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Exogal Comet Superb DSD DAC-Yet another great review [Expired]

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Underwood Hifi is glad to announce that we are the exclusive USA Exogal Distributors and now selling exclusively for the factory in the USA.

Call to discuss our latest great Exogal deals. We are now selling the entire USA and prices are too low to post.

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This add is for the $3000.00 Comet. We also have the $3,500.00 Comet Plus with the $600.00 upgraded power supply. Call us at 770-667-5633 to discuss these superb DAC's and our new USA direct deals. 

The new matching $3850.00 ION power amp is now shipping and is designed to turn this DAC/Amp package into a full 100 watts/ch Power DAC that will compete with far more expensive packages from only $4999.00 intro price. Save $1850.00 Read the Dagoggo review. It is more than a Rave!!!

Rated Product of the Year in Part Time Audiophile:                 http://parttimeaudiophile.com/2015/12/30/best-of-2015-and-product-of-the-year/

I have one perfect show sample Comet Plus for $2,180.00. With the 5 year factory warranty. Used for 4 days at a recent show. Call to discuss.

I have one black factory B-stock DAC with very minor cosmetic defect at $1990.00. All new electronics inside. It  looks great and has the 5 year factory warranty

See the latest review at:


"That is what the Exogal Comet represents for me, a sizable step toward a sensation of living sound, not a reproduced electronic production. Though we still cannot completely capture the nuances of a live performance, the Comet is superb at rendering a sensation good enough to fool the ears. The Comet is my favorite DAC in the under $4K space, and should be heard by anyone seeking a no-compromise digital experience. Especially for those with lesser digital file playback systems, this DAC can save your system, and revolutionize your listening experience. It is the only digital treatment to best the reigning 32 bit high frequency scheme."

"The best news is that Exogal has just gotten underway. The Comet blazes a wide and bright path toward future products, and the savvy system builder would do well to own the Comet, and pay close attention to Exogal’s future components."

In their Component list for 2015 they siad:
"Sweetest DAC: The Exogal Comet does not simply alter the digital signal, it replaces the signal entirely. I’m a believer; for the past six months no matter how much I refine the signal (Remember the HQPlayer software? I have it feeding the DAC now with 32 bit/6.1MHz!) the Comet DAC turns it into golden sound. The Comet even makes streaming music from Rhapsody, processed at 16bit/44.1kHz, more than acceptable for casual listening. The preamp section of the Comet is stupendous, so clean and robust it will complement the most gorgeous amps. I have used both extremely high power and low power amps with it, both with outstanding results."

See it here: http://www.dagogo.com/my-short-and-sweet-component-list-of-2015

In the Hifi + review they said: "The Exogal is remarkable value for money and could quite happily sit at the hub of many a high-end digital system. "

Exogal (which means Out of this Galaxy) is a Minnesota company that makes DAC's and amplifiers. Its DNA comes from original Wadia engineers. Jim Kinne who designed the original Wadia gear is legendary and did the original Wadia DigiMaster™ products  that are still considered exceptional. Jim is now designing state of the art products at affordable prices.  

The Exogal Comet is a high performance digital to analog audio converter (DAC) that is also a pre-amplifier with an analog input for your phono stage.  Just connect your computer, or other digital or analog sources, and experience exceptional audiophile quality sound. The Comet DAC does everything you would expect a high-end DAC to do, including balanced and unbalanced analog outputs, digital volume control and asynchronous USB input - all at a sensible price.

The Comet uses an FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) for its DAC. That means that unlike the competition that uses a commercially available DAC chip from from companies like ESS, Wolfson or Burr brown, the Comet is all programmed by Exogal and is upgradable over the web. So it offers built in NON Obsolescence.

Comet reviews have been exceptional.

Review of the Comet by Vade Forester.
He says: "As a DAC and front end for digital sources, the Comet is a spectacular success and, especially at its moderate price, I strongly recommend you audition it in your system."

Read the whole review on The Absolute's Sound's website

More and more – the word on the street about Exogal is spreading. Here is another new comment – this time from Jeff Fritz while reviewing a $65,000 dollar Swiss-made amplifier. Yes, the Exogal Comet is his Preamp/DAC.

My setup has changed over the past year. I’ve ditched my analog preamp for a DAC with input switching: currently, the Exogal Comet ($3000) with optional external power supply ($600 if purchased separately; you get a $100 break if you buy them together, for a total of $3,500). The Comet has increasingly impressed me over the past few months. In fact, it’s fair to say that I didn’t rave hard enough about it in my review (to be fair to myself, I didn’t yet have the external power supply when I wrote that article). It’s a giant killer. The external power supply added solidity to the soundstage and “blacker” backgrounds overall, thus raising the performance level several notches.

"I've never heard such a detailed, resolving DAC at this price. ... It sounds great not only for its price, but regardless of price." Soundstage

Michael Lavorgna reviewed the Comet.
He says: "I'm not going to sugarcoat this: The Exogal Comet DAC is one fine sounding piece of technology."

Ultra High-End Audio and Home Theater Review
Frank Berryman gives EXOGAL’s Comet DAC a glowing review and concludes that the “...Exogal Comet has few if any peers in its class..”

All reviews have been with the stock power supply. We were shocked at how much better it is with the upgraded power supply now available for only $500.00 with purchase of the DAC or $600.00 as an add on if purchased later. The new Exogal software allows the digital volume control to lose no resolution at any volume level so it makes a great front end to drive an amp. The analog input allows connection of an analog source such as a phono stage so no preamp is required in a digital system with a turntable. 

The Comet is designed for real-life listening with sound that’s amazing, whatever the setting. It offers easy digital upgrades for hardware and software. It is controlled by the Exogal Remote App for Android or Apple iOS as well as the included remote control.

  • Asynchronous USB, AES/EBU, SPDIF, Toslink, and line level Analog input
  • Direct connection analog outputs with 32-bit Digital Volume Control
  • Analog Outputs: one pair balanced (XLR), one pair unbalanced (RCA), one stereo Headphone
  • Single ended and balanced analog outputs can be used simultaneously. Single ended outputs can be programmed as stereo, or center/subwoofer operation. Single ended outputs have a programmable offset level from balanced outputs
  • Controlled by the Exogal Remote App for Android phone or tablet (running 4.3 or higher with BLE support) or an iPad, iPhone 4s or newer, or iPod Touch.
  • Five year factory warranty

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