LH LabsGEEK PULSE fiLH Labs GEEK PULSE fi +  Separate Upgrade Power SupplyIf you are reading this ad you are likely familiar with this long-awaited crowd-sourced/crowd-designed Pulse DAC from Light Harmonic in California. This unit is used 20 Hours, is the upgraded fi...450.00

LH Labs GEEK PULSE fi + Separate Upgrade Power Supply [Expired]

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If you are reading this ad you are likely familiar with this long-awaited crowd-sourced/crowd-designed Pulse DAC from Light Harmonic in California. This unit is used 20 Hours, is the upgraded fi version $1,499.00 Retail Without Upgrade Power Supply GEEK PULSE Fi This is a brand new Geek Pulse fi (Femto clock, internal amp upgrade) The Pulse FI hasf 2 audio Femto clocks inside to a customized, lowest jitter, Crystek TCXO clock and Internal Amp upgrades. JAYS AUDIO LPS - AC Incoming: Schurter IEC, Japan Made EDK Switch - AC Noise Filter: UK RIFA RFI Suppression Caps & Noise Filter - AC Transformer: Nuvotem Talema Encapsulated 25VA w/ Fast Acting Fuse Protection - High Speed Rectifier with RIFA 0.1uf Bypass Caps - Phillips BC 2200uf/25v x 4 Reservoir Caps, total of 8800uf ! - Phillips 1% Precision Resistors - Panasonic FC 120uf, 390uf Decoupling Caps - Mexico Made Inductors - Analog Device OP177 for Voltage Error Feedback Compensation - Toshiba Pass Power Transistor - Two Simultaneously Driven Voltage Output Jacks - Mexico Made Multi-turns Variable Resistor for Fine Voltage Output Adjustment - Voltage Rating: 5VDC/3.5A, 12VDC/2A - Integrated Aluminium Heat-sink chassis, with 5mm thick (very) well designed front panel with Laser Marked texts The circuit design of Jay's Audio LPS25VA is referenced and improved of the well-known Walt Jung Super Reg. The performance is first in the class I must say. Output voltage stays VERY stable with 0.01VDC tolerance despite I'm driving it almost at full load. It only gets a bit warm after a 48hrs of stress test. With such little money spent, I must say it’s the best bang of buck’s investment in hifi ever! Audio- Video club of Atlanta Previous Meeting Pgm Notes Sunday, April 24, 2015 This was an interesting meeting with some unusual results. The original premise of the meeting was to hear several of the latest DACs in the $1k - 3K range. Instead, we ended up listening to the production version of the iFi Audio iDSD Micro that we heard last year as a pre-production model (thanks to Charles Berry from Sight & Sound Gallery), three LH Labs Geek Pulses (two thanks to LH Labs), and the internal DAC in an Oppo BDP-93. The iFi iDSD is a great sounding unit at it's price point, but was eclipsed by the several times more expensive Geek Pulses. We really appreciated Charles coming all the way out to the meeting just to bring the iDSD Micro! All of the outboard DACs severely whipped the poor basic BDP-93 whose sound was acceptable, but certainly not equal. As predicted, the more expensive Pulse fi was agreed upon by attendees to sound better than the less expensive Basic Pulse. What stumped us was that the more expensive Pulse Xfi did not sound as good as the less expensive Pulse fi. We have referred this finding to LH Labs and they are looking into it. We speculate that the problem might have been an impedance mismatch in the test system caused by using the unbalanced output of the Xfi into two separate amps causing the Pulse to "see" a very low impedance load. Suffice it to say however, that the Pulses are exceptional performers at their price point and any of the three will certainly be competitive even at price points above their own. One member was quoted as saying "they don't just raise the bar. they create a new bar! We also had the chance to audition the Pulse fi using member Sam designed and constructed linear power supply. This was a test power supply, completely unregulated, and would not be safe for home use. It was built to verify that the very good wall wart power supply could be improved upon... and it can! The rest of the meeting was spent listening to digital music provided by members. I do not have the USB Cable Original box Power Supply