Clear Day CablesSolid CoreClear Day Cables Solid Core 8ft silver shotgunPlease e-mail directly me at as this new set up is to difficult to answer questions in a timely manner. Also, there is more info at my website as well http://cleardaycable...300.00

Clear Day Cables Solid Core 8ft silver shotgun [Expired]

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Please e-mail directly me at as this new set up is to difficult to answer questions in a timely manner. Also, there is more info at my website as well Hello everyone,

Thanks for your patronage in 2011, I will continue to offer the best cables I can in 2012 as well. Also, although the price of silver is on the rise, the 20% discount still applies as well as my 30 day money back guarantee on any 8ft model.

Thereby, an 8ft pair of Silver Shotgun cables, terminated with my spades, bananas, or a combo, which retails for $300, with the 20% discount, sells for $240 shipped in the lower 48. Please check the website link at the end of this ad for further details and pricing on all my cables.

I do ship worldwide and welcome those interested in my products outside the Continental USA, but the free shipping only applies to the lower 48.

Feel free to visit the January and September 2009 issue of Affordable Audio magazine for a review of my single, shotgun, and Double Shotgun models:

SHOTGUN: (retail price $300 - 20% an 8ft pair)
This is a single set of speaker cables with double the number of cables (8 per pair). Doubling the conductors increase size and depth of the sound stage, provides more 3 dimensional imaging, and a more liquid and warm sound. It is a significant upgrade from single wire configurations. Please check my website link at the end of this ad as it has the shotgun price with the 20% already applied or e-mail me for the prices on an 8ft pair shotgun pair with any combination of bananas/spades.

Custom lengths are available a well, but I cannot give the money back guarantee in that regard. I'm sure you understand.

Feel free to inquire via e-mail and check my feedback for satisfied customers and or positive Audiogon dealings.

AGAIN, PLEASE ORDER TODAY & SAVE 20% on any 8ft model. Plus, FREE SHIPPING to the lower US---a $10 value.

Fellow Audiophiles,

Why should you consider Clear Day Solid Core Silver Speaker Cables? Extraordinary value! Clear Day Solid Core Silver Speaker Cables transmit detail, and texture, like on a clear day when, seemingly, you can see forever.

I, too, am a passionate audiophile. After years of searching, I feel I’ve found the best sounding solid core silver wire to date. It combines the many virtues of silver with the warmth of oxygen-free copper.

When you buy my cables, you are not paying for expensive advertising, overhead, or two levels of markup-distributor and retailer. I do not use exotic jacketing or connectors that looks great, but often sonically degrade the sound! My success depends on word-of-mouth advertising. Despite my less than hi-end prices, you have my personal guarantee that my cables compete sonically with almost anything in the world.

Paul Laudati, President

Why Solid Core? It is my experience that solid core silver wire transfers the signal more naturally than multi-stranded silver wires. Consequently, Clear Day Solid Core Silver matches well with both solid-state, or tube equipment. I often get feedback saying my cables sound great immediately, requiring very little break-in.

Which Solid Core Is Right for You? Standard length is 8 ft. All other sizes subject to additional charges. Due to the extreme volatility of the precious metals market, prices are subject to change.

Shotgun Review by jonbee

My main rig is anchored by a pair of highly resolving biwired VMPS RM-30 planar/ribbon hybrids. All my ICs are Goertz TQ silver, which I've always loved for their balance and detail.
A bit of background on speaker cables - over the years I've used a number of "mid-priced" ($2-400 per 8ft. pair) speaker cables, from MIT, Goertz, AQ, Mapleshade, Kimber and others.

A while back I tried some braided .99999 pure silver/teflon cables for my mids and highs, and found that they provided much more detail than any of the others I've tried. This was very addictive when combined with the RM-30s, so I moved away from the Goertz M2s on top to the silver braids.

I've loved the sound, except that there was always a trace of edge in the mid-treble that I could not eliminate.

When I read about the Clear Day cables (in ads on A-gon), I was intrigued by the reports that these offered silver cable sound without the characteristic edge. Models ranged from $150-400/ 8ft pair single wired. As I really wanted to get the most of my rig, based on owners reports I went for the top end double shotguns at $400/8 ft. pr. Paul offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so I figured I had little to lose.

When these smallish, light cables arrives, I installed them on the mid/high section of the RM-30s, and immediately liked what I heard. Indeed, not only was the detail as good as my high purity silver cables, it was notably better.

The biggest thing I noticed was the the background was "blacker", with more separation btween instruments, than I had ever heard, period. Also, the edge which I had hoped to eliminate was indeed completely gone. The microdynamic contrast and harmonic balance now was beautifully natural, with the emphasis on "beautiful".
I've put over 100 hours on them now, and I feel I'm truly hearing my system for the first time. Internal voices in complex works are much better differentiated, but the balance is a smooth and easy as a fine silk shirt. they simply sound right, from top to bottom. Truly great, IMO.

As mentioned, I'm only using them on the mid/highs. The midbass section from 40-280 hz. is wired with very heavy gauge Vertevarius copper cables. I love the sound of that section, and it blends perfectly with the mids, so I will leave it alone. Thus I can't comment on the bass quality of these cables. Other users have reported that they have great bass, however.
In the last year I have replaced my entire front end, at the incremental cost of $1-2k per component. All the improvements have been very satisfying, but I must say that the money spent on these cables made a bigger improvement, for much less $, than any other component upgrade, so I consider them a screaming bargain among truly high end gear.

Cables, even more than other components, are very synergistic, and great sounding cables in one system can be disasters in another. I've experienced this many times, so I would add that as a warning. However, I must add that Paul, the owner is very knowledgeable and totally committed the satisfaction of the owners.

Needless to say, these cables are not going back to Paul, but I'm sure that if the synergy was wrong, he would refund the $ without question. On that basis, these really are a no-brainer. I highly recommend giving them a try.

Product Weakness: Decidedly not "Technicolor"; if you're looking for added color, warmth, or emphasis, these won't provide it.
Product Strengths: Smooth, yet supremely detailed in a totally natural way. Great "blackness", depth, width and soundstage delineation. Easy to work with.

Associated Equipment for this Review:
Amplifier: PS Audio GCC-250
Preamplifier (or None if Integrated): none
Sources (CDP/Turntable): Modwright/Sony 9100 Platinum Sig Truth
Speakers: VMPS RM-30
Cables/Interconnects: all silver
Music Used (Genre/Selections): lots
Room Size (LxWxH): 16 x 19 x 8
Room Comments/Treatments: Difficult to get good bass loading- 2 walls of glass
Time Period/Length of Audition: 2 weeks
Type of Audition/Review: Product Owner

Thanks for looking, God bless, and remember, on a Clear Day you can hear forever!

Paul Laudati
link or e-mail me at with questions
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