CITYPULSEDA2.03eCITYPULSE DA2.03e REMOTE DAC, PREAMP HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER/NICE!!!This listing is for a beautiful looking andf great sounding CITY PULSE DA-2.30e - D/A CONVERTOR (DAC) W/USB PORT. I puechased it new several years ago from a local High-End dealer (Quest For Sound...200.00


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 This listing is for a beautiful looking andf great sounding CITY PULSE DA-2.30e - D/A CONVERTOR (DAC) W/USB PORT. I puechased it new several years ago from a local High-End dealer (Quest For Sound) to replace a Citypulse 7.2 DAC. These Citypulse DACs were known as "Benchmark beaters" in their day, giving the Benchmark DAC 1 a real run for its money!!! 

 The DAC is very versatile. I have used it as a stand alone DAC, headphone amp, remote preamp/DAC and all of the above; with excellent results, in both budget and reference systems. It has always worked perfectly! It features a toroidal transformer, Crystal chip set and high end Alps volume control. 
 Included are the original box, owners manual, power cable , digital cable and USB cable.
 I have way too much stuff and will be moving some of it here on A-Gon.
 We will ship to anywhere in the continental USA via FEDEX Ground or USPS Priority Mail for actual insured shipping cost. This fine DAC, conservatively rated 8/10, is guaranteed to arrive in the very nice cosmetic condition and full working order pictured and described in this listing. No further warranty is implied. 
 In his Nov. 2011 review for Stereo Times, Dave Thomas Sums it up as follows: " Conclusion: It’s A bargain! Stephen Monte has done it again. He has yet to send me a component that wasn’t an unadulterated success in terms of quality, musicality and most important, value. The Citypulse DA-2.03e USB DAC is a wonderful product in its under a kilobuck weight class. It provides tremendous flexibility in a hi-fi or PC-based music system and will provide hours of satisfying music without breaking the bank. Highly recommended."

 From Quest For Sound website:


 DA2.03e is a new product, we explore the stereo Hi-END audio converter in the field of individuation and multimedia, it is a product of fashion, multifunction and capability: it support coaxial input, optical input, USB 2.0 input and RCA input; support 24Bit/196KHz D/A convert, and have 44.1Hz and 48Hz rise frequency key; beside a group of RCA output, DA2.03e also have one group of volume control RCA. It has a separate circuit of high standard Hi-Fi headphone amplifier; with remote volume of headphone. The mini sizes make it easy to place. DA2.03e support USB2.0 plug and play , you needn't install any driver. DA2.03e keeps the characteristic dynamic, high analytic and low distortion of PC Hi-Fi sound; adapt to play the audio or video file such as APE and AVI. On the base of them, designer put the orthodox Hi-Fi into DA2.03e,

·DA2.03e use the chip PCM-1796 of USA BB company as D/A convert, digital received chip is CS8416 of American CRYSTAL company, it support 24bit/196KHz digital-audio convert really, and USB 2.0 input.

·DA2.03e support RCA coaxial, optical t and USB 2.0 digital input, for all the digital equipment that with coaxial and optical output ( such as soundcard of computer, DVD player, CD player, digital radiogram and so on) can connect them into DA2.03e, you can use DA2.03e in many fields.

There is a seperate circuitry for headphone amplifier in DA2.03e;. and is a powerful amplifier, can play the headphone of mid-low impedance and high sensitivity well.·DA2.03 with remote control  

USB DA - 2.03e    · 

LIST PRICE $ 795.00 
USB Hi-fi D/A converter  

1. Optical, Coaxial, USB 2.0 and analog inputs 
2. Variable and fixed analog outputs 
3. AC Filter 
4. Includes the CS8416 digital encoding chip which supports 24bit/192KHz digital signal input 
5. Includes the digital/virtual switch chip PCM1796 supporting 24bit/192KHz 
6. High quality headphone amplifier

Digital Coaxial Input:  Input level 0.5 P-P 
Input Impedance:        75 
Digital Optical Input:  Input level -15 dBM 
Digital Encoder:        24bit, 192 KHz 
D/A Converter:  24bit, 192 KHz 
USB Terminal input:     USB 2.0 Standard 
Audio Output:   2.0 V (1KHz 0dB) 
S/N:    116 dB 
Dynamic Range:  120 dB 
THD:    0.015% 
Frequency Response:     18Hz-48KHz (+/- 1.5dB) 
Audio Input:    200 mV (47K) 
Earphone impedance:     32-600 
Power Supply:   AC- 110V /60Hz 
Dimensions -9.84" x 11 " x 2.5" --- 10 LBS

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