CHISTOCD, DVD and Blu-ray cleaning -CHISTO CD, DVD and Blu-ray cleaning - transform your digital review by Rick Becker Dec 2011: "... It was as if each CD had been transformed into an expensive Re-mastered Gold Edition. Or on the hardware side, as if the Calyx DAC I have in...78.00

CHISTO CD, DVD and Blu-ray cleaning - transform your digital disks [Expired]

no longer for sale review by Rick Becker Dec 2011: "... It was as if each CD had been transformed into an expensive Re-mastered Gold Edition. Or on the hardware side, as if the Calyx DAC I have in for review was magically reincarnated as a Berkley Alpha DAC. That's a difference of $3200, making the return on investment HUGE!" Check out the review on CHISTO - yet another CD cleaning product? YES. BUT IT WORKS! ... better than any other cleaning product. With satisfaction guarantee! You can purchase directly from our website. Just click here CHISTO has developed a special disk cleaning and improvement system for digital disks: CDs, SACDs, DVDs and BLU-RAY disks. The word "CHISTO" is the Russian word for "clean". CHISTO offers two products, sold individually and as a set - CHISTO Disk Analoguer and CHISTO Black Analoguer. NOW NEW! CHISTO finally released the fantastic analog spray & wipe solution, the "Easy Groove". Price is $45 (free shipping for a limited time). CHISTO is a smash hit in Europe and we are proud to bring this to the US. DEALER INQUIRIES ARE WELCOME! Check out some reviews from Europe: May 2011, Matej Isak:" I said, something changed and changed for good without placebo effect.... ...While all the sublime changes in sound can be based on different and often altered states of mind, I must say I felt that something did happen to the way I perceived the music from my CD's with Chisto doing their magic. With DVD's and Blueray' it is often easy to see visual improvements. Withing audio and music those distinctions are sharper and harder to experiance. I can stand behind all the technological benefits of both Analoguer and the Black Analoguer without a doubt, but for audible changes you'll simply have to trust my "sharp" ears or try it for yourself..." May 2011, Kai Ekholm:"...the two Chisto's lotions will have a permanent place in my tool box. Highly recommended. ...Analoguer be very effective in its primary task: just as the manufacturer predicted, even brand new cd's left grey mark (dirt) on the cloth. Subjectively the two lotions worked surprisingly well together, meaning that I generally liked the sound after the treatment more than before it.", May 2011:"...I found that on virtually all my CDs the spray made a difference. It seemed to enhance the detail in the soundstage, bringing out a little more depth in reverberation, a little more clarity in the separation of instruments making the overall presentation smoother... I was surprised therefore when a quick spray with the Analoguer resuscitated a copy of Norah Jones' first album that I had thought was beyond redemption... The treatment seemed to tighten the bass and add a little more clarity to the treble, making a triangle part more audible and distinct. ... The overall feeling of ambience in recordings seemed to be clearer." Customer feedback: " disks had been previously treated by another product so I wasn't really expecting much of a change but still wanted to try given the positive comments in the Enjoy The Music review... I honestly can't believe the improvement... Everything was much more focused. The decay of the vocals and instruments were just so much more natural. It even seem to improve the clarity..." "...I have tried many others incl Auric Illuminator, Quicksilver and black marker pen and when I was in US, I tried Nespa, CD lathe. At this stage, I feel CHISTO is one of the better ones. Improvement YES. Very nice. Certainly never came across a CD treatment that effects a huge imrpovement but CHISTO is certainly one of the best ones I've tried..." Vincent Luke, AMR (Abbington Music Research) "...I must tell you - the Chisto products and KLANGTUCH III, are true winners Alfred! I've tried a lot of stuff over the years but these products (especially together) are winners in the tweak world! They are not for the lazy listener - but in the hands of someone who appreciates the best and wants to be involved ...indispensable!" "...this is world class combo and just plain wonderful." "...used together, the Chisto Disk and Black Analoguer are far and away the best CD cleaning products I've ever used. Bass is deeper yet focused, mids are more open and alive with upper frequencies that extend seemingly forever." "Chisto is the best solution I ever used, and I tried quite a lot... It's a must have..." This is the most effective audiophile cd/dvd/blu-ray cleaning solution around. CHISTO Disk Analoguer: The Disk Analoguer makes CDs sound analogue. DVDs show in full, vivid colors and sound. It's an absolute must for BLU-RAYs due to their data density. Application is simple. Spray from the bottle on the surface of the disk and then wipe with the included Evolon cloth until dry. Magic? No. Because even new disks are dirty and covered with MRA (Mould Release Agent). So you have reading errors, extra stress on your DAC, digital artifacts and irritating sound. So simple. Such a big result. Your system sounds more analogue. Try it! CHISTO Black Analoguer: The Black Analoguer is the perfect companion to the Disk Analoguer. IT IS TO BE USED ON THE LABEL SIDE ONLY! Black Analoguer reduces static charge and makes CD, SACD disks sound analogue and DVDs show in full colors. Application is simple. Spray from bottle on the label side of the disk and wipe carefully with the included Evolon cloth until dry. Magic? No. Disk drive electronics are very sensitive and any small improvement in the disk will benefit. Try it! Each product comes in a 100ml natural spray bottle with one EvolonĀ® polishing cloth each (washable and reusable). Prices: Disk Analoguer & Black Analoguer $78.00 free shipping Disk Analoguer $45.00 + shipping Black Analoguer $45.00 + shipping Easy Groove (for vinyl) $45.00 free shipping for a limited time DEALER INQUIRIES ARE WELCOME Buyer in California kindly add 7.75% sales tax.
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