Original Electronics CD-A9.3 Leonardo CD playerCD-A9.3 Leonardo Brand new, unused, in open box. missing manual.For the audio manufacturer Original, the CD-A9.3 Leonardo represented their top-line digital offering. Featuring reliable top loading with a magneti...800.00

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Original Electronics CD-A9.3 Leonardo CD player CD-A9.3 Leonardo [Template]

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Brand new, unused, in open box. missing manual.

For the audio manufacturer 
Original, the CD-A9.3 Leonardo represented their top-line digital offering. 

Featuring reliable top 
loading with a magnetic puck, this is a beautiful to behold CD player meant to 
be seen and heard. Silky smooth in sound and operation, the controls feel solid and sure.This particular player has all its original accessories and comes factory snug inside a velvet sock.  It is missing the owner's manual, all other accessories included.

Soundstage is deep and 
wide, imaging precise and pinpoint with plenty of space around instruments and 
voices.  Bass is subterranean and 
midrange presentation is cohesive and realistic, with almost XRCD-like 
smoothness to all Compact Discs auditioned.  
The sound outsizes the price by a wide margin.  Redbook CDs have never sounded this analog at 
this price, ever. 

Original Electronics Ltd. was founded in March 1999 by a pair of graduates from two of China’s top 
universities.  Introduced to North 
America in late 2005, the manufacturer offered specialty audio gear that was 
briefly imported by the late, honorable Ping Gong, formerly of the 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology and AAA Audio distribution.  Ping Gong became passionately interested in 
exposing the West to the best available examples of Chinese audio engineering. 
He combed China for years, seeking the best-sounding and best-crafted gear, and 
ultimately decided on three companies.  
Those three companies were “Dussun,” “Original Electronics Ltd.,” and 
“XLH.”  Tragically, before he fully realized his dream, Ping Gong passed away following a brief illness.

This Compact Disc player 
is among a couple dozen or so products, new and unopened (except one has been opened for photographs), 
left behind from Ping Gong’s business venture.  
Please see my other listings to view the other products, which include 
integrated amps, one model with a USB DAC, a set of beautiful, massive 
monoblock power amplifiers, and a large set of horn speakers.

The inside of the Leonardo 
as described by Original:

"Modified Philips 
VAM12 top-loading laser pick up and Philips CD7-II digital servo system. 
Discrete Burr-Brown PCM-1792 24-bit/192 kHz converters, filter and output 
circuits per channel for a fully differential design. Two remote-selectable 
digital filters. Two heavy-duty toroidal power transformers in sealed metal sub 
enclosure separate digital and analog circuits via six power supply and voltage 
regulator circuits, including a discrete clock supply. Proprietary GOS digital 
processing technology (rewritten Philips server software for better fault 
tolerance, more accurate track access and faster TOC reading). Blue LEDs on top 
and display panel. Heavy duty aluminum alloy top loading cover, chassis, 
adjustable feet and remote control. XLR and RCA analog and coaxial and optical 
digital outputs. 

"Output level <1.93V on 
RCA, 6dB extra gain on XLR, THD 0.0012%, S/N ratio >110dB, dynamic range 
110dB, dimensions 16.9" x 5.1" x 12.6" W x H x D, weight 29.8 

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