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Aardvark AardSyncII Master Clock Generator [Expired]

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               Aardvark AardSync II

                                                          S/N 3021923

The AardSync II has become recognized as the industry standard master word clock sync generator of choice for professional recording studios throughout the world. As the premier master clock available, the AardSync II not only provides a common word clock source for the digital studio, but it has become legendary in the industry for its sonic benefits. Low Jitter - Great Sound! The innovative, proprietary digital technology behind the AardSync II, ensures exceptional jitter reduction in the critically audible region. The resulting pure and precise audio clock signal enables today's 24-bit A/D & D/A converters to operate more efficiently, improving their accuracy and resolution. The benefits of clocking to an AardSync II are immediate and spectacular - previously unheard of in digital audio. Whatever hardware you use - Pro Tools (Mix & HD), MOTU audio interfaces, Mackie d8b, etc. - you will enjoy the following benefits with the AardSync II hooked up to your system:


Increased clarity and definition for all musical instruments and voices.

Bass frequencies become tighter, more focused and easier to place in the mix

High frequency instruments sparkle and shimmer with clarity.

Ambience, reverb and delay effects become easier to manage in the mix.

Stereo imaging and separation between instruments is vastly improved

Digital "harshness" becomes a thing of the past.

Sync It All! The AardSync II guarantees a sample-accurate sync lock between all digital audio gear in the studio, and will lock to video black burst if necessary. This means the audio workstation and everything connected to it will remain in perfect synchronization from beginning to end, recording to playback. The AardSync II can be set to generate any digital audio sample rate desired. This not only includes the industry standard 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96kHz, but also all of the standard Pull-Ups and Pull-Downs to handle any film and video transfer problem with ease. Keeps perfect sync between digital mixers, A/D D/A converters, DATs, CDR, Digital Audio Workstations etc. Compatible with the leading digital audio gear from Digidesign, Avid, Mackie, Sonic Solutions, Tascam, Yamaha, and more. Features:


Supports 96 kHz, 88.2 kHz

Low Jitter improves A/D D/A resolution!

Eliminates clicks & pops!

Locks to Video House Sync

Multiple Clock Outputs

AES/EBU sync, WC, 2X WC & Superclock outputs

NTSC 4% & PAL .1% Sample Rates

Problem Free Synchronization

2X Word Clock for 96 kHz 88.2 kHz

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