Line MagneticLM-515Line Magnetic LM-515 Vacuum Tube CD PlayerIt would be very difficult to find a superior cd player that provides the analog/vinyl warmth, sound stage, and accuracy that this player produces. I have had many cd players, some much more expe...1500.00

Line Magnetic LM-515 Vacuum Tube CD Player [Expired]

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It would be very difficult to find a superior cd player that provides the analog/vinyl warmth,  sound stage, and accuracy that this player produces.  I have had many cd players, some much more expensive...and overall I must conclude this one is the best.   In the past I have listened to mainly analog sources, but with this cd player, it's actually hard to choose between digital or vinyl during a listening session.  That's a first for me going on 30 years now, ha.

This unit was originally purchased from an authorized dealer here in the States.  Rating the unit an 8 as I am the second owner, but the machine is flawless.  Note there is an usb port as well.
The last CD Player one will need.  

Selling due to moving / downsizing  / finances. 

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Designed to be a one box solution for digital playback, it also offers an XMOS asynchronous USB input to access its ESS9016 dac chip for computer playback. A Sony transport has been used and the output stage uses two 6zk8 tubes and has AES/EBU, BNC, optical and coaxial output connections. The Line Magnetic 515CD provides a choice between a CD player / transport and USB input. It’s XMOS asynchronous USB utilizes a chip with a sampling rate of 32bit. 44.1KHz, 48KHz, 88.2KHz, 96KHz, 176.4KHz and 192KHz.

Product features
●This product is a CD disc player and a PC-USB decoding dual-purpose machine
●The machine used for exclusive design of O type transformer and transformer type EI respectively for digital and analog circuit with independent power supply
●Using advanced Sony iron rack movement
●The use of American decoding chip ESS company‘s top chip ES9016
●The use of I/V conversion ceramic package 5532
●The output using the two 6KZ8 electron tube Infrared remote control function
●OLED display shows the correlation function of job information
●One PC-USB input function can support the maximum sampling rate of 192KHz lossless audio
●A group of simulated RCA and full balanced signal output interface, digital RCA coaxial, BNC, optical fiber, coaxialbalanced signal output interface

-System:Tube Compact Disc Player
-Frequency response:20Hz-20KHz,+3dB
-S/N Ratio:110dB(A Weighted)
-Dynamic Range:120dB(A Weighted)
-Output levels:Unbalanced 3V, Balance 2V
-Read time:5S
-Dimension (WxDxH):430mm x 325mm x105mm
-Net weight:10kg
-Power Consumption r:28w
-Coaxial/Optical Output: Compatible with S/PDIF standard.
-Working conditions:temperature 5 ℃~ 35 ℃ Moisture: 9% ~ 90% (not dew)

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