Esoteric K-01 Reference SACD w/PS Audio P10Delivers a stress-free musical experience Esoteric K-01 Reference SACD w/PS Audio P10 Delivers a stress-free musical experience  might consider selling indivduallyBoth in near mint, as good as new conditionlow hours.serious buyers who don't care for bidding email for reserveflagship model of our all-in-one advanced D/A converter and Super Audio CD/CD player...7501.00

Esoteric K-01 Reference SACD w/PS Audio P10 Delivers a stress-free musical experience might consider selling indivdually [Expired]

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Both in near mint, as good as new condition
low hours.
serious buyers who don't care for bidding email for reserve

flagship model of our all-in-one advanced D/A converter and Super Audio CD/CD player series, capitalizing on ESOTERIC's state-of-the-art technology and derived from our award winning P-01/D-01 series separates. It has been seven years since the debut of the original X-01, with its high-precision and high-rigidity VRDS-NEO SACD/CD transport mechanism. The X-01/X-03 series, which have stayed at the top of ESOTERIC's all-in-one SACD/CD player lineup, have been completely updated and make their debut as the all-new "K" series in November 2010. The design concept of the K series is extremely clear and simple -- a 2-channel D/A converter and stereo player that gives a stress-free musical experience, without adding or removing anything from the original source material. All aspects of the design and engineering process for the K series had extremely tough requirements to further advance ESOTERIC's top technology. Design and engineering was completed applying all of ESOTERIC's know-how in mechatronics technology, state-of-the-art audio technology, and evolutionary materials including DAC implementation, for which cost was not a consideration. The K series is committed to advancing the "state of the art" for the 2 channel audio purist, for both high resolution audio files and disc based audio playback applications.

The K-01 is equipped with our new VRDS-NEO "VMK-3.5-20S" mechanism, which has advanced substantially beyond existing VRDS models. The K-01 follows the philosophy of the D-01, and has two 32-bit monaural D/A converters with eight parallel/differential DAC circuits used per channel, as well as separate L/R power supplies. The on-board, high-precision clocking circuit has also been advanced. The power supply for each circuit block has been optimized by using four on-board power transformers. Three sets of 192 kHz/24-bit digital inputs, supporting the most advanced high-sampling-rate digital sources are also built-in. USB driver software supports 192 kHz/24-bit asynchronous transmission for connecting with a PC. The K-01 responds to the stringent demands of music lovers and audio purists, for a top-of-the-line digital source, 2-channel playback device.

Feed Your System Pure, Clean, Regenerated Power With the PS Audio PerfectWave P10 Power Plant Power Conditioner: 1200W of Continuous Power, Hear More Music, Control, Detail, and Dynamics

Put a personal power plant in your listening room and discover the irreplaceable merits of clean, regenerated power with the PS Audio PerfectWave P10 Power Plant power conditioner. The logic behind this exceptional power conditioner is simple: When you start with the cleanest-possible AC source, all your components deliver their best sound. In essence, the quality of incoming power directly translates to the quality of the sound coming out of your speakers. Built in the U.S.A., P10 takes the power coming in through your wall, rectifies, stores, and regulates it, and then uses it to generate a better AC signal it delivers to your system. It improves every aspect of audio/video performance and provides all the current necessary to reproduce even the toughest dynamic swings with the lowest-possible noise floor. In other words, without P10, your system is not delivering the performance it can – and for which you paid. You'll hear no noise, no EMI/RFI, and no artifacts. But you will hear more music, more detail, more body, more tones, more harmonics, more dynamics, and more of everything that will further involve you with your favorite recordings. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

"We have never heard [music] delivered with such clear characterization of each element or more precise control of its position within the soundstage. Neither have we previously experienced such assurance, such a sense of accurate transcription of the master tape. There's good reason to suppose that with most audio equipment it will have an effect ranging from positive to positively startling!"
Hi-Fi News, Outstanding Product Award

Featuring five separated regenerated zones and able to provide 1500 watts of pure regenerated power (1200W continuous), P10 handles any size system that crosses its path. Its pure power is internally generated with a fully analog power amplifier. P10 also boasts PS Audio advances such as MultiWave and CleanWave technology, high-current soft start, and the ability to monitor your power quality and performance from the touchscreen front panel. If you wish, once your system is powered by a P10, all you or you need to do is go to the web through any web-enabled device and access the control panel. From there, any connected equipment can be rebooted, turned on or off, or have its status checked. You can do this from anywhere in the world. See what your power is doing with greater depth and accuracy. PS Audio even built an oscilloscope into the touchscreen. It's that simple.

"When the PerfectWave P10 Power Plant was feeding my entire system, I experienced exceptional musical moments more often, finding myself sitting up and taking notice of some musical detail."
– Jim Austin, Stereophile

How P10 Differs from Traditional Power Conditioners, and Why It's Better
P10 is a personal AC generator that provides hard-working, perfected results from the AC power line. Power regeneration uses active components, like those found in large and powerful audio amplifiers, to rebuild the AC power and produce clean, clear, distortion free, regulated AC to the equipment. P10 also provides excellent protection and cleaning of radio, cellphone, and computer interference. But more importantly, regeneration provides a steady, regulated, low-impedance source of pure AC unaffected by the equipment's demands for power. The key to P10's success and what makes it so unique is the way it makes the power better. Instead of simple filtering, as a legacy power conditioner does, P10 actually repairs the main power issues actually caused by the equipment itself: dynamic fluctuations. These occur with nearly every power amplifier or receiver on the market. When a loud musical passage is reproduced, the power amplifier draws more power from the wall to feed the loudspeakers. When this occurs, the voltage at the wall decreases in direct relationship with the loudness of the musical passage. Louder is worse. If the system is powered from a Power Plant AC regenerator, the problem is eliminated. Dynamic voltage fluctuations are stopped completely, the power amp receiving perfectly regulated, steady AC power regardless of the demands from the power amplifier. In a high-end system, where perfection is hoped for and compromise is not an option, the improvements brought by P10 are instantly recognized with a simple audition that shows both with and without perfected power.

"I knew it was possible that fixing my power would make my music cleaner and more accurate. What I didn't anticipate was that it would make the music so much more engaging. Maybe more accurate is more engaging – an appealing thought. Anyway, the PerfectWave P10 Power Plant may be an essential accessory for any audiophile...I'm going to have a hard time sending this back!"
– Jim Austin, Stereophile

Passive Cooling Results in Low Noise Floors and Black Backgrounds
P10 is passively cooled via gorgeous and expensive heat sinks. By eliminating fans, P10 is able to reduce the noise floor even further, delivering the blackest backgrounds of any Power Plant ever. Also, because of the reduced dependance on fans to provide cooling, P10 can be biased for a bit more power, allowing it to deliver a full continuous 1200W. Added to this, P10 includes PS Audio's best AC outlets: Power Port Premier for additional resolution and a fuller, richer tonal balance. All this performance is packaged in one of the most beautiful and striking chassis PS Audio has ever created.

  • Fully Designed and Built in The USA
  • P10 Delivers More Power to Your System
  • Delivers 1250 Watts Continuous Power
  • Also Capable of Delivering 70 Amps Instant Current
  • Greater Dynamics and a Lower Noise Floor
  • Go Green – Much Higher Efficiency Levels
  • New System Monitoring – See What’s Coming in & What’s Going Out

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