B.E.C.Time Machine X 10B.E.C. Time Machine X 10 The Future of Digital Is Now - Shipping included lower 48This unit interfaces with the following DACs and Servers ESOTERIC Grandioso K1、P1、D1、K-01、K-01X、K-03、K-03X、K-05、K-05X、K-07、K-07X、D-02、D-02X、D-07X、P-02、P-02X、N-05、G-0、G-0s、G-0Rb、G-02、G-03X、G-25U/TA...1499.00

B.E.C. Time Machine X 10 The Future of Digital Is Now - Shipping included lower 48 [Expired]

no longer for sale

This unit interfaces with the following DACs and Servers ESOTERIC Grandioso K1、P1、D1、K-01、K-01X、K-03、K-03X、K-05、K-05X、K-07、K-07X、D-02、D-02X、D-07X、P-02、P-02X、N-05、G-0、G-0s、G-0Rb、G-02、G-03X、G-25U/TASCAM CG1000/dCS Vivaldi clock、Paganini clock、Scarlatti Clock、 dCS992II/MUTEC iCLOCK、MC-3+/Antelope Audio Isochrone OCX HD、OCX-V、OCX、TRINITY/BRAINSTORM DCD-8/Phaseteck HD-7A/Phasemation HD-7A192/SFORZATO DST-01、DSP-03、DSP-05/TEAC UD-503、NT-503/SPEC RMP-X1/Sound Warrior SWD-CL10/TechDAS D-7、D7i /RATOC RAL-DSDHA2/M2TECH EVO DAC TWO PLUS、HIFACE EVO TWODAC/CH Precision C1/Aurender W20
The Time Machine X 10 is now in stock. We have 2 remaining for sale from this order and will have more in 5 weeks. If you want one of the in stock units we can ship them without the engraving on the front panel or the new boxes. We will supply you with the front panel and the box in about 5 weeks. The unit will be packed nicely and has the cable included. It would look exactly like the photos in this ad.  To replace the front panel it takes 5 minutes literally. 
Review from Absolute Sound latest posting 10/16/17
Esoteric introduced their new flagship network audio player, the N-01 ($20,000 US), which includes a premium DAC module that is identical to the one used in Esoteric’s Grandioso K1 super audio CD player. The N-01 utilizes the AK4497 chip set and employs an 8-circuit independent power regulator for each channel. It can play any digital file to 384/32 PCM and 5.6 MHz DSD in all major formats. The N-01 supports streaming services including Tidal, Roon, Spotify and Qobuz. The N-01 is also MQA compliant and can accept a signal from an external master clock. Given all that it does it’s not all that surprising that it weighs slightly over 56 
Notice that this new unit accepts our Master Clock. 

Be one of the first to own this amazing device. Double your digital potential. 
It's the Time Machine 10 Mhz clock to totally transform your digital. I've been using Hi Rez digital since 1999 when Mark Waldrep and I began to demonstrate his recordings all around the US. We displayed at all the major shows and literally introduced true Hi Resolution recordings he produced from the performance to the completed DVD in 24/96. Since that time I have embraced all the best recordings and formats always knowing that every little bit of info we can release will add to the overall quality in all types of digital recordings.  I am now having a reasonably priced high quality Master Clock produced to enhance those Dac's and Players that have a 10Mhz connection for such a device.  For only $1499.00 you can own a Master Clock that performs with the best available.  Buy direct and save thousands. You will also receive the 50 Ohm cable with BNC connectors at this introductory price ($200.00 value) as a bonus.  Delivery will begin on or near 11/01/17 so please consider this when placing your order. Units on a first come basis. These are hand made and require some lead time between orders. Once the initial 6 are delivered there will be a few weeks wait for the next units.  
Just a note that we have a existing customer base we are selling these units to so I will be updating quantities due to limited availability but don't worry we will be replenishing our stock on a regular basis.  
As of 10/14/17 we have 2 remaining until the next order is received 
This Clock works with all digital formats including DSD. Simply plug and play for a reference level sound.  With DSD 11.2 you literally will hear the master recording. It is a revelation over the internal clocking. 
The unit will be engraved on the faceplate with Time Machine X 10 and the serial number. Double boxed with specs and instruction manual will also be included.  One year warranty from B.E.C. Consulting - industry professionals for over 40 years. 
Time Machine X 10 Master Clock unit spec. :
Output : 10MHz Sine Wave 3Vpp / 50 Ohm
Frequency precision : Under 0.01ppm / 30 min. after power on
Output Connector : BNC
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