LuxmanDU-80 Universal CD PlayerVery rare on Audiogon, we are selling our showroom Luxman DU-80 Universal Player. This unit will play CD, SACD, and DVD-A. It is comes with the factory-authorized SonoruS mods which greatly impro...6000.00

Luxman DU-80 Universal CD Player w/ SonoruS Mods Dealer Demo [Expired]

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Very rare on Audiogon, we are selling our showroom Luxman DU-80 Universal Player. This unit will play CD, SACD, and DVD-A. It is comes with the factory-authorized SonoruS mods which greatly improves the sound (more on that later). This player comes with the factory warranty. We have all of the original packaging, manual, and box. This is Luxman’s last top-of-the, cost-no-object player. This player features many unique technical innovations, such as two different DACs, switchable from the front panel, one stereo, the other stereo & multi-channel. Peel Coat PCBs with gold plated traces. An eight pound mechanical grounding system for the drive mechanism, the bottom chassis plate is stiffened by epoxy, then a smaller copper plate is placed in the center to absorb stray Radio Frequency Interference & Electro Mechanical Interference. Truly a wonderful sounding universal music player. Perhaps the coolest stock feature is two the user switchable DACs: In 1987 Luxman introduced the DA-07 Fluency DAC and DP-07 separate CD Transport. Fluency DAC was an application of the function interpolation theory developed by Dr. Toraichi, a professor at Tsukuba University, Japan. The DA-07 became a sensation because its high-speed DSP permitted recreation of the frequency range not recorded on a CD. The Fluency Theory not only considers the reproduction of continuous sine waves but also the reproduction of impulse waves as well. See the test response above. As processing power has increased over the intervening two decades, so too has Luxman's ability to harness this unique technology to produce remarkably natural music. The Shannon DAC unlike the Fluency DAC is frequency based (rather than time based like the Fluency DAC) though like the FE DAC it is also a Non-Oversampling DAC. The Fluency DAC provides an extremely smooth and liquid sound. The Shannon DAC has greater pace, rhythm, and timing, without introducing any harshness. This unit was factory upgraded with the SonoruS modifications. “SonoruS Audio has done a thorough investigation into the possibilities to further improve the audio performance of this player in the areas of dynamics and transparency while preserving the tonal qualities that this player already has.” A key advantage to the upgrade is the removal of “ringing” from SACD players. You can get more information on this mod here: SPECIFICATIONS: * Compatible Formats: DVD audio, DVD video, SACD (multichannel, stereo), and CD * Audio DACs: Shannon: CS4392 dual use (192KHz/24bit) Fluency (FE DAC): FN1242A dual use (192KHz/24bit) DSD: CS4392 dual use (2.82MHz/1bit) * Audio Decoder: DVD audio stereo & multichannel, SACD stereo & multichannel, Dolby Digital and DTS * Frequency Response: 4Hz~45KHz (DVD audio, SACD), 4Hz~20KHz (CD) * Harmonic Distortion: 0.001% (DVD audio, CD), 0.002% (SACD) * Dynamic Range: 115dB (DVD audio, SACD), 106dB (CD) * Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 125dB * Video DAC: ADV7314KST (216MHz/14bit) * Progressive Processing: 2:3 pull-down and 3D adaptive motion processing. Pure Cinema Progressive Scan * Dimensions: 18.3” W x 5.8 (H) x 15.6 (D) * Weight: 46 lbs. Here is the nice review: MSRP with SonoruS Mod: $13,000 Sale: $6,999, plus shipping For additional info, please either email us at or call us at 703-532-7239. Check out all of our lines at: and our current sale items at: We accept the following US-only forms of payment: Visa, MasterCard, and US Post Office Money Orders, checks, and PayPal (add 3%). We reserve the right not to sell to anyone with either negative or no feedback. Command Performance AV is an authorized dealer for: Acoustic Revive • Acoustic Sciences • AMR • Audiav Racks • Audience • Auralex • Bel Canto • Bellari • Berkeley Audio Design • BDI • Cambre • Cardas • Clarity Cables • Creek • Dr. Feickert • EMM Labs • Echobusters • Furutech • Hegel • HRT • Joseph Audio • KEF Reference • LM Audio • Luxman • Manley Labs • Music Hall • Neat Acoustics • Noble Fidelity • Ortofon • Pinnacle • Plinius • PS Audio • Rega • Shelter • Shunyata • Solid Tech • Synergistic Research • Straightwire • Totem • Transmission Audio • Velodyne • VPI • Whest • Wireworld and more.
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