Primare SystemsD20 CD PlayerPrimare Systems D20 CD Player Dig Out & RCA Analog OutPrimare D20 CD Player: Clean trade in but missing the remote. You can use a Universal Remote or buy a factory remote. ...325.00

Primare Systems D20 CD Player Dig Out & RCA Analog Out [Expired]

no longer for sale

                             Primare D20 CD Player:


Clean trade in but missing the remote. You can use a Universal Remote or buy a factory remote.

                            Serial # 823-293

                      See full Sound Stage review @



The sound of the D20 was well balanced and with no real emphasis placed on one end of the frequency spectrum or the other. On hearing a new piece of equipment, you often hear one part of a recording jump out at you as being better or more emphasized than another. But the music just seems to come out of the D20 with an ease and a sense of having nothing to hide. There were no musical types that I preferred over others either. Whether it was a baroque quartet or the Green Day trio, the D20 was equally appealing to me.

I feel like I have discovered a rare jewel of a CD player. The D20’s smooth operation, quirky good looks, funky remote and killer sound make me one happy reviewer. I was not overly fond of the multifunction button, but most of the operation of any CD player these days is done by the remote, which in the case of the D20 is well laid out and easy to use. I liked the lack of digital artifacts without losing overall resolution, and at this price point, you normally give up one for the other. The depth and finesse of the D20 show the player’s pedigree as a high-end component with little compromise, and the D20’s balanced sound evoked the emotional content of each type of music with satisfying results. Give it a listen.

...John Stafford

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