Custom 300B SETCustom  300B SET MonoblocksCustom built pair of 300B SET monoblocks. 8WPC. With the help of Kevin Carter (K&K Audio/VAC) and 6 months of labor, I designed and build these amplifiers. My background is in electrical eng...1500.00

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Custom built pair of 300B SET monoblocks.  8WPC.  With the help of Kevin Carter (K&K Audio/VAC) and 6 months of labor, I designed and build these amplifiers.  My background is in electrical engineering and my passion is Audio.  I also worked in the Construction business for many years and have a love for woodworking.  This SET incorporates Shuguang 300B Power tubes and Russian 6BL7GT input stage tubes and JJ 5AR4 rectifier tubes.  Only the best Lundhal power transformers, output transformers and chokes were used.  This is a capacitor coupled design (Jensen oil filled cap) for an incredibly beautiful midrange.  All circuits use point to point wiring with the exception of 2 Cascode Current Source circuit board kits.  I also used a large 220uF DC link coupling capacitor which helped accentuate the low end.  The chassis is made of Oak with an 1/8" aluminum alloy top plate which also serves as the ground plane.  A star grounding scheme was used which makes this amp extremely quiet (no audible hum).   Each amp is 20" long by 8" wide and 8" tall including the external transformer cover height.  There is over $3000 in labor and materials.  Please call John at 5187290123 if you have any questions.   I will be happy to provide a parts list and schematics if requested. These amps were tested on a pair of Audio Nirvana full Range drivers (98db/1W sensitivity) and sounded better than anything Ive heard to date.  No Crossovers, simplest circuitry and classic 300B warm midrange/ crisp highs.  The addition of a subwoofer filled in the bottom end nicely. 
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