Musical FidelityMusical Fidelity kW SACDMusical Fidelity Musical Fidelity kW SACD Tube based SACD playerGetting ready for autumn / winter listening to your SACD collection? Here is the best SACD player that Musical Fidelity ever produced, the kw SACD. Recently back from a "tune up" with tray adjustme...1750.00

Musical Fidelity Musical Fidelity kW SACD Tube based SACD player [Expired]

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Getting ready for autumn / winter listening to your SACD collection? Here is the best SACD player that Musical Fidelity ever produced, the kw SACD. Recently back from a "tune up" with tray adjustments, laser focus verification, etc.  Sounds great. When released, it was praised by all the reviewers.  This is a behemoth- it ways 50 lbs! ... inert for solid performance. The unit has a TUBE output stage to deliver that velvet sound in the mids and highs that tubes are known for.  some quotes from original reviews:   Quote from Welcome to Audio Venue

The kW SACD has a meltingly beautiful sound. It doesn't really sound like other disc players. Its sound is most reminiscent of a really good analog system but with no noise or dynamic range problems. Once you've heard the kW SACD you just can't forget that crystalline clarity coupled with a delicacy and softness which give a palpable real feel to the sound. You've got to give this one a listen it's quite outstanding.

Audiophile product designed exclusively for super quality stereo reproduction. As you'd expect, the kW SACD'S technical performance is shattering. The DAC is configured as dual mono twin differential upsampling at 192k to 24-bits and then 8x oversampled. This yields an incredible 128dB noise ratio with an equivalent dynamic range. The jitter is extremely low at less than 135 pps. The noise ratio, however, is even more extraordinary at about -128dB. Linearity is 0.1dB down to 100dB. The DAC and filter stage in the kW SACD are the best in the world, regardless of price. The kW SACD achieves technical performance which puts most products at any price, in the shade.

The output stage is particularly interesting because it is a hybrid tube/class A transistor output stage. You will be able to select either tube or pure class A transistor output modes. Really, really interesting. But how does it sound it's not like anything we've made before. The pure fine resolution and grain structure of the sound, coupled with amazing detail retrieval, is a new dimension to disc reproduction. This baby allows you to hear right into the dark shadows and corners of the music. It really is that good!

Dual differential DAC. Outstanding technical performance.

Extremely accurate linearity down to very low levels (typically -100dB).
Lets you hear right into the far distant corners of the recording.

Foremost non existent distortion.
You can hear everything on the recording as it happened on the day.

Excellent noise ratios.
Everything, but everything can be heard.

Two output stages operating at the same time (one tube and the other solid state).By connecting both the output stages to your amplifier you can switch between tube and solid state and select the one which compliments your hi-fi system and your discs on an individual basis. Really useful.

DAC architecture
24 bit Delta-Sigma (Bitstream)
Dual mono dual differential
8x oversampling
Separate stages for valve (tube) and solid state outputs

Disc mechanism Philips

Upsampling 192kHz

Analog output impedance 50 Ohms SACD analog output, solid state

Audio output at digital 0dB level 2.3VRMS at 1kHz nominal

CD analog output, solid state

Frequency response 10Hz to 20kHz ref. 1kHz: +0, -0.05 dB

Signal / noise ratio (digital mute) > 120dB "A" weighted

Total harmonic distortion < 0.002% at 1kHz

Channel separation > 98dB 10Hz to 20kHz

Audio output at digital 0dB level 2.2VRMS at 1kHz nominal
Jitter 150pS

Tube class A output

Analog outputs
1 pair RCA connectors for valve (tube) output,
1 pair RCA connectors for solid state output
Digital outputs (CD only)
1 optical (Toslink),
1 S/PDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface Format) RCA connector
Power requirements
230V AC 50 / 60Hz 50 Watts
19.5 kg, 43 lbs unit only, un-boxed
24.4 kg, 54 lbs in immediate carton
483mm, 19 inches wide
167mm, 6.6 inches high including feet
443mm, 17.5 inches deep including rear terminals and on/off button
Standard accessories
Remote control handset (kW universal type),
2 batteries size LR03 or AAA, manganese alkaline type,
IEC mains lead (10 Amp type)
Has been in a smoke free and pet free environment. 
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