Coconut-AudioCableRingCoconut-Audio CableRing (a classic soon gone forever!)The classic CableRing will be discontinued because it is too difficult to build, only two units left! It's an alternative to GroundHanger that draws noise through the air! Perfect if you don't have...449.00

Coconut-Audio CableRing (a classic soon gone forever!) [Expired]

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The classic CableRing will be discontinued because it is too difficult to build, only two units left! It's an alternative to GroundHanger that draws noise through the air! Perfect if you don't have any available RCA outlets and can't use GroundHanger in your system. CableRing is placed around any cable in your audio system, it will clean the electromagnetic noise of the system which makes the background blacker with more silkiness, microdetail and deeper soundstage. The CableRing is a C shaped inductor with long alternating copper wiring designed specially for audio purposes and will not reduce dynamics like other inductor filters do, this results in a more 3 dimensional sound with greater bass texture. After connecting both hooks, the noise will circulate around in a ring similar to a washing machine. All the noise is eventually transformed into another form of energy = heat. Multiple units can be daisy chained after each another to make the "washing machine" bigger. Remember to always connect the hooks so the noise can circulate around. *** Instructions Place the CableRing around a cable and connect both hooks to close the circuit. The CableRing can hang from a cable or be placed on the table/floor with the cable running over it. The CableRing gives the biggest effect near the input of the audio component. *** TESTIMONIALS CableRing beats everything I have tried in audio, and this is $200,000+. In audio, it's either black background + edgy sound, or grey background + silky sound. CableRing has both a black background and silky smooth sound. CableRing beats Lessloss BlackBody easily, there is more blackness and silkiness with higher resolution, bass texture, clarity and 3 dimensionality. I have them both beside me! CableRing beats all power plants from PS Audio and power conditioners from Acoustic Revive. CableRing beats a dCS stack easily, dCS sounds silky smooth but grey and toned down (for $40K I expected more). CableRing has the blackest background and also the silkiest sound I have ever heard. CableRing also beats a full ERS shielded system for a lower cost. Other shields only reflect and scatter all the RFI everywhere (not good), CableRing destroys it. CableRing is also the safest cleaner in existence. ERS Paper had wires sticking out from the edges which blew up my PS Audio Premier Power Plant. CableRing is safe with higher performance. *** I have previously used 100 sheets of ERS Paper to fully cover my system. The CableRing gives higher performance, is smaller, easier to apply and looks pretty. Treating an entire system with ERS Paper took 72 hours! With CableRing it takes 10 seconds. I built a thick copper tube and placed in around the cables, it didn't sound as good as CableRing because the CableRing cleans the noise and stops it from entering the audio component. *** I was previously using Acoustic Revive RTP-4 Ultimate power conditoner which sounded blurry, warm and slow. CableRing sounds super fast with more blackness and silkiness with amazingly detailed complex passages, it makes the RTP-4 sound harsh in comparison. *** I have owned many PS Audio Power Plants and two Acoustic Revive RTP-4 Ultimate power conditioners, they all slowed down and blurred the complex passages because they were in the signal path. The background was never black, it was smooth and warm but very grey. I moved to Lessloss Blackbody which gave a blacker background, but it was edgy and fatiguing. I switched from Blackbody to CableRing and the improvement was shocking! It became super silky smooth with a blacker background and more clarity than Blackbody, the resolution was higher with a bigger soundstage size. I didn't think it was possible to get both a black background AND silky smooth sound. It was either grey and silky, or black and edgy. CableRing has both silky + black! The bass texture of CableRing is out of this world! The LessLoss Blackbody made the bass smaller and weaker from the edgy sound, but the CableRing increases bass size while making it faster and more textured, but there is no muddiness whatsoever, everything becomes clearer all over the frequencies. In this hobby I have heard nothing like the CableRing! *** CableRing is shipped NEW from the Coconut-Audio factory in Sweden. Worldwide shipping is only $12
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