Bryston BDA-2 DAC, Customer Trade, Black Finish,Bryston BDA-2 DAC,  Customer Trade, Black Finish, Warranty!WANT a Faster Response? Email us directly at rather than thru the Audiogon system. Thanks in advance! To see all our Bargains and Special Deals, CLICK HERE! We are...1695.00

Bryston BDA-2 DAC, Customer Trade, Black Finish, Warranty! [Expired]

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"It make the best of every recording that you play thru it" - The Absolute Sound

BRYSTON BDA-2 External DAC features 32-bit DAC’s and high resolution USB inputs bringing added performance and versatility to their award-winning DAC lineup.

Bryston BDA-2 on top in photo above, Bricasti M1 DAC below (Bricasti available but NOT included) Bryston BDA-2 External DAC, customer trade, black finish, approx. 2 yrs. old in 9/10 condition. 3 years of manufacturer warranty remaining. Retail $2,695, sell for $1,695. Audio Revelation is an authorized, full line Bryston Audio dealer - call us for any of your Bryston needs!

Testimonials (on all Bryston Digital products)

2013 PRODUCT OF THE YEAR AWARD - THE ABSOLUTE SOUND "I found that the crowing acheivment of the Bryston BDA-2 cab be described in the simplest terms: It makes the best of every recording that you play thru it... I cannot imagine living without the Bryston BDA-2!"  - Karl Schuster, The Absolute Sound "The buyer of a Bryston BDA-2 External DAC will get a solidly built, high-performing DAC that can improve the sound of up to eight source components, while also accepting high-resolution digital files from a computer... If you’re in the market for a flagship DAC from a reputable manufacturer that will likely raise the sound quality of your entire digital system, you’d be making a mistake if you didn’t at least audition the Bryston BDA-2 External DAC. Highly recommended. - Philip Beaudette, (read the review) "The Bryston BDA-2 External DAC is a very fine outboard DAC. It improves upon the BDA-1 in distortion, and adds an asynchronous USB input to be used for playing music with a digital output to the DAC. A few years ago, you could not get this performance at $5,000, so at $2,395, this DAC is a no brainer for consideration." - John E. Johnson Jr,, (read the review) "Bryston has taken advantage of newer technologies to produce an audibly improved DAC.  How does it differ sonically from the already highly regarded BDA-1? To my veteran ears, the BDA-2 provides a greater sense of space, better exposure of inner details, and, man, oh man, tighter, more palpable bass. Regardless of the provenance of the sound source, I got an honest presentation of what was already there in a way that I do not typically associate with digital music files. Dare I mention that the BDA-2 gave me more than a hint of the analog world that audiophiles worship!" - Lawrence Devoe,, (read the review) "The Bryston BDA-2 External DAC is a very successful device nicely showing what really matters to the people involved in recording studios and on stage, and also having contact with the other side of the "glass" – the end users. A superbly equipped and built DAC that will serve its owner for many, many years."  - Wojciech Pacula, High Fidelity (read the review) "...the Bryston BDP-1 digital player and BDA-1 DAC make one heck of a powerful team. In combination with my iPad and iPhone, the BDA-1 DAC and the BDP-1 changed the way I access and enjoy my music library completely – in the greatest of ways. It breathed an entirely new life into my listening sessions and made searching for and discovering new and old music fun like never before ...I give both of them my highest recommendation." - Suave Kajko, Canada HiFi, May 2012 (read the review) The Bryston BDA-1 let me enjoy the best-sounding digital playback I've ever heard in my listening room, outshining even Bryston's own BCD-1 CD player... I give the BDA-1 my heartfelt recommendation for the highest rating in Stereophile's "Recommended Components." - Larry Greenhill, Stereophile (read the review). "Clear pure tonal accuracy. Highly detailed treble. A large recessed soundstage which fills the rear corners. 8 digital inputs. Upsampling on the fly. Exceptional jitter reduction. And a touch of warmth that a well executed discrete class A output stage can deliver. In this price range, it is a must audition for those looking to upgrade their existing digital player whether it be a stand alone CD player or computer based." - Ken Wong, (read the review)


The Bryston BDA-2 External DAC is a state-of-the-art stereo DAC and builds on the award-winning success of the BDA-1 DAC, adding the latest 32-bit DAC technology and the most advanced USB interface to accommodate the ever expanding computer-based entertainment market. The BDA-2 uses fully discrete Class-A proprietary Bryston analog circuits, two independent (analog and digital) linear power supplies and dual 32-bit AKM DAC chips. The BDA-2 also utilizes a new asynchronous USB input capable of 192/24bit resolution. The Bryston BDA-2 External DAC delivers inherent flexibility with an impressive array of inputs for high resolution USB, COAX,OPTICAL, AES-EBU and BNC-equipped digital devices. For audio outputs, the BDA-2 offers both balanced XLR as well as unbalanced RCA stereo connectors on the rear panel. The BDA-2 is RS-232 software upgradeable, making it the most user-friendly high performance USB DAC on the market. “With more and more consumers relying on their computers as a source of entertainment in the home, we felt it imperative to offer a DAC with high performance USB inputs,” stated Bryston’s James Tanner. “Additionally, the new 32-bit DAC chips deliver stunning resolution and detail. The BDA-2 was built upon the award-winning BDA-1 architecture, which emphasized isolation, low noise and imperceptibly low levels of distortion and Jitter,” Tanner concluded.


Power Supplies: The BDA-2 power supply employs two independent secondary windings on the power transformer—one each for the digital and analog sections of the device. In the BDA-2, each stage in the digital chain is also independently regulated to prevent any unwanted interactions and to provide rock solid power delivery for any up-sampling/over-sampling process. AKM 32-bit DAC Chips: The BDA-2 incorporates dual AKM 32-bit DAC chips, some of the highest resolution available on the market today. Jitter Reduction: The input signal to the Bryston BDA-2 is re-clocked and re-sampled with the highest precision oscillators to reduce any possibility of jitter affecting the sound quality (jitter is a mis-timing of the data being moved from point A to point B in any synchronous digital system). Additionally, the BDA-2’s input receiver and sample rate converter have both been engineered to further reduce jitter to levels too low to measure accuratelyeven with the best test equipment available. Digital Input Matching Devices: The BDA-2 employs high quality impedance matching transformers providing the optimal interface to virtually any incoming source under all sorts of signal conditions. Lesser quality terminations may degrade the signal and could cause increased jitter. Discrete Class-A analog stage: The Bryston BDA-2’s analog circuits are constructed of carefully sorted and selected discrete devices (individual transistors, resistors, and capacitors) instead of the more commonly used integrated circuits. The use of discrete devices has enabled Bryston to design a circuit that exactly matches the needs of the BDA-2, resulting in superior sound quality. Ultimate Quality: Bryston applies techniques and employs custom materials in our everyday manufacturing of electronic equipment that are more typically utilized by the military and aerospace industries. Such techniques ensure unit-to-unit consistency that is vastly superior to mass production. Bryston’s adherence to the use of proprietary parts, sophisticated construction, and refined testing techniques guarantee superb performance and long-term product reliability.


• Dual 192K/32Bit AKM DAC’s • Independent dual power Supplies • Discrete Class A analog output stage • Selectable synchronous upsampling (176.4K/192K) • Independent analog and digital signal paths • Inputs: 192/24 USB (1), COAX (2), OPTICAL (2), AES-EBU (1) BNC (2)• 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192K sampling • Fully differential balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA stereo outputs • Transformer coupled SPDIF and AES EBU digital inputs • SPDIF COAX bypass loop output • RS-232 software upgrade capable • Optional remote control • Remote 12 Volt Trigger • Compatible with CD drives, sound cards, computers, music servers • Cosmetically matches Bryston C-Series Products • 5 year warranty ___________________________________________________________________ California sales subject to sales tax. Audio Revelation, Carlsbad, CA 92010 760.434.2625. 9am-6pm PST Monday through Saturday. Visits by appointment only please.

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