Daber Audio Montior 3Daber Audio  Montior 3 You choose finish!****You are bidding on a new pair of Daber Audio Monitor 3 speakers. These will be built to your choice of finish, Cherry or Black. Allow 10 days after you win for the order to ship.!*** Full Fa...875.00

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****You are bidding on a new pair of Daber Audio Monitor 3 speakers. These will be built to your choice of finish, Cherry or Black. Allow 10 days after you win for the order to ship.!*** Full Factory Warranty Applies "Frankly, as good as these speakers sounded on their own, I would really be intrigued by what they could do coupled with Daber's $1,500 Tympanist sub. We're talking about a $3,200 system that could possibly be a world beater." Dave Thomas, Senior Editor - Stereotimes.com ***Recipient of Stereo Times "Editor's Choice, Most Wanted Component 2010"***** Tired of always wanting more? More output? More low end extension? More realism? More value? A wider soundstage? Congratulations....your search is over. No speaker in it's price range can compete with Daber Audio Monitor 3. At Daber Audio, we are Redefining Affordable High End. These speakers offer superb imaging, incredible detail, solid bass performance, amazing soundstange width and height. Soundstage placement so realistic you feel like you can touch the performers, shimmering cymbals, horns that glimmer and shine, piano that seems as if it were being played in your listening room, detail retrieval of an unmatched caliber in it's price point can all be yours. Packaged neatly together in a cabinet that you will find beautiful, finished in either Cherry Veneer or Piano Black. As new speakers they come with a 3 year warranty covering workmanship and mechanical/electromechanical failure. Abuse, such as overpowering, is not covered. Still not enough information? Read just some of the customer responses: "I am really impressed with these speakers. Firstly, I'm all about imaging and soundstage, and have been known to sacrifice some bass response in favor of both. The Monitor 3 images like a good two way, has great soundstage and I get bass too! Nice tight bass. They also look fantastic... I opted for the Piano Black finish, and it's gorgeous. " "Dispersion is fantastic. The aluminum domed mids are what I think really give the speakers the edge over a good two way design, without sacrificing imaging, and they allow the woofer to be freed up from high mid reproduction. " "Wow! Having a chance to break them in a bit my initial impression has been confirmed over again and again. Comparing them to my other speakers in my primary and secondary system. They fall in the middle, but much closer to the goodness of my main system VSA MK 4Jr's. which cost much more than the Daber's. As much as I liked the Paradigm Studio 20 v3 in my family room system I could not wait to get back to the Daber's. They have better bass by a good margin which I expected as they are in a bigger box but outclass them in the mid and highs as well. They don't have the bottom end of my primary speakers but the planar tweeter really sings. The music brings to mind how be it on a smaller scale of the listening experience at Overtrue audio debut of the Magico Q5 speakers. The Magico's seem to have a real weight or anchor on the music. Giving the music a solid foundation to play from. That same sense I find coming from the Daber's. The Daber's are a very musical and enjoyable speaker." Overall the Daber Audio Monitor 3 is a better speaker. It presents clearer detail in mid's and high's. And the bass is controlled and balanced. Its presentation is more forward and engaging than the (name withheld out of courtesy). It also plays better at lower volume due to stronger bass." When I connected the (name withheld our of courtesy) to the Primaluna amp the mid's and high's are clear, just not as good as the Daber Audio Monitor 3 Each pair is made to order, so please allow 7-10 days lead time. Features/Specs 8 inch Magnesium/Aluminum woofer 2 inch Aluminum dome midrange Planar Tweeter Satin Nickel binding posts Hand built crossovers using hand selected parts 150 watt RMS power handing 91 db efficiency. 35-21k response 8 ohm nominal impedance Rear facing port 32 pounds each 22" H X 9" W X 14" D Price - $1,799 Shipping in the continental U.S. runs about $78 on average. We ship from Taylorville, IL zip code 62568. Each container weighs 38 pounds, so if you have an international shipping question, please refer to USPS and UPS with the above information.
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