Teddy PardoTeddyDACTeddy Pardo TeddyDAC D/A Converter. Very smooth and musical utilizing Wolfson D/A IC's. This unit is a few years old and the USB input is limited to 16/48kHz. From Teddy Pardo site: The TeddyDAC is...550.00

Teddy Pardo TeddyDAC D/A Converter [Expired]

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Teddy Pardo TeddyDAC D/A Converter. Very smooth and musical utilizing Wolfson D/A IC's. This unit is a few years old and the USB input is limited to 16/48kHz.

From Teddy Pardo site:

The TeddyDAC is a high-end digital-to-analog converter for audio systems with digital sources such as CD/DVD players, streamers, media centers, or computers.

The goal in designing the TeddyDAC was to reproduce the most accurate, realistic and natural sound, free of digital artifacts, and to achieve an “analogue” sound signature that appeals even to the most demanding LP and vacuum tube amplifier owners. 

To achieve this goal a unique approach was taken, based on the understanding that the power supply is a major, if not the most critical, ingredient of the design.

The optional 192Khz async USB input module allows playing high resolution music through the USB input of the DAC. (Not Installed in this Unit). This module is pre-mounted on the TeddyDAC and should be ordered with the DAC.

Based on the XMOS chip, enhanced by ultra low jitter clocks and our SuperTeddyReg ultra low noise power supply technology.

Owners of older TeddyDACs models, which cannot be upgraded with this module can still benefit from it using our stand alone TeddyU2S, a USB to SPDIF converter, as an external product.

With the TeddyDAC, human voices sound as they sound in real life, orchestral music sounds detailed and three dimensional, just like in concert halls. The TeddyDAC contributes to many enjoyable listening hours without fatigue.


  • Inputs: 2xCoax, optical, USB (optional)
  • Voltage: 110-120V or 220-240V
  • Sample Rates: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz,96kHz,192kHz 
  • Output Level: 2V (RCA)
  • Dimensions: 25x17x6.2cm
  • Weight: 1.8Kg

From Saturday Audio Exchange site:

Teddy Pardo is a special individual in the DIY audio community. Rather than set his sights on the usual DIY projects such as small tube power amplifiers, speakers, or even a tonearm, he decided to first clone a Naim power supply. After that, he improved it. As us audio enthusiasts know, a DAC is only as good as its power supply. I can't think of another person more suited to build a high quality DAC than Teddy Pardo. He starts with his high quality PSU and builds a DAC around it. The result is a sleek and minimal design known as the TeddyDAC. The resulting audio is awe-inspiring. Natural sounding doesn't begin to describle the neutrality and non-fatiguing sound of this unit. If you're local, come by and take a listen. If you're not local and looking for a DAC, just take our word for it. This thing is amazing. 

It will be shrink wrapped and shipped with the original Cary double shipping boxes. Shipping will be via FedEx ground and a tracking number will be provided upon drop-off. Payment via paypal (3% fee) or cash at local pickup. Lower 48 states only.

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