Coconut-AudioStealth Power 1.75m USCoconut-Audio Stealth Power 1.75m US (dead black background)I'm moving, everything must go for extreme low prices! Stealth is identical to HyperSpace but has extra vibration control added around it to give a blacker background. It takes a very long time...995.00

Coconut-Audio Stealth Power 1.75m US (dead black background) [Expired]

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I'm moving, everything must go for extreme low prices! Stealth is identical to HyperSpace but has extra vibration control added around it to give a blacker background. It takes a very long time to build and this is the ONLY time you will see it in auction. This is my personal cable with US plug. I have been using it for my amp for a few weeks. If you want the Stealth for a low cost, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Retail price is $5,995 and I put the starting bid at $995, which is crazy! I'm hoping you will like it so much you want to send me a testimonial of it :) Stealth is a very calm and laid-back power cable with smooth silkiness in a dead black background, it's so relaxing that you want to listen forever. It is 1.75m long with Furutech FI-11M (Cu) US plugs. *** AC noise cleaning Stealth cleans noise naturally by taking advantage of skin effect. The main 50/60Hz signal travels safely in the core of the conductor and the noise travels on the surface. Because this noise is separated from the power, it can be cleaned without negative side effects. Using a natural pieozoelectric conversion process the noise is gradually reduced while traveling through the cable, until all the noise is gone. It's like a shower that only cleans what's on the skin without taking away anything from the core. *** Ground cleaning Power conditioners and transformers do not clean any noise from the ground wires, they just let the noise go through unhindered to infect the audio system. All the noise from electrical appliances and shielding (even from neighbors) are dumped into the thin high resistance ground wires of the house. The noise will build up like a traffic jam so that the grounding speed will slow down. If the noise is bigger than the thin wires can handle, it will reflect back into the audio system and use the metal chassis to radiate the noise into the air instead. Having this garbage dump in the sensitive audio component gives negative side effects to the sound. It will sound blurry, edgy and fatiguing with less microdetail. In worst cases there may even be audible buzzing. Stealth cleans this noise which makes it sound crystal clear with a blacker background, more smoothness and microdetail. *** Vibration cleaning The transformer and other parts on the circuit board makes the chassis resonate at a certain frequency, this adds a coloration into the sound. Stealth grips the IEC input to couple the vibrations with the IEC plug. This plug is dampened with our Black Hole technology where the resonances are destroyed. This results in an ultra-low noise floor that is calm and relaxing. *** Shield Stealth uses a thick two layer aluminum/quartz shield to stop RFI/EMI from entering the cable. This gives an ultra low noise floor to reveal more microdetail with stronger bass. *** Fine-tuned by ear All cables are fine-tuned by ear to give the most magical listening experience possible. This is what sets apart Coconut-Audio from the rest. Other manufacturers put together cables randomly which results in weaknesses in the sound, these problems eventually become annoying, and you will end up listening to the flaws and not the music itself. Coconut-Audio solves this problem by fine-tuning the cables using high precision. Every single material in the cable, including the length, cannot be changed to something else without destroying the synergy. The length of Stealth is 1.75m and has been fine-tuned to be used with the Furutech FI-11M (Cu) plugs. These plugs cannot be changed. ___ Worldwide priority shipping is $55.
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