MYTEKBrooklyn - Silver - MintMYTEK Brooklyn - Silver - Mint PLEASE READ!Selling this for a friend, because he sent it to me for diagnosis; as we both have the same set-up: Auralic Aries Mini, to this Mytek Brooklyn.He felt it was "malfunctioning", based on some unusual...3.00

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Selling this for a friend, because he sent it to me for diagnosis; as we both have the same set-up: Auralic Aries Mini, to this Mytek Brooklyn.

He felt it was "malfunctioning", based on some unusual output...and wanted me to insert it into my system, and see if I could get to the bottom of it (I am in IT, and Hardware troubleshooting is routine for me).

First thing I did, was update his VERY outdated firmware; he was on 2.07, where the latest is 2.21. Once I did that, and put it in my sounded fine; great of course, just like mine.

However...then I noticed; not "unusual" output; but no output at all, after running in the system for about an hour. I could tell, the DAC was still getting a signal...because I could see the input meters functioning; but no output to pre-amp.

After fiddling...I am 99.99% positive; I have isolated the issue. It seems...that after a certain amount of time (1st time, it was ~1, almost ~4; so it's likely due to the unit heating up); the MQA malfunctions.

There is no output, with the MQA enabled; but as soon as you disable it...everything is fine and perfect again. With the MQA disabled, I have run the DAC ALL DAY, without loss of output signal. (I have have tested, with USB and coax s/pdif inputs; same issue with both. Can't speak for TOSlink).

Now...there's a chance; this issue, might get fixed down the road...with a firmware upgrade. But of course, no guarantees; as the issue might be hardware related. And you won't be able to get it repaired, under warranty anyway; because as the second owner...warranty does not transfer.

So...why buy this DAC? Well...if you don't know, what MQA is; don't care what MQA is...don't plan, on ever caring what MQA You get a great DAC, at whatever fraction of the price...the auction terminates at. Or...chances are, you could get it repaired; and even that, plus the cost of the DAC...still leave you in the black! ( might always try raising hell with Mytek, and seeing if that gets you anywhere. You know...the squeaky-wheel-getting-the-grease approach ;)

Other than that...not much more, to say about the performance of the Brooklyn. Reviews proclaim it to be, as good or the its price-point and above. I've owned a LOT of DACs; and I can't disagree.

If you have any specific questions, I'll let you ask them in PM. S&H and any payment fees, are NOT included in the final auction price.
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