Coconut-AudioVibraPortal DarkRainCoconut-Audio VibraPortal DarkRain (masterpiece!)VibraPortal DarkRain has been in production since 2010 and now 2012 it is finished. It's a masterpiece that is fine-tuned to perfection, both inside and outside. Only the crust took 1 year to desig...150.00

Coconut-Audio VibraPortal DarkRain (masterpiece!) [Expired]

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VibraPortal DarkRain has been in production since 2010 and now 2012 it is finished. It's a masterpiece that is fine-tuned to perfection, both inside and outside. Only the crust took 1 year to design using silver purified wood and a proprietary varnish mixture for the most natural sound. The inside uses 3 dimensional crystal amplification fine-tuned to 0.01 gram accuracy, designed to transport you deeper into the music. This unit is brand NEW from factory! Retail price is $1195. Happy bidding! DarkRain improves everything in the music while sounding natural and musically pleasing. This musicality comes from hearing deeper into the music where the resolution is pure, quick and free from noise, but this resolution isn't dry and lifeless, it's wet, clear and sparkly like raindrops! The soundstage becomes bigger with more separation. The transients can be heard as individual sounds and not just a blurry "thing". It sounds extremely quick and detailed but also natural. The complex detail passages can be heard with ease. The bass size increases while sounding textured but not overly sharp and "digital", it sounds analog, smooth and natural like the body of a tree. With DarkRain the sound is so real that it feels like you are in the forest at night where it's dead quiet and you feel the clear raindrops in your face. *** TECHNOLOGY VibraPortal is placed on top of the audio component. This is better than power conditioners and other filters you add into the signal path. Having something in the signal path gives loss of detail and dynamics. With VibraPortal the performance is always maximum. Most tweaks only reduce noise from a single frequency which results in colored sound. VibraPortal cleans noise from all frequencies using 9 cores of cleaning that are synergized by ear. This fine-tuning is not easy as it needs months of critical listening. The end result is a seamless noise reduction over the entire music range. Everything in the music is improved and nothing is left behind, this gives a magical listening experience where you are transported into the music and can listen for hours and hours. For each cleaning core we are using a natural form of noise reduction using quartz crystals. We found that these crystals amplify certain frequencies. But one type of crystal only amplified a single frequency and left the others unfocused. We discovered that when adding different crystals to the mix, multiple frequencies were amplified. We continued by adding thousands of different crystals until all the frequencies were amplified, this resulted in neutral sound. But the problem was that the noise from the audio system was also amplified. We went on a mission to find the crystals that "contained" that noise and we removed them. So in the end, the whole music was amplified except for the noise itself. Our formula is universal and works for all audio systems. *** Instructions Place the VibraPortal on top of any audio chassis. The silver cloth faces down and presses against the component. Use multiple units for higher performance, place them beside each other (do not stack). *** 1 year money back guarantee As of may 2012 we offer a 1 year money back guarantee on all products, even auctions! To make this happen we need to charge a 50% return fee to cover our expenses. This fee includes Paypal transaction fees, Audiogon fees, shipping & handling, labor and material costs. Example: If you buy something from us for $1000 (including shipping), a year later you can get $500 back. _ Shipping VibraPortal DarkRain is shipped brand NEW from the Coconut-Audio factory in Sweden. Worldwide shipping is $45. We use First Class Airmail that usually takes 1-2 weeks, sometimes it can take longer, especially during holiday seasons. Within Europe it takes only 2-3 business days.
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