COSH1COS H1 dac/pre/headphone amplifierThis ad is for one demo COS H1 Headphone/dac/preamplifier. Introducing COS Engineering H1, a beautiful sounding high end DAC, preamp and headphone amp, that doesn’t use off-the-shelf chips to achie...1900.00

COS H1 dac/pre/headphone amplifier [Expired]

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This ad is for one demo COS H1 Headphone/dac/preamplifier. Introducing COS Engineering H1, a beautiful sounding high end DAC, preamp and headphone amp, that doesn’t use off-the-shelf chips to achieve its functionality. Absolutely stunning reviews on this manufacture.

Part of 6Moons review;

For some reverse snobbery, how about the €15'000 Bricasti M1 LE's digital volume vs. the €2'500 H1's analog attenuator? Judging on paper gets paper thin.

Conclusion of 6Moons review;

H1 for the Hot One. If the H1 were a cable, it'd be an Ocellia OCC Silver. If the H1 were a competing DAC/headfi amp, it'd be a Goldmund Telos HPA with analog not digital volume. If the H1 were a headphone, it'd be a Final Sonorous X. If the H1 were a loudspeaker, it'd be a Voxativ 9.87 Pi system. But since the H1 is actually COS Engineering's 3-in-1 (a very well-built and pretty DAC, headphone amp and minimalist preamp with single line output sans remote), it's really a Blue Moon award. Well done and well worth the wait!

The HiFi
Knight Review

When it’s about devices of H1 sort, the market is quite crowded. Many fine rivals of already well-established reputation are for the taking. But even though, there’s a place for this review’s hero as it represents very generous price-performance ratio and sounds unusually fresh.

Now, once H1 model has landed, it’s certain that its long arrival time was worth the wait. This fancy box screams quality, its flawless finish is rewarding indeed. Not one but many manufacturers should learn from COS Engineering team about the fine art of proper i.e. volume knob mounting and assembly overall. It’s safe to say that H1 punches way above its weigh in terms of build quality. Honestly it doesn’t get much better than this, period.

Part of Headfonia review;

The H1, however, is an anomaly, in some ways evoking HILO’s best DAC bits, in many ways tripping beyond them.

Demo sale;

When used as a DAC/preamp or headphone amplifier, the COS Engineering H1 is not the weak link even in a $100,000 system. At $2750 retail, the H1 is a steal but at $1900, it is unbelievable value!

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