Core Audio TechnologyHypex Ncore Hypex recently released their NC400 and NC1200 Class D amplification modules. For those who aren't familiar, these are some of the lowest distortion amplifiers in existence. Even paired with their ...6000.00

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Hypex recently released their NC400 and NC1200 Class D amplification modules. For those who aren't familiar, these are some of the lowest distortion amplifiers in existence. Even paired with their stock Switchmode power supply they provide one of the very best sonic experiences amplification has to offer. While their SMPS is stellar, it's still the limiting factor in the potential for the NCore design. So we are offering a few options for folks who want to take their Ncore amplifiers to the next level and turn them into the very best amplifier on the market at any price. A SMPS is bandwidth limited between 1/5 and 1/8 the switching frequency. So at 2mhz switching they get roughly 200khz bandwidth for filtration. A SMPS can be near-perfect within that range and exceptionally low noise. The problem is that digital is mostly impacted by noise above the clock frequency. Meaning no matter how good that SMPS is, it's not filtering the noise that causes the most damage. This damage is called quantization error, which translates to amplitude distortion on the PWM signal. Our Linear power supplies may not be as small or 97% efficient, but they have several ghz in bandwidth and are twice as fast so there's not a single transient that can escape its grasp. What We Are Offering -8 balanced power supplies in two chassis for two Hypex Ncore NC400 Monoblocks -CNCed Aluminum Chassis with a shelf to shield, heatsink and isolate NC400 from power supply -High Quality XLR Balanced inputs -High quality Rhodium binding posts Not Included -The NC400 or NC1200 Modules are NOT included in the price. You must purchase and order these modules separately or send us your existing modules. Price includes what is mentioned above. A bit about the power supply The power supply is a linear unregulated supply. The images do not include additional AC filters, but they do have the Mundorf Silver/Gold/Oil capacitors, which are part of this AC filter. There are also some additional filters hidden underneath the PS boards. We designed an LC resonator circuit tuned to the sampling frequency of the Ncore which acts as an anti-jitter flywheel. The power supply for each channel is comprised of nearly 250 parts, 6 different types of capacitors, 16 different capacitor values, and 6 different types of filter. The AC filter is comprised of Mundorf Silver/Gold/Oil and a proprietary filter that we are having patented. The grounding and filtering is proprietary and patents are being worked on now. The goal was to create a very fast, very high bandwidth linear power supply that will run stably under any load. We treat voltage ripple, current ripple, ultra high frequency noise (into the ghz range), heat, and 1/f noise in the audible range along with jitter generated in the PWM stage of the amplifier. Playing music loudly the voltages stay at a stable +/- 66.063V without wavering in either direction under any load. The entire chassis is CNCed aluminum. The shelf where the amplifier resides doubles as a heatsink, which then heatsinks to the rest of the chassis. This reduces heat-born noise and improves stability. The aluminum also serves to shield the power supply from the amplifier module. Price includes: Two Chassis, power supplies, hardware, wiring, and assembly with your Ncore Modules Upgrades Available Stillpoints Footers, Stillpoints OEM standoffs -- requires 24 standoffs and 8 Footers. $960 for Standoffs, $1800 for footers, willing to offer better price on this upgrade to qualified buyers. NCore Board mods also available. Boxes weigh roughly 45lbs each and are 16x16x6" tall. Build time varies, check with us so we can give you an idea of turnaround time.
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