Coconut-AudioNoise Terminator 8-packCoconut-Audio Noise Terminator 8-pack (tweak of year!)Auction is for a pack of 8 units ($599) to outfit one or multiple systems! Have one in your wallet at all times (you never know when you may need one), plug one to every TV and DVD player in the ho...92.55

Coconut-Audio Noise Terminator 8-pack (tweak of year!) [Expired]

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Auction is for a pack of 8 units ($599) to outfit one or multiple systems! Have one in your wallet at all times (you never know when you may need one), plug one to every TV and DVD player in the house. Or go extreme and plug all 8 to your high-end audio system and get the best sound. Noise Terminator will put an end to the noise circulating in your system. Using our proprietary crystal formula the noise from the circuit board is reduced while preventing RFI from entering the system through the open RCA holes. Noise Terminator plugs into any available RCA. It cleans noise from the component which results in a blacker background with greater clarity, detail, depth and separation of transients while sounding silkier. The complex detail passages improve and the transients can be heard as individual transients instead of just a muddy, blurry "thing". Noise Terminator makes you hear deeper into the music while keeping a flat frequency response curve. Noise Terminator is fine-tuned by ear for neutrality and musicality. It will keep the synergy in your system while cleaning noise. This is something other tweaks on the market cannot do because they are simply tone controls that affect a single frequency of noise which results in colorations. The Noise Terminator cleans noise from ALL frequencies which keeps the neutrality so you can enjoy your music/movie more than ever before. *** Testimonials Fantastic Product, The Noise Terminator should be "Tweak of the Year". Outstanding sound quality benefits. Pleasure to deal with. A++ - Topcat "A definite must buy for the serious audiophile. Plug and Play, real simple, the musical experience will immediately have more focus, depth and clarity in vocal presentation and instrumentation placement within the soundstage. I was a bit setback after the first musical note and kept saying to myself, "I can't believe this crystal tweak". I would highly recommend this product with a 5 star rating." Thanks, Greg Friesen - West Sacramento, California "I went to visit my parents and tried the Noise Terminator with their 20 year old TV. I was surprised how great it worked. It was an analog cable channel with a bicycle program with commentators talking and very quiet background music. I plugged in the Noise Terminator and the microdetails in the music became clearer with more ambient space in between the transients. The background was blacker and it sounded cleaner, silkier and more realistic. This was not subtle. It works equally well for 20 year old TVs as for high-end audio systems. I think this will be very popular among audiophiles. The improvement reminds me of Nordost Valhalla analog interconnect for $3300 with the clean details." *** Instructions Plug it in to any available RCA. It works for both analog and digital. Use multiple units for a bigger effect. ___ Noise Terminator 8-pack is shipped brand NEW from the Coconut-Audio factory in Sweden. Worldwide shipping is only $12 for all 8 units!
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