EMM LabsDAC2XEMM Labs DAC2X TOP D/A Converter black with Nordost Blue Heaven power cordBlack - the best look for the EMM LABS DAC2x! NEW WIRE ONLY PRICiNG - NEED URGENTLY SPACE!https://www.audiostream.com/content/emm-labs-dac2x-stereo-da-converterUSED EXTREMELY RARELY, in SUPER MINT ...5595.00

EMM Labs DAC2X TOP D/A Converter black with Nordost Blue Heaven power cord [Expired]

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Black - the best look for the EMM LABS DAC2x! NEW WIRE ONLY PRICiNG - NEED URGENTLY SPACE!



The EMM Labs DAC2X Stereo D/A Converter is outstanding sonically and visually. Experience how much more your PCM and DSD sources have to offer. This one comes with latest firmware, ready for the V2 upgrade, original box, remote and manual. 

Note: Includes 1 Nordost BlueHeaven US power cord in 2m.

Note: It is possible to upgrade this unit to V2 for you. Please inquire about the conditions.

"The EMM Labs DAC2X announced itself in my system with a muscular and, dare I say, masculine sound. Control, crystal clear clarity, and the ability to dig into and pull out what sounds like every last ounce of the recorded music [...]". AudioStream  

Description The DAC2X is the two-channel reference d/a converter from EMM Labs. Not only it is equipped with a multitude of input options, it's the first converter to feature EMM Labs proprietary Meitner Frequency Acquisition System Technology (MFAST) .  

MFAST is superior to conventional PPLs circuits because it's a high-speed asynchronos system that acquires any data stream almost instantaneously. MFAST strips jitter out of the audio stream completely.    

The DAC2X features MDAT up-converting DSP, MFAST jitter removal system, MCLK master clock and Ed Meitner’s hand built 5.6Mhz proprietary discrete dual differential D-to-A converters.   

The DAC2X also features a multitude of inputs allowing host of connectivity options and support for up to 24bit, 192kHz on all PCM inputs including USB. The DAC2X also supports true DSD streaming over USB.    


    The perfect companion for the Emm Labs TSDX CD/SACD Transport 
  • XDS1-generation MFAST™ technology for instant signal lock, jitter-free performance 
  • XDS1-generation Meitner Digital Audio Translator (MDAT™) signal processing technology
  • XDS1-generation proprietary 5.6 MHz discrete dual differential MDAC™ converters
  • XDS1-generation reference power system
  • Exclusive aerospace-grade composite circuit boards
  • EMM OptiLink input provides DSD transfer from matching TSDX CD/SACD Transport
  • Remote-controllable polarity inversion performed in the digital domain
  • 24bit-192kHz support on all PCM inputs including USB
  • DSD streaming over USB (DoP 1.0 specification)
  • Secondary USB port for future firmware upgrades
  • Serial port for wired remote control
  • Precision-machined massive aluminum chassis
  • Precision-machined infrared remote control
  • CE-compliant device
Stereo Audio Outputs: 
  • Balanced on XLR
  • Unbalanced on RCA
Digital Input Formats:
  • EMM Link
  • USB Audio
  • SPDIF Coax
  • 2x SPDIF Toslink
  • EMM Expansion Port
Stereo Audio Outputs:  XLR and RCA 
  • XLR 300 ohms balanced: +15.4dBu,  4.6Vrms
  • RCA 150 ohms unbalanced: +9.4dBu,  2.3Vrms



"The DAC2X is a very captivating music maker. If you like to listen to all manner of music in all manner of formats including streaming, and you want it all to sound stunning, muscular where called for, incisive, powerful, with superb clarity and edge-of-your-seat dynamics, the EMM Labs DAC2X has what you're looking or longing for."

Computer Audiophile

"The updated emm Labs DAC2X is much better than the DAC2X I reviewed and loved back in 2012. Both for technical reasons and sonic reasons the 2X is like a new DAC when compared to the previous iteration. The technically sound MDAT2 DSP and hardware updates enabled me to hear a much more focussed version of my music than previously available in the same DAC. I noticed improved soundstage, clarity, and detail without losing a note of musicality. The updated emm Labs DAC2X is a digital to analog converter capable of satisfying the most demanding PCM and DSD music lovers. (Even more) Highly recommended."

Please note that we are not an authorized dealer for Emm Labs. We received this unit as a trade-in.

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