RegaSaturn-RRega Saturn-R CD player and DACRega Saturn-R CD/SACD player and DAC - We are a brick-and-mortar hi-fi stereo shop in Winston-Salem named Ember Audio + Video, and today we have our fantastic Rega Saturn-R CD player. This has bee...2100.00

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Rega Saturn-R CD/SACD player and DAC - We are a brick-and-mortar hi-fi stereo shop in Winston-Salem named Ember Audio + Video, and today we have our fantastic Rega Saturn-R CD player. This has been our demo model and we have kept very good care of it, as it has lived most of it's life in our showroom on the rack. It is essentially flawless, and at $2,100 (30% off retail) is a great deal to pick up this piece of reference hardware. The Saturn R touts multiple inputs, including an array of digital inputs. The DAC can be used independently of the CD player, so using this as a central hub for a variety of digital sources would be a fantastic way to step up the capabilities of your home system. From Rega: "The Saturn-R CD-DAC player offers complete flexibility and integration into any system. Essentially two products in one, the Saturn-R houses a high specification transport and independent DAC circuit. Both sections are fully remote controllable via the supplied Solaris remote handset. You will find plenty of connectivity options, all at the highest possible resolution up to and including 192kHz-24Bit. The Saturn-R has two optical inputs, two Co-Axial inputs, a fully asynchronous USB and an added ‘direct’ digital output from the CD playback section. The Saturn-R uses our proven digital to analogue converter and analogue output amplifier technology coupled with a pair of Wolfson WM8742 digital to analogue converter IC’s. The Saturn-R has improvements to the CD section power supply which was a result of the research & development of our reference Isis CD player along with the improved microcontroller and display drivers. The Saturn-R uses a high stability master clock and high capacity power supply in the CD circuitry, high performance PLL digital interface receiver, isolated digital inputs and high performance power supply architecture in the DAC circuitry. Signal switching between the CD and DAC functions are performed in the digital to analogue converter stage. The signal path of the CD section in CD mode is kept to a minimum. The DAC USB input has been improved with asynchronous operation at sample rates of 44.1 to 192kHz with a bit rate of up to 24bits. The USB input has the same galvanic isolation as used in the Rega DAC-R. The USB uses dedicated drivers in the computer, enabling full ASIO operation, thus eliminating signal degradation caused by generic windows based drivers." Why we are selling this lovely thing? Ember has come to it's natural end, as both partners have other, really lovely opportunities to pursue - and so all of our demo gear will get sold off eventually. We're happy to float any offer that's fair, but we aren't trying to cut our own throats in the process and are debt-free so it's all just eventual good news for us and the people we do business with. With that in mind, we're easy going and will work to make sure you are barking up the right hallway, as it's not all about making money. Our shop was service and education focused - and we aren't planning on stopping now. Reputation and honor matter a lot, and we'd like to make a few more folks happy before we exit. Shipping? Yes, they'll have to be shipped of course - unless you live close enough that we can deliver (100 miles from Winston-Salem, NC, give or take) or want to pick them up. Buyer pays shipping in this case, although we'll be happy to handle logistics if that's helpful and have a lot of experience solving weird shipping issues. Other stuffs! We're clearing out a whole showroom of stuff so keep your eyes peeled for a whole raft of big things, little things, baubles, widgets and such. We're happy to answer any questions you have but let's limit them to audio, love, robots and sandwiches - our areas of expertise. If you ask us about child-rearing or ponies we'll give you terrible advice anyway and no one wins. Yes? Yes. Happy Listening, Chris Livengood, Ember Audio + Video 690 N. Trade St., Winston-Salem, NC 27101 415.652.0694 336.703.5214
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