDSD (Multiple Double Speed DSD) implements innovative digital signal processing MDS++ D/A converter with eight DACs driven in parallel "Ultra Jitter-Free +" PLL circuit "Direct Balanced Filter" provides totally separate analog low-pass filtering for balanced and unbalanced signal paths Digital level control allows adjustment down to -80 dB D/A converter printed circuit boards made from Teflon (glass fluorocarbon resin) with low dielectric constant and low loss *Teflon is a registered trademark of DuPont USA EXTERNAL DSP input/output connectors allow ion of DG-48 in signal path Seven digital inputs: HS-Link, coaxial (3 streams), optical (2 streams), balanced Coaxial and optical digital outputs Balanced and unbalanced analog outputs (1 each) DC801 For some time now, Accuphase engineers have been engaged in an ambitious in-house development project: to create the ultimate SA-CD drive. With the introduction of the DP-800, this project has now come to fruition, culminating in the SA-CD transport mechanism incorporated in this model. Compared to a CD drive, an SA-CD drive has a higher revolution rate, and pickup positioning accuracy as well as suppression of vibrations must be of a higher order, to allow full access to the enormous amount of information stored on the disc. This in turn places formidable requirements on the mechanical construction of the drive. The transport in the DP-800 meets these challenges in impressive fashion, being designed to extract the information on the SA-CD one-hundred percent. The product demonstrates ultimate mechanical precision matched with ingenuity and the famous Accuphase dedication to sonic excellence. The ultra-massive SA-CD drive combines superior rigidity with rock-stable accuracy. Truly a monumental event in the world of high-end audio. In the transport, a digital servo with a dedicated DSP assures accurate readout of the signal recorded on the SA-CD using the DSD (Direct Stream Digital) principle. This is sustained by a single-lens/twin laser diode pickup mounted to a high-speed access mechanism. The transport not only realizes optimal reproduction of SA-CDs, it also is capable of extracting a super accurate signal from conventional CDs. The output for both SA-CD and CD is provided via the Accuphase exclusive high-performance digital interface HS-Link (RJ-45 connector), while the CD output is also available via a coaxial connector. The HS-Link cable supplied with the DP-800 can be used for connection to the DC-801 or to other components. Newly developed high-rigidity, high-precision SA-CD/CD drive SA-CD transport supplies remarkably pure digital signal Excellent signal quality also from conventional CD media Single-lens/twin pickup high-speed access mechanism Support for text data display Accuphase´s proprietary digital audio interface HS-Link (carries both SA-CD and CD signal) Dedicated coaxial output for CD signal Power-on play feature allows automatic playback Remote commander RC-100 (supplied with DP-800)   ・ Controls DP-800 functions such as direct play, program play, repeat, etc.   ・ Controls DC-801 functions such as input switching and output level adjustment Both DP-800 and DC-801 feature massive cabinets made of persimmons Wood
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