Playback DesignsMPD-3Playback Designs MPD-3 DACPLAYBACK DESIGNS MPD-3 DAC, Serial number 36127 The brainchild of digital audio legend Andreas Koch (Studer ReVox, Dolby Labs, Sony, independent design for EMM Labs, CEO and chief engineer Playbac...2995.00

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PLAYBACK DESIGNS MPD-3 DAC, Serial number 36127 The brainchild of digital audio legend Andreas Koch (Studer ReVox, Dolby Labs, Sony, independent design for EMM Labs, CEO and chief engineer Playback Designs) the MPD-3 is a sophisticated all-FPGA and discrete circuit high-end DAC. As impressive today as the day it was released the MPD-3 DAC is rich, nuanced, dynamic and transparent. Still supported by Mr. Koch and Playback Designs with firmware updates and an available upgrade kit to bring it to state-of-the-art native DSD256 playback. This MPD-3 has been located in a smoke and pet-free environment and is easily 9/10 condition without a visible blemish or mark on the case work. Provided with original double-box packing, owners manual, remote control and OEM power cord. These superb Playback Designs DACs do not come up often on the used market -- don't let this one get away! AES/EBU, coax (RCA) and USB digital inputs, XLR and RCA audio outputs. Standard IEC 15 amp power inlet. Here is what Andreas Koch and Playback Designs have to say about the MPD-3: "The new Playback Designs Series 3 products are revolutionary. The Playback Designs Music Playback Digital to Analog Converter 3, also known as MPD-3, is a product that is totally unique in today’s market place. The MPD-3 is a world class discrete dual differential DAC that can receive a variety of external digital sources, including computer based music servers – not only a unique and powerful combination, but also versatile in applications. Another unique feature of the MPD-3 is its ability to playback super high resolution files of up to 24/384kHz PCM and 6.1MHz DSD through USB from a PC or MAC or digital server. This is 32 times the resolution of players with the ability to playback 192kHz high resolution files. Through the use of our newest apodizing upsampling filter for 44.1 and 48kHz sample rates PCM never sounded better or more analog-like. Apodizing filters are special upsampling filters that compensate for some of the ringing effects caused by brickwall filters in the Analog to Digital Converters (A/D) used during recording. Depending on the recordings apodizing filters can provide audible improvements. This is not a new technology and is used mostly to improve reception signals from the edge of dish antennas (satellite). Since brickwalls in A/D converters are akin to edges on dish antennas the same principle holds for digital audio and similar filters can be used in DACs with noticeable improvements. As with our 5-Series products, we have a DAC built to the same standards as our MPS-3 CD Player. It is actually identical in every way except it does not have a transport mechanism. With more and more enthusiasts taking advantage of computer based music, the MPD-3 might be the perfect solution!" Digital inputs: USB, AES/EBU, RCA Analog outputs: 1pair balanced (XLR), 1pair unbalanced (RCA) Support for DoP on all digital inputs PCM input up to 384kHz, DSD up to 2x Native DSD converter, dual differential circuitry throughout Digital inputs: AES/EBU for PCM up to 24 / 192kHz S/PDIF for PCM up to 24 / 192kHz USB for PCM up to 24 / 384kHz USB for DSD up to 6.1MHz Shipping and insurance (if desired -- highly recommended) to be paid by buyer to US locations. I welcome international buyers but please note I prefer a US-based trans-shipment address. I will consider direct shipment to overseas locations served by US Postal Service, UPS or FEDEX but buyer assumes all responsibility for delivery, customs and taxes. This is a 110VAC unit. I ship promptly upon receipt of payment. I will waive PayPal and Audiogon credit card 3% charges. Please check my unblemished Audiogon feedback and deal with confidence. Lowball offers will be politely declined. Thanks for looking!
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