Bel Canto DesignDAC 1.5 e.OneBel Canto Design DAC 1.5 e.One With FREE mLinkBel Canto DAC 1.5 with FREE BC mLink 24/192 Asynchronous USB Converter with low phase Noise Clocks.Excellent DAC, headphone amp as well as preamp.Great condition. Works perfectly; only mild cosmeti...425.00

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Bel Canto Design DAC 1.5 e.One With FREE mLink [Expired]

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Bel Canto DAC 1.5 with FREE BC mLink 24/192 Asynchronous USB Converter with low phase Noise Clocks.

Excellent DAC, headphone amp as well as preamp.

Great condition. Works perfectly; only mild cosmetic marks on top of unit.

I used this as a headphone amp with its internal DAC. Can also use it's internal Preamp with both RCA and XLR outs!

Great ergonomics and build quality. Excellent value for the money.

Very detailed, neutral and natural sound. Great as a headphone amp!

* See other ad for optional low noise LNS1 external power supply *

US sales only. Not available for local pickup.

No Pay Pal fee but I will only ship to a Pay Pal Confirmed address - no exceptions.

Flat $25 USPS shipping and I absorb the excess.

* Price is firm *

From the Computer Audiophile online review:

On to my favorite part, the DAC 1.5 listening sessions. The bottom line is the Bel Canto DAC 1.5 sounds very good. When compared to the Benchmark DAC1 PRE in my system I much preferred the Bel Canto DAC 1.5 with all types of music. Listening to Jack Johnson's newly remastered debut album Brushfire Fairytales at 16/48 kHz the DAC 1.5 did everything right for me. The sound was very clean reproducing Jack's acoustic guitar like he was sitting between the speakers. Playback of this album through the Benchmark DAC1 PRE caused fatigue fairly fast. The DAC1 PRE sounded bloomy and tube-like. The guitar plucks, using the DAC1 PRE, appeared rounded-off when there should have been clear delineation between different stings starting and stopping. Through the DAC 1.5 this unnatural, far too full, acoustic guitar sound disappeared. Moving on to other music including Christina Aguilera's Save Me From Myself really showed off the DAC 1.5's lack of grain and crispness. Hearing Christina's lips and tongue between verses sounded like she was right there in the room. Switching to the Benchmark I thought the fullness in the mid range was again too full and changed the pitch of her voice. Again, this is evident when comparing two components head to head and may not equate to an individual's listening experience with only one DAC in the system. Some readers may prefer a fuller sound or better yet some readers may think the Benchmark sounds perfect depending on the other system components. It's all subjective and dependent on many variables. Listening to Shelby Lynne's Just A Little Lovin' track from the album of the same name indicated the Bel Canto DAC 1.5 did have as much bass as the DAC1 PRE but the bass through the DAC 1.5 was likely more controlled down to its lowest levels. The Benchmark bass was more pronounced and possibly overdone when directly compared to the Bel Canto DAC 1.5 in my listening room. The DAC 1.5 was simply more coherent across the entire frequency spectrum when placed in my system. Comparing the reproduction of transients between the DAC1 PRE and DAC 1.5 I again preferred the Bel Canto DAC 1.5. Listening to the Kansas City Symphony's Grammy winning performance of Britten's Orchestra track 6. Passacaglia at 24/176.4 the DAC 1.5 clearly had the edge. Again with the Dallas Wind Symphony's Crown Imperial track 8. Niagara Falls, this time at 24/96, the Bel Canto reproduced the transients without memorializing the events to the best of its ability. This ability was better than that of the Benchmark DAC1 PRE. Neither DAC is an all-out-assault nor as refined as some in the $5,000 + DACs on the market, but the Bel Canto DAC 1.5 may be competitive with most DACs south of 5K. It's simply a great solid state design.

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