Coconut-AudioGroundHanger Silver BlackHoleCoconut-Audio GroundHanger Silver BlackHole ground conditioner (reference top product!)I'm moving, everything must go for extreme low prices! Choose between my personal unit for $395 or a brand NEW for $495. After having owned 11 units of RGC-24 Ground Conditioner we wanted to bui...395.00

Coconut-Audio GroundHanger Silver BlackHole ground conditioner (reference top product!) [Expired]

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I'm moving, everything must go for extreme low prices! Choose between my personal unit for $395 or a brand NEW for $495. After having owned 11 units of RGC-24 Ground Conditioner we wanted to build something better that fits in the pocket. Our first GroundHanger Waves from 2010 was a success, customers reported huge improvements over RGC-24. Since then we have built dozens of improved models. We ended up at Silver BlackHole that is a collection of blackness technologies we invented over the years. Everything that gives a scary black background is in this product! This is Coconut-Audio's top 3 tweak of all time! And we have built hundreds of tweaks! The noise from the entire system is drawn to Ground using a 0.06mA suction force. Together with our proprietary Alien Crystal formula, the noise disappears into the BlackHole. The music becomes ultra detailed and silky smooth in a dead black background. The contrast ratio increases to unbelievable levels. You will notice that when unplugging the GroundHanger Silver, the sound remains clear for a few minutes afterwards, this is because the GroundHanger has collected the noise from the system and it takes a while until the noise builds up again. This is proof that the GroundHanger truly cleans noise and is not just a tone control. Payment plans for my loyal customers, pay only $85 per month for a year using Paypal. *** GroundHanger technology GroundHanger replaces power conditioners and aftermarket cables which makes it a great value. Shielded cables are no longer necessary because the noise is removed quickly and effectively from the entire system. Power conditioners do not affect the noise problems within the system, they only alter the AC sinewave which makes the transformers and diodes vibrate differently in the conversion process, it can only sound different, but never better overall. True improvement comes from cleaning the ground which is highly contaminated. Ground noise doesn't only travel one way, it can travel back up into the audio system. Power conditioners and transformers do not clean any noise from the ground wires, they just let the noise go through unhindered to infect the audio system. All the noise from electrical appliances and shielding (even from neighbors) are dumped into the thin high resistance ground wires of the house. The noise will build up like a traffic jam so that the grounding speed will slow down. If the noise is bigger than the thin wires can handle, it will reflect back into the audio system and use the metal chassis to radiate the noise into the air instead. Having this garbage dump in the sensitive audio component gives negative side effects to the sound. It will sound blurry, edgy and fatiguing with less microdetail. In worst cases there may even be audible buzzing. GroundHanger cleans this noise which makes it sound crystal clear with a blacker background, more smoothness and microdetail. * Cleaning from within GroundHanger was designed to reduce noise from within the system, something other filters cannot do. Electronic components generate noise that circulate in the copper wires of the circuit boards which contaminates the sound, this noise becomes larger the longer the system is turned on. GroundHanger is connected to a copper connector (RCA or SPDIF) on the component. Because the resistance is extremely low, the GroundHanger is added to the circulating loop. Internally it has millions of microscopic cells that are tuned to all frequencies of noise for the most neutral sound possible. When noise travels to a cell it is converted to another form of energy = heat. *** Instructions GroundHanger is hung from an unused female RCA output connector (SPDIF works also). Remove any power conditioners and filters from the system, these only compress the sound. The biggest improvement comes when having your system always turned on. Only one GroundHanger is recommended in the same system, use multiple units only if you want to take contrast ratio to the max. ___ GroundHanger Silver BlackHole is shipped brand NEW from the Coconut-Audio factory in Sweden. Worldwide priority shipping is only $12.
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