Our Product of the Year!! -- MytekBROOKLYN -- MQA | DAC | Head Amp | Preamp | PhonoOur Product of the Year!! -- Mytek BROOKLYN -- MQA | DAC | Head Amp | Preamp | Phono -- Watch the New Video with Brooklyn Sound!JaguarAudioDesign.com is an authorized retailer for all Mytek Digital products. The designer of the Brooklyn used to design converters in the studios of the major record companies; these units wer...1995.00

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Our Product of the Year!! -- Mytek BROOKLYN -- MQA | DAC | Head Amp | Preamp | Phono -- Watch the New Video with Brooklyn Sound! [Expired]

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JaguarAudioDesign.com is an authorized retailer for all Mytek Digital products.  The designer of the Brooklyn used to design converters in the studios of the major record companies; these units were used to make records for some of the most famous artists in the world.  If you think there's any other DAC combo out there, anywhere near this price, that can compete with the Brooklyn...bring it on!

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Check out the new Jaguar video, with sound from the Brooklyn!

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The Mytek Brooklyn is a new and highly anticipated DAC / Headphone / Preamplifier unit that also has an amazing phono preamplifier and MQA streaming decoder.  The Brooklyn is the only MQA DAC on the market, besides the Meridian and it will smoke the Meridian. 

According to the designer, Michal Jurewics, the Brooklyn achieves 85-90% of the sound quality of the $5,000 Mytek Manhattan I; having used both the Brooklyn and Manhattan in the Jaguar Reference System, we came to exactly the same conclusion.

Visit the product page in the Jaguar Online Store, where you can checkout and we have units ready for immediate USPS Priority shipping. 


Note: Trial periods do not apply to discounted, demo/used products.  Jaguar accepts Paypal and credit/debit card payment through the Jaguar Online Store. 

Check out the numerous Brooklyn reviews:

"Even without MQA the Mytek Brooklyn offers exceptional value due to its versatility, flexibility, ergonomic elegance, and overall high level of sonic performance. Once you throw MQA into the equation, I have to say, “Game over” for any DAC or DAC manufacturer that can’t keep up."

"Anyone who doesn’t understand how digital recording functions may have problems comprehending why MQA works, but even if you don’t get the tech, if you critically listen you will hear the audible superiority of an MQA-encoded file when compared with the PCM or DSD original."

"...the Brooklyn ranks with the best DACs I’ve used regardless of price or internal DAC technology."

"Even if the new, "small" Mytek, due to the improved functionality, has become more expensive than its predecessor, the Brooklyn's price-sound relationship makes it almost irresistible. And if you are more into excitement, dynamics, and incredibly low bass than that last drop of spatial width, you will not be able to bypass the Mytek—neither in its price category nor also quite a bit beyond that."

"In a single, small device you get not only digital conversion of every relevant audio format, but also phono equalization and amplification, component switching, and remote volume control. Add a compact amp, speakers, and a turntable, and you’ll have a system worthy of any upscale Williamsburg studio apartment."

"It’s also voiced for the pro market: “Sonically, the Brooklyn DAC is designed for the most accurate representation of the recording, so the mastering engineer can hear what’s recorded with confidence and make appropriate mastering decisions,” Jurewicz wrote to me in an e-mail."

"While I've sharpened my critical keyboard waxing over the sonic attributes of the Mytek Brooklyn—much-more-than-a—DAC, its performance dictates as critical a listen as any other DAC. That's to say that while some DACs at this price point pale in comparison to more expensive offerings, Brooklyn is dangerous."


Brooklyn DAC specs:

  • Stunning transparent detailed Mytek sound,
  • Up to 384k, 32 bit and DSD256 conversion,
  • 384k, 32 bit integer USB2 Class 2 interface (no drivers for Mac, Linux, or Linux based streamers, Native DSD ASIO Drivers for Windows),
  • Certified MQA high resolution decoder for high resolution streaming,
  • Choice of inputs: AES, SPDIF, Toslink, SPDIF, DSD SDIF, Analog Line In or Phono,
  • High Performance M/C, M/M phono preamplifier (all analog signal path to output),
  • High Performance Dual Mono, High Current (800mA) headphone preamplifier. Dual unbalanced jacks for two headphones or balanced operation with Mytek 2x1/4" to 4pin XLR adapter,
  • Audio Interface function: in addition to USB playback, Brooklyn will accept digital inputs into computer via USB,
  • Femtoclock Clock generator with jitter below 0.8ps,
  • Wordclock input and output- stacking of units for multichannel and surround sound is possible,
  • Optional 12 VDC power supply input,
  • Sculpted aluminum front panel chassis,
  • Choice of black or frosty silver,
  • 2 year warranty Brooklyn just started shipping in December 2015 and is available on first come, first served basis.

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