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DSPeaker Anti-Mode X4 + Optional EC Streamer for TIDAL+SPOTIFY [Template]

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      Expert telephone consultation to Optimize your System with the X4 

            AND help you add the latest Streaming and Computer Audio Solutions.

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========  Introducing a new Catagory in Hi-End Audio ==========              the Patent Pending DSPeaker X4 Stereo Optimization System .. S.O.S. 

Speaker-room interaction is typically the most important performance - limiting factor of any Hi-End Audio system. Every listening space introduces errors that can be up to 12 db or more. These errors are the most pronounced in the Bass and Lower mid-range regions, where the classic accoustic treatments loose their effectiveness.
The Anti-mode X4 is DSPeakers newest Loudspeaker and sub-woofer Optimization System which is capable of Optimizing the accoustic performance of any Full Range Audio System. it is based on the NEW Anti-Mode 3 Algorithm which advances and expands on the popular Dual Core algorithm. 
Starting in 2009 I co-developed the Award Winning 2 channel Dual Core with DSPeaker in Finland ( see snapshot of the first prototype ). Finally 9 years later we have the ultimate 2.2 pro-audio drived X4 Stereo Optimization System that can transform any Home Audio System.   SO WHAT IS UNIQUE ABOUT THE NEW  Patent Pending X4 ??

Essentially it is a state-of-the-art 4 channel Audio Processor / DAC / Pre-amp designed to apply Automatic Room Correction and Remote Control of Tone to all of your Music inputs. ..  It has 3 Analog inputs, 6 SPDIF inputs and USB which handles PCM up to 192/24 and DSD 128. It also has a built in Headphone amplifer with DSPeakers Proprietary HeadSpace auralization. 

The X4 has 4 XLR and 4 RCA outputs allowing you to connect it to 4 channels of amplification, 2 main speakers or 2 subs or 4 active speakers. It also has SPDIF COAX and Toslink Digital outputs allowing you to to use any DAC. 
The focus of the X4 is to correct ANY stereo Music source. For those wanting to add Streaming, Roon or MQA decoding we offer a variety of solutions which can be input to the X4 for correction and Remote Control of Tone.
Tim G. Ryan Bsc. Electronic Systems
Co-Developer of the Award Winning DSPeaker Dual Core & Principal tester of the NEW X4 Stereo Optimization System
US / San Diego Based 24/7 support (858) 257 7771
== OVERVIEW OF THE DSPeaker X4 Patent Pending Stereo Optimization System ==

The X4 has 2 modes of Optimization ... 
1) SINGLE  listening position Optimzation with 6 EQ Presets
2) Multiple listening position Optimization optimizing the sound for up to 6 listening       positions
3) Mixed EQ and Position optimizations

Here is a brief description of what the Patent Pending X4 does :

1) It Optimizes the Sub-woofer / Main Speaker Levels  

2) It measures the Frequency Response and Distortion of the subs and mains and                Optimizes the Crossover Frequency and Slopes for minimum distortion.

3) It Optimizes the Left / Right  Balance for wherever you are seated in the room.     

4) Finally, it appplies Room Correction for up to 6 listening positions optimizing all 3 of the above variables.
SO, what was the most challenging task in audio for both Professionals and Serious Audiophiles.. Smooth full range bass to 20 Hz .....is now a simple 8 minute job for the X4.

=OPTIONAL EC Living RENA S-1 Streamer for Tidal, Qubiz and Spotify Streaming =
The Electrocompaniet EC Living RENA S-1 Stremaer form Norway gets you Streaming from SPOTIFY, TIDAL, Quoboz  and a host of Internet Radio services. 

NOTE : The EC RENA S-1 streamer will support MQA and ROON RAAT endpoint via a FREE firmware update early 2018.    

10 Day Home Trial with Money Back Guarantee  

- FREE outward shipping within Continetal USA
- Restocking fee for the EC Streamer is $ 65    
- Restocking fee for the DSPeaker X4 is $ 200 
- return shipping and insurace costs at the customers cost

 ( Items must be returned in Mint Condition with all accessories in thei original packaging) 

Here is link to the DSPeaker X4 website in Finland :

Here is link to the Electrocompaniet EC Living Website in Norway :

======= HERE ARE TESTIMONIALS FROM 6 of our US X4 Early Adapters ====== 

=== System #1 - X4 Optimizing a 2.1 system with Gradient Helsinkis + 1 sub =====

Amazing detail, system sounds “airier” when compared to Dualcore, bass is very clean with tonality, richer when compared to Dualcore. System sounds absolutely live like. 

When the X4 arrived, I just wanted to listen a little in the evening - went to bed at 3 am. Very, very satisfying. 

I wouldn’t know how to meaningfully improve from here.

Toni - San Diego.

= System #2 - X4 Optimizing a 2.0 system with Ported speakers + 1 passive sub =                       ( This is Tonis 2nd X4 System controlling his Living room System )
                    This is a 2.0 system sub is passive and crosses over to satellites  
Improvements in detail, spatial information and “tonality” of deep bass.
Sounds superb.

Toni - San Diego.

=== System #3 - X4 Optimizing a 2.1 system with  Gradient Helsinkis + 1 sub ===   

Impressive detail even at very low volumes...... Spatial information is superb.

Sounds ‘richer’ relative to the Dual Core set up with ULN-PSU.  “Texture” of sound/sense of the body of an instrument is life like.

Lois - San Diego

=== System #4 - X4 Optimizing a 2.2 system with SPATIAL Audio M3  + 2 subs ==       
The first two graphs show the automatic correction algorithm at work from the solo listening position, eliminating a huge room mode around 80Hz.  There was also a high frequency area from 6kHz which was handled by implementing a treble tilt decrease.

With the X4 you are able to immediately verify onscreen the change- no computer necessary!

I would like to convey that the X4 has exceeded in its mission. It has seamlessly integrated my mains and subs by creating an optimal crossover .... 
It allows for total frequency tailoring to your taste in a very transparent manner.  My bass is now tight and coherent. My Spatial speakers have never sounded better in such a difficult space, all without physical room treatment.  The X4 allowed me to find the optimal position for speaker placement. 

Finally, Tim Ryan from Simplifi Audio was continually available during setup and implementation and is infinitely knowledgeable about this product as he helped develop it! 
I thank him for his time and dedication in bringing such a formidable product to market.

Cheers, Carl - North Carolina

== System #5 - X4 Optimizing a 2.2 system with Gradient Helsinkis + 2 PSI subs =  

Hi Tim,

Many Thanks for installing the NEW X4 in my main system Christmas Eve...

I could'nt resist listening to the system with the X4s USB input and Roon...

Once started, I couldn't stop playing sample digital recordings into the wee morning hours because there was irrestistible newly created Magic in the Living Room with my Gradient Helsinki speakers and 2 PSI A225 pro-audio subs. 

The Recording space as well as performers were brought into my Living Room like never before. The music and performers were infused with a palpable life-like holographic presence.

Your dogged persisitence to get the X4 running the Main System on USB with ROON really paid off.

The results shows you have the audio system engineering skills to effectively simulate audio performance reality providing you get to specify the simplest and most cost effective complete audio system that is optimized for the listening space.

Thanks for all your efforts to find the achievable life-like stereo magic in my listening room.

Robert - San Diego

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