JBLRARE & 100% AUTHENTICJBL RARE & 100% AUTHENTIC JBL Collectable MemorabiliaI am offering some very rare and 100% authentic JBL memorabilia. My asking price for this package includes FedEx Ground shipping and insurance to anywhere in the lower 48 states and the PayPal ...125.00

JBL RARE & 100% AUTHENTIC JBL Collectable Memorabilia [Expired]

no longer for sale

I am offering some very rare and 100% authentic JBL memorabilia.

My asking price for this package includes FedEx Ground shipping and insurance to anywhere in the lower 48 states and the PayPal fee. Please check my feedback and purchase with confidence.

All of these items have always been housed in a smoke-free environment.

Please note: I intend to keep this listing posted here on Audiogon for 30 days, or until the package is sold, of course. I would prefer to sell it to an Audiogon member who is also a fan of the JBL brand. If the package does not sell within the 30-day period, I will be posting it on eBay and offering international shipping at that time. As many of you may be aware, JBL has a near fanatical following in some other parts of the world.

Also, over the coming weeks I will be offering Hi-Fi memorabilia from other manufacturers (Pioneer, Sony, Yamaha, Accuphase, Levinson, Nakamichi, JVC, Philips, Infinity) such as coffee mugs, key chains, glassware, etc., so you might want to keep your eyes open, if these kind of cool items appeal to you. I have a fairly large collection of such things and I’m attempting to pare things down a bit.

Here are the items being offered in this package:

  • An EXTREMELY RARE and VERY cool JBL blanket which measures 59”x39”. This was a giveaway at a dealer conference in the mid-70’s and to my knowledge was never available after that. Personally, other than this one, I have never seen another one up for sale. I have never in fact used this blanket. It has always been laid across the back of the loveseat (with the JBL logo showing, of course) in my listening room, which is rarely sat on, but has always been removed if someone happened to sit there. Consequently, no one’s head or body has ever come in contact with it and it’s in very, very nice condition with no holes, snags, etc. Ps; I’ve had it dry cleaned approximately every couple of years since I first received it.

  • The JBL tube socks are also very rare, as they too were given out at another JBL dealer meeting in the late 70’s. They were made by Rawlings, the sporting goods company, as a promotional giveaway for JBL. They are made primarily of cotton, combined with spandex on the top portion of the socks. They have remained in my desk drawer(s) most of the time since I received them at the meeting and have never been worn. I have taken them out to show folks over the years, but that’s it. They are in near mint condition, with no snags, holes, etc.

  • The cream colored JBL coffee mug, with the orange handle is also from around the same timeframe and is in excellent condition. Even though I’ve not seen any of these for sale either, I know that it’s not quite the rarity the blanket and socks are, but it is very cool none the less.

  • The cobalt blue JBL coffee mug is from the 80’s and is in excellent condition. This was a dealer/salesperson incentive the reps used to give out and I received it from a friend of mine.

  • The JBL lapel pin and key chain were given out as a set to dealers and salespeople. If memory serves me well, this would have been around the mid-80’s. They both have an enamel-like finish (it may indeed be enamel) and they are in excellent condition. Neither of them has ever been used.

  • The JBL embossed, leather key fob was also part of a set of salespeople incentives that were given out in the 70’s. I received it for selling a significant quantity of the JBL L166 loudspeakers, which I have always felt were among their best offerings of that time period. Besides the key fob, the set included a JBL leather belt buckle, which I actually wore for many years, but my son now has it and wears it from time to time. The set also included a very cool JBL leather checkbook holder, which I have used since I first got and I’ll likely never give it up. While the key fob has never actually been used and has no scratches per se, it does have some superficial marks on it from being in a desk drawer and because of its’ age.

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