dCSPaganini DAC and ClockdCS Paganini DAC and Clock -- With warranty!dCS Paganini DAC and Master ClockUp for sale is a two box dCS Paganini stack featuring the Paganini DAC and Paganini Clock Plus. These two pieces were recently taken in on trade and are being offer...15350.00

dCS Paganini DAC and Clock -- With warranty! [Expired]

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dCS Paganini DAC and Master Clock

Up for sale is a two box dCS Paganini stack featuring the Paganini DAC and Paganini Clock Plus. These two pieces were recently taken in on trade and are being offered for sale with a 3 year warranty backed by dCS Americas under their Certified Pre-Owned program.

The Paganini DAC can decode any PCM resolution up to 24/192 as well as DSD64 via any input and includes a range of user-selectable digital filters to fine-tune the sound to the listener's taste. The combination of a high-resolution volume control and world-class analog output stage allow the Paganini DAC to drive a power amplifier directly for the ultimate in transparency.

Original retail on the Paganini DAC was $18,999

The Paganini Clock Plus is a high-precision master clock combined with an asynchronous USB input for connection of a music server. As with the inputs on the Paganini DAC the USB interface on the clock can decode PCM up to 24/192 as well as DSD64 data. Data from the USB input is synched to the master clock and passed along to the DAC on a separate interface.

Original retail on the Paganini Clock Plus was $8,999

As a system these two pieces are one of the finest digital playback systems ever created. While the Paganini has been discontinued it still possesses the sonic qualities that made it a reference for many manufacturers and reviewers alike. We've been using it in the store with the Aurender N100H music server and have been blown away by its performance. dCS may have newer products on the market and they are better, but the Paganini gets you most of the way there at a fraction of the cost.

Please note that we are an authorized dCS dealer and this system was taken in on trade. As such we can offer it with a 3 year warranty provided by dCS Americas under their Certified Pre-Owned program. Unlike other dCS components on Audiogon with this one you can trust that you'll receive support and any future software updates without any hassle.


Both units are in excellent condition, but they are not flawless. There are NO marks that can be seen at a distance and it's incredibly difficult to get any of them to show in photos. The clock has a few pencil-tip sized marks on the faceplace (both the sloped surface and the face). The DAC has a few similar marks as well. Given the polished surface and clearcoat applied these types of marks are unavoidable. In reality these are not visible unless you are right on top of the pieces and looking very intently. The other chassis parts are in excellent condition with no visible marks.

Both units have been tested and are in perfect operational and sonic condition. The DAC is running the most recent software version. The clock was upgraded to "Clock Plus" status this week (which adds the USB interface) and is now at the most recent hardware and software revision.

Both units will ship in their original boxes with their original manuals and accessories.

If you are interested in a fully turn-key playback system then please contact us about adding an Aurender N100H.


My price is fair considering performance level, condition and warranty status. You are, however, welcome to make offers. Please remember that with the included warranty and peace of mind associated with a purchase backed by dCS these are considerably more valuable than other pre-owned dCS items which have no support or warranty.

Due to the overall listing value we will only accept payment via bank wire. Local pickup is available and buyers are welcome to pay in person with a credit card or cashier's check drawn on a local bank. If these are delivered within the state of Arizona then I must collect sales tax.

Shipping will be at the buyer's expense and billed at my actual cost. Please contact me with your zip code and I’ll work up a shipping quote as the Audiogon system doesn't do well with multiple packages.

Please don't hesitate to contact me should you have any questions. Thanks for looking!

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