Waversa Systems Inc.DAC3Waversa Systems Inc. DAC3 New to North AmericaWaversa DAC3 Demo, used for review article. Estimated 100 hours. Like new, with full warranty. DAC3 comes with full 1 year warranty. The DAC3 has 4 modular bays so is easily customized by the end ...3499.00

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Waversa DAC3 Demo, used for review article. Estimated 100 hours. Like new, with full warranty.  DAC3 comes with full 1 year warranty. The DAC3 has 4 modular bays so is easily customized by the end user.  USB input in incorporated into the chassis.  Optional Modules include: AES/EBU, coax, Toslink, Ethernet, accessory clock and others.  One module will be included with this price.  With this purchase modules will be sold at dealer pricing while supply lasts.  Email to inquire. 

Units are offered with 30 day money back guarantee, minus shipping costs. Always audition gear to ensure the synergy in your system.

As challenges that existed two decades ago remain today, electrical engineers specializing in digital sound reproduction face arduous task overcoming these barriers.    Digital audio technologies certainly have evolved to meet these challenges.  Out of South Korea, a company comprised of four engineers approached analog and digital from an entirely new perspective.  Introducing Waversa Systems Incorporated, founded in 2012 by Collin Shin, CEO and lead design engineer.  Dr. Shin has been acknowledged for many firsts in the computer electronics industry.  With 30 years of developing low noise, jitter canceling chips specific to both medical and military precision critical applications, he recognized these solutions when correctly implemented address these challenges individually, thereby allowing the listener to be enveloped by the music. Waversa DACs have been noted for their delicacy, revealing the fingertip-friction sounds on an instrumental string, or a flat cord on a note, better voice articulation and overall inner detail recreating venue ambiance with such holographic realism the musician can be perceived in the same spot when the listener wanders a room. I remain to find a dac that re-creates this level of timbre with such realism that naturally differentiates the uniqueness of each individual instrument when simultaneously paying the same note.

All DAC manufacturers have their own approach to address high frequency noise associated with pulse code modulation. Waversa Systems PCM processing is truly unique in today’s market. Waversa Audio Processor takes a completely unique approach to signal processing by comparing the signal simultaneously from multiple points in virtual space and time and superimposes this information creating a more precise signal reproduction, instead of artificially filling in information and unintentionally creating high-frequency noise that often is perceived as “cold digital sound.”

Unlike the traditional digital audio converters, Waversa uses their-own in house proprietary chip set that synchronizes with the neighboring internal processors, greatly reducing jitter. These Waversa Audio Processors (or WAP) consist of two parallel clocks (44.1 kHz / 48 kHz) thus creating mathematically accurate sampling at higher frequencies to 352 kHz / 384 kHz.

The DAC3 converts PCM to DSD in real-time when CONV (“Conversion”) is selected.  When conversion to DSD is selected, all PCM input samples are converted to 256 DSD via a custom built internal 5.6 MHz up-sampler and FPGA DSD converter.

The USB interface is implemented through network player hardware by Waversa Systems and is UAC2 standard compliant.  This provides an extremely clean digital audio signal through complete galvanic isolation, which strips the digital signal of any PC noise commonly created by a server’s internal power supply. Firmware updates and music data are also communicated through the single provided USB input. This is accomplished by a special interface, again unique to Waversa Systems.

Key Features of the DAC3:

The Waversa DAC3 has many special features. Waversa Systems’ digital features include:
⦁ Dual mono ES9018K2M SABRE 32 Reference Audio DAC chip set for D/A conversion
⦁ Dual Waversa Audio Processor (WAP) Chip set
⦁ 44.1, 48kHz implemented as a complete system Unified Clock System composed of independently-specific MEMS Master Clock
⦁ Real-time PCM to DSD 256 conversion using a custom built 5.6 MHz up-sampler and FPGA DSD converter
⦁ DSD to PCM Upsampling (world's first)
⦁ PCM Enhancement: Bypass, 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x
⦁ Custom built, FPGA based, 1.5 MHz up-sampling then conversion to 384 KHz for D/A processing.
⦁ All digital inputs and a customized S/PDIF receiver accommodating rates up to 192 KHz (so long as the source is S/PDIF compliant – see “Operation”)
⦁ A UAC2 standard compliant custom audio interface design, with Cypress FX2/FPGA USB input handling:
⦁ DSD 64, DSD 128
⦁ PCM 44.1 KHz, 48 KHz, 88.2 KHz, 96 KHz, 176.4 KHz, 192 KHz, 352.8 and 384 KHz.
⦁ Operations via Linux OS with UAC2 and MAC OSX 10.6, with the Thesycon driver incorporated for use in Windows OS environments
⦁ Optional in and out reference word clock connectors for use with an external clock
⦁ Complementary Full Balanced Analogue Circuit
⦁ Discrete / Transformer output mode can be selected
⦁ Output Voltage Control: 100%, 75%, 50% to adjust output gain and refine sound depending on individual system.
⦁ Select equipped with digital inputs and outputs, modular (up to 4) 
- Ethernet Network Player, Coaxial, AES / EBU, Optical, Word Clock Input, Accessory Clock Module options, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, headphone amplifier, analog input
⦁ Cutting duralumin chassis, and internal block reducing vibration and improving RF and galvanic isolation.
⦁ The digital portion and analog portion are independently powered using dual toroidal transformer
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