Naim AudioCD-S2usedNaim Audio CD-S2 CD PlayerNaim Audio CDS2 CD Player with CDPS power Supply. One of the most musical sounding CD players ever made. Even now, there aren't been many players that can surpass it for sheer musical enjoyment. ...1050.00

Naim Audio CD-S2 CD Player [Expired]

no longer for sale

Naim Audio CDS2 CD Player with CDPS power Supply.  One of the most musical sounding CD players ever made.  Even now, there aren't been many players that can surpass it for sheer musical enjoyment.   
CDS2 Serial # 76511 built beginning of 1992.  CDPS Serial # 75992 built very end of 1991.  Purchased both January 1992.  I am original owner.  
These units have a long service history, having begun as Naim's original CD player introduced in 1991 as the CDS / CDPS.  As far as I have service records to document changes and upgrades to these units--and to the best of my memory--their service and upgrade evolution is:

In 1993 CDPS upgraded with new components by Naim Audio North America

In 1998 CDS serviced with new transport and servo board by Naim Audio North America

In 2001 CDPS upgraded with capacitor service by Naim Audio North America

In 2002 CDS upgraded to CDS2, and CDPS was modified to power CDS2 with new Burndy cable by Naim Audio in Salisbury, England, through Naim Audio North America.

In 2009 CDS2 was serviced with new transport and other parts by ASL Group (then the US Naim Audio distributor.)

Both units were mothballed in 2013.

When powered up again recently, both work flawlessly with one exception--playback is very occasionally interrupted resulting in CDS2 stopping and its display reading zero.  This happens once every 50 discs or so, but must be mentioned in good faith.  My best guess is that it is not the transport, but the lid switch that actuates the disc being read upon closing.  Lifting and closing the lid remedies the problem, but in full disclosure, this must be factored into the working description of the unit.

Physical condition is very clean, with no scratches, dings, discoloration, or any signs or wear or improper storage for either unit.  Plastic portion of lid on top of CDS2 shows minor scratches but no clouding.  All display facets light clearly and all panel controls and switches work properly.  Remote is a train wreck, however, having been stepped on more than once.  It does still work, however, and is included along with cd clamp for CDS2 upgrade, AV Options Cryo AC power cable, Burndy cable that connects CDPS to CDS2, original Naim interconnect 5-pin to 5-pin cable that connects CDS2 to preamp, transit screws, and both original Naim owners manuals. 
Please note that although Naim XPS is written on the rear of the CDS2, the upgraded CDPS here is NOT an XPS power supply, but the original CDPS that was upgraded and re-pinned by Naim Audio to power the CDS2.  However, an XPS power supply will work with this CDS2 with no modifications.

Inner packaging is original.  Outside box for CDS2 is a Naim-provided fresh box after last service in 2009, while outside box for CDPS is non-Naim.  Both units will be double boxed with adequate padding in between.

PLEASE NOTE!  CDS2 transport is suspended on springs and must be locked down for shipping or moving.  Upon receipt, carefully read owners manual for instructions on how to properly unlock transport if you are unfamiliar with this procedure.  
Because these units have an evolutionary history and service record, it can be confusing to understand exactly what it on offer here.  If you have questions or concerns, communication is vital.  I will be happy to explain further if you have any questions or need further assistance. 
Shipping is free within the Continental United States via UPS.  Shipping outside Continental US is possible but must be paid for in full by the buyer.  If you are outside the US please contact me before committing to sale so that we can arrange shipping and calculate shipping costs. 

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