DakiOm Modified Sony SS-B3000,DBT-guaranteed to be the MOST(FOR pictures, installation diagrams, other info, please click the LINK to MORE info at the end of this message, or web search dakiom, or www.dakiom.com). Dear audiophiles, don’t be audiophiles,...1495.00

DakiOm Modified Sony SS-B3000, DBT-guaranteed to be the MOST musical spk Pair, No if No but [Expired]

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(FOR pictures, installation diagrams, other info, please click the LINK to MORE info at the end of this message, or web search dakiom, or www.dakiom.com). Dear audiophiles, don’t be audiophiles, BE music LOVERS. Audiophiles have been duped by crooks for decades. It is STUPID to be audiophiles. And please don’t hate us and sabotage us for no other reasons than our straight talks. Well, it is futile to hate and sabotage us because the truth will be always the truth. The truth is that NO wishful thinking or delusion or comfort in mass STUPIDITY can bring MUSICALITY. The truth is that AUDIOPHILE music is GARBAGE because audiophiles can only hear WIRES and SPIKES and HYPES. Audiophiles heard ONLY what CROOKS told them to hear therefore they seek comfort and assurance in MASS stupidity. Music LOVERS heard ONLY what were in the sound waves therefore they are free individuals knowing exactly what they want. Audiophile music is garbage, beyond REPAIR. There is NO WAY to improve audiophile music; it must be TRASHED and replaced by REAL music (i.e. throwing away the fancy wires, the spikes, etc and replacing them with vibration damping, low optimum open-loop gain, etc). Real music is music taught in schools, music evaluated in music competitions and music preference as scored in piano-playing competitions, music preference as scored in the competition between CD and CD-up-sampled (notice that audiophiles cannot appreciate CD-up-sampled, let alone hi-res). MUSICALITY is long term PREFERENCE, not (long or short term) differences. CROOKS’ garbage equipment reproduces garbage differences, NOT music preferences; this explains their using “quick switching” for auditioning “differences” and their garbage talking about “differences first before preferences”. What a bunch of crooks. The truth is that CROOKS’ lies and hypes have brought you CRAPPY music reproduced by fancy wires, spikes, LP, CD, MP3, ac conditioners, powered subs, megabuck garbage, mega-pound rubbish, etc. The list is very long. Remember that audiophiles preferred CD over hi-res, what a tin-ear preference that killed hi-res and promoted garbage megabuck CDP. May be crooks’ megabuck garbage, CDP, amps, speakers cannot resolve the differences between CD and hi-res, leading to tin-eared preferences BUT our stabilized low cost audio system using our modified speakers can easily discriminate CD from hi-res, making hi-res the best music. Even CD-up-sampled to hi-res is much more musical than the original CD: so, it is STUPID to blame “mastering” for the quality of recording. It is also true that any DAC (or amp or speaker) making CD sounds better than hi-res, is GARBAGE. Comparative listening between CD and CD-up-sampled to 24/96 should be used to EVALUATE audio components and to CERTIFY golden ears (blind testing of course). - Certified golden ears using quality equipment will score CDup-s =10 & CD =5 or less (Scoring is similar to scoring in piano-playing competitions) - and, using garbage hi-end equipment, the score will be CDup-s =10 & CD =9. - Ordinary people or tin ears using garbage hi-end equipment will score CDup-s =10 & CD =10 or higher. - Ordinary people or tin ears using high quality equipment will score CDup-s =10 & CD =8, BUT after a long comparative listening session, their scores will change to those of golden ears, that is: CD =5 or lower. Therefore, when really GOOD audio components are used, LONG term comparative listening will make tin ears golden ears. Audiophilia must be TRASHED in order to bring back the REAL musical art and to PUT the scientific method BACK into the R&D of audio equipment. There are two major problems with crooks and audiophilia, namely: 1) Garbage music elevated to good music; 2) SIGHTED auditioning for pushing snake oil and for pushing garbage music. Crooks and audiophiles take “verification” out and replace it with a lie: “Trust me, I heard it, so can you”. Of course, by definition of stupidity, STUPID people will hear suggestions and lies. ALL audio discussions BASED on sighted auditioning are GARBAGE. Valid audio discussions MUST be explicitly guaranteed Double Blind Tested (DBT). Real musicality must be based on sound waves only. Tin ears will detect less info (musicality) from sound waves. Certified golden ears will detect more musicality. In sighted auditioning, STUPID people only hear suggestions, sound waves are irrelevant. Look, if you cannot CERTIFY your golden ears, please refrain yourself from talking about audio. FAKE golden ears are the ROOT cause of the dumbing-down of musical art, namely: the promotion of snake-oil and LP, MP3, CD, the worshiping of spikes and fancy stiff wires, the demise of hi-res, the rejection of vibration damping of components and wires, the hatred toward DakiOm, etc. Testing using tin-ears is the way crooks and audiophiles justify their garbage music. We, at DakiOm, use certified golden ears for our R&D. NO matter what crooks and audiophiles said, it was 100% LIES because they could not back-up their garbage talks with DBT- guarantees. CROOKS play both objectivists and subjectivists therefore anything they say are lies, either FOR or AGAINST some thing (such as for hi-res or against LP. We are also for hi-res and against LP but we back-up our talks with dbt-guarantees; crooks don’t, therefore they lie, EVEN they say the same thing as we do). They just want to confuse stupid people. Notice that crooks and audiophiles always deceive you by being fuzzy and VAGUE. Therefore, no matter what WORD they used, demand that they ADD the prefix DBT-. For example: Reality is garbage, BUT double blind tested reality (dbt-reality) is well, the real reality. Truth is garbage, BUT dbt-truth is well, the real truth. Preference or perception is garbage, BUT dbt-preference or dbt-perception is dbt-reality Talks are garbage, BUT dbt-talking is telling the dbt-truth. “I heard it” is garbage, BUT “I dbt-heard it” is dbt-reality. Experience is garbage, BUT dbt-experience is dbt-reality. Subjectivity is garbage, BUT dbt-subjectivity is true personal dbt-experience. Consciousness is garbage, BUT dbt-consciousness is dbt-reality. Golden ears are garbage, BUT dbt-(or certified) golden ears are dbt-reality. “Best”, “Finest” are garbage, BUT “dbt-best”, “dbt-finest” are dbt-reality, Comparison is garbage, BUT dbt-comparison is dbt-reality, Knowledge is garbage, BUT dbt-knowledge is power, etc. Well, there are a few exceptions, namely: - “Free” is GOOD but “DBT-Free” is really BAD garbage. - “Cable technology” is garbage, AND “dbt-cable technology” is also garbage, because in audio, a very flexible cable is already the dbt-best cable, all other cables, no exception, are dbt-inferior. BAD music come from GARBAGE audiophile equipment AND lousy recording technology (such as LP, MP3, cassette, CD, etc.). Mastering and recording engineers play a much smaller role in musicality. Audiophiles and CROOKS always blame something else for the mediocrity resulting from their LIES and HYPES. But people should know that the ROOT cause of MEDIOCRITY is their deceptive propaganda about the validity of SIGHTED AUDITIONING, leading to GARBAGE sold as goodies. The most effective way to clean up audiophile garbage is to DEMAND guaranteed performance under Double Blind Testing (DBT) methodology and under TRUTH in advertising (or marketing) laws. Run away if it doesn’t say DBT-guaranteed or DBT-proven. Remember that if for some reason, you cannot do DBT at home, then home auditioning becomes meaningless, therefore, crooks DECEIVE you by letting you “try-at-home” ONLY. But you should demand DBT-guarantees PLUS try-at-home. For example about speakers, DBT is possible but the lack of good reference speakers to compare with WILL make try-at-home meaningless. Auditioning without comparison is meaningless. We give you comparative DBT-guarantees AND we specify that our reference speaker pair is ANY pair AND we let you try-at-home. SAY, crooks, be brave and DBT-proving that our speakers are less musical then yours. This is the ONLY WAY to tar-and-feather us. Mumbo-jumbo, garbage talks, insults, lies, made-up stories ONLY show your CROOKNESS and stupidity. The truth is that crooks’ lies and hypes have separated you from the REAL musicality (the musicality taught in music education OR the musicality judged in music competitions such as piano playing competitions) and have fed you GARBAGE instead, such as sound stage, live, warm, chocolaty, bright, tight, etc. the list of garbage fuzzy unsubstantiated weasel glossary terms is really long. Terms that appear in tin-eared brains during sighted testing but they will vanish completely during blind testing. In short, crooks want to BRAINWASH you into LIKING GARBAGE reproduced by their “euphonic” GARBAGE (i.e. the audiophile sound), and to REJECT accuracy and musical ART and artists (i.e. the real musicality). For certified golden ears, musicality is something felt but not described. (Musicality is a NEW word defined by a set of listening instructions but NOT describable by a glossary of fuzzy borrowed terms). “Golden ears” is an expression abused by crooks and audiophiles THEREFORE from now on we ADD a clarifier to golden-ears, namely FAKE golden ears and CERTIFIED golden ears. Certified golden ears can feel musicality under BOTH sighted and blind testing. But certified golden ears always START learning with blind testing. Only blind testing can bring out true personal musicality. Music education teaches basic rules for making musicality such as harmony, timbre and rhythm AND these rules are formulated and correlated by certified golden ears. In music competitions, golden ears perform the scoring, NOT ordinary people. You cannot create a deluded world for audiophiles only, where crappy music is elevated to good music. NO matter how you test it, it is always stupid and tin-eared to CALL crappy music your good music. You just can’t delude yourself forever in ignoring music education and take refuse in fantasy land where crappy music is worshipped and audio discussions revolve around LIES, non-sense, cheap cliché psychoanalysis, meaningless fuzzy weasel words, propaganda, garbage talks, irrelevant distractive subjects ALL designed to brainwash STUPID people. Also, remember that in HI-FI audio reproduction, MUSICALITY deals with SUBTLE nuances, NOT with the OBVIOUS musical genre, melody, human voice recognition and basic sound of musical instruments. Genre, melody, voice, instruments are easily reproduced by even the lowliest of boom-boxes and telephones, SO only TIN EARS talk about them. Golden ears talk about MUSICALITY, at higher level of music appreciation, higher than simple genre, melody, voice and instruments. You will be trapped forever in the audio garbage pit dug for you by crooks if you don’t learn how to REASON and how to listen. We will continue to define you by terms that make you hating and sabotaging us, because we have no choice but to tell the truth until you WAKE UP. Audiophiles please DON’T tell us that what WE CALL garbage music IS your GOOD “subjective” music, your “trust-your-ears” music, your “in-the-ears-of-the-beholder” music, your “30-yr-experience-in-music” music, your “etc” music. As you can see CROOKS love to use “weasel” words to trick you. What ever word they use, it always means the same as “subjectivity” and there are TWO KINDS of subjectivity, namely: DBT-subjectivity and DBT-FREE subjectivity. No matter how you test or audition it, sighted or blind, garbage music is garbage, period. You cannot elevate garbage to good by the shear power of lies and hypes. Crooks DO that to sell garbage to you BUT you should know better. We at DakiOm don’t brainwash people, we educate people by giving them instructions to evaluate, NOT out-of-thin-air opinions (AKA lies). See our “DakiOm comparative listening test”, the only way to trash propaganda and bring out your inherent, genetic musicality, particularly when used in conjunction with DBT. And our “Musicality test” can be used to certify golden ears. Dear audiophiles, you should ask yourself WHY crooks can brainwash you SO EASILY into worshiping garbage music. The answer is really very simple: it is because you believe in sighted auditioning. In sighted auditioning, your brain made up everything you heard. You heard delusional things suggested by crooks. We at DakiOm use Double Blind Testing (DBT) methodology for our R & D, a method that eliminates ALL suggestions, leaving ONLY sound waves for you to evaluate. If you have tin ears, you will hear less of nuances in the sound waves. If you have golden ears, you will hear more of nuances. Remember that musical nuances cannot yet be “measured” or “sorted out” from recorded complex musical sound waves. Only your brain can sort out musical nuances in complex sound waves. This SORTING-OUT of nuances by your brain is called personal MUSICALITY and it is REAL only when the nuances COME from real sound waves. Nuances coming from suggestions are called delusional stupid audiophile hearing things, such as sound stage, warm, chocolaty, transparent, neutral, etc. Why is Double Blind Testing (DBT) important? Because there are TWO kinds of subjectivity, namely: DBT-subjectivity and DBT-FREE subjectivity (subjectivity is also called personal perception or individual experience): 1. DBT-FREE is used for brainwashing and for the marketing of MAGIC garbage. Using DBT-FREE-subjectivity audiophile and crook’s have SOLD GARBAGE music, snake oil and FAKE golden ears to STUPID people. People are robbed buying snake oil and garbage music reproduced by fancy wires, spikes, ac conditioners, megabuck garbage, LP, MP3, etc. the list is really, really long. 2. DBT brings out your inherent, genetic musicality. Comparative DBT has led to REAL musicality, confirmed by personal DBT-subjectivity, and the certification of GOLDEN EARS. Real musicality, (“music education” kind of musicality), can only be obtained by using vibration damping of components, feedback stabilization and low open loop gain amplification. Therefore the merit of DBT and DBT-FREE must be judged by the resulting quality of the reproduced music. NOW, take your pick. - At DakiOm, we pick DBT and vibration damping and feedback stabilization etc. - Audiophiles and crooks pick DBT-FREE and silver, and fancy wires, spikes, ac conditioners, megabuck garbage etc. - Look, fancy wires and spikes etc. reproduce GARBAGE and you still pick DBT-FREE? Or are you saying that OUR garbage music is YOUR “subjective music”? Of course we cannot test our products against ALL audio products on the market. BUT by the power of the scientific method, we can say with absolute certainty that our products will beat them all because ALL of our competitors talked garbage techno-babbling and measured garbage audio variables. Without comparative DBT, well, it is garbage in garbage out. They have nothing but scientifically proven lies and garbage talks. THEY sell GARBAGE music in FANCY packaging. We sell the BEST music, period. Of course people are free to choose DBT-free-garbage or DBT-proven-best-music. BUT we are always correct in defining DBT-free as STUPIDITY and DBT-proven as INTELLIGENCE. We just REFUSE to cheat people, even if they are STUPID while Crooks and audiophiles are, well, crooks. Of course there is a market for megabuck garbage where CROOKS buy garbage from CROOKS to BAIT stupid people and to claim that “subjectivity is in the ears of the beholder” and “to have fun (enriching crooks)”, which is bogus in the absence of comparative DBT. Of course crooks hate DBT-subjectivity and DBT-truth (truth is the same as reality or knowledge or wisdom or facts or evidences, etc. don’t let crooks play with stupid words to manipulate your stupid brain. You must add DBT to these words in order to escape brainwashing by crooks). We are the only one telling the TRUTH about audio. For years, crooks and audiophiles SABOTAGED us because we TRASHED their fancy wires, spikes, sound stage, etc. (see our list at the end of this message), For years, crooks and audiophiles DENIED our audio truths about vibration damping of speakers, of components and of wiring, our feedback stabilizers and our DIYs and also about our telling the truth about low (optimum) open-loop gain for amps and op-amps (and high (optimum) % THD). Below are the true natures of audiophiles: 1. After decades of knowing about Double Blind Testing (DBT), audiophiles still refuse to wake up to reality. Therefore IGNORANCE must be ruled out. The only explanation is the STUPIDITY of audiophiles. Being incapable of REASONING, they practice voodoo and garbage talking. LOOK, stupid audiophiles, IF you need OPINIONS to make an audio choice, THEN you are STUPID, being coned into brainwashed subjectivity. You are INTELLIGENT only when you make your own choice, using DBT, and without any opinion. Now, that’s true SUBJECTIVITY. Remember that ‘opinions’ have led you to hearing things and being proud of your fake golden ears, BUYING into fancy wires, putting spikes under components, and worshipping megabuck garbage. DON’T you see how stupid you were? 2. After decades of knowing about the real improvements by cable lifters, stands, weights on top of CD players, and other vibration effects on musicality, audiophiles still worship garbage such as fancy wires, spikes and ac conditioners. Therefore IGNORANCE must be ruled out. The only explanation is the TIN EAR nature of audiophiles. Being incapable of defining MUSICALITY (they ignored what music education had to say on musicality), they worship brainwashed delusional non-existent euphonic (sound stage, warm, chocolaty, extended, resolution...). 3. Audiophiles say that they are after good audio BUT in fact they have TIN EARS incapable of hearing musicality. What a bunch of LIARS. They can only hear wires and spikes. And they substitute mega-ego for musicality. They elevate GARBAGE music to musical ART by shear power of lies and hypes. Audiophiles and CROOKS claim that placebos are better than sound waves, subjectively, unconsciously, subconsciously and un-verifiably (that means: brainwashed delusional euphonic TRUMPS accuracy). Sound waves alone (or accuracy) are not musical enough for audiophiles. They need more, such as ‘picture in-their-freezers’, ‘silver in-their-wires’ and ‘snobbish in-their-hearts’. What a bunch of liars, garbage talkers, delusional tin-ears, psychologically unstable jerks and deniers of truth. Everything they ever uttered, since the beginning of time, are lies, irrelevant distractive babbling and non-sense. They never search for accuracy in sound reproduction; instead they market garbage and kool-aid. Look, audio reproduction is NOT art. Audio program material IS ART that needs ACCURATE reproduction. AUDIOPHILES and crooks promote GARBAGE audio (such as wires, spikes and megabuck rubbish); they sabotage GOOD audio (such as vibration damping and feedback stabilization). They babble and babble around and around BUT in the end they canNOT answer our charge that they are crooks and delusional stupid audiophiles PROMOTING garbage audio and SABOTAGING good audio. If you want to clean up garbage, SIMPLY learn how to verify things, using Double Blind Testing (DBT). That is it, very simple but very EFFECTIVE. Under DBT, unconsciousness, sub-consciousness, placebos effects, kool-aid effects, crooks deceptions and tricks, audiophile insanity and stupidity, etc...ALL WILL disappear, ONLY sound waves (OR ACCURACY) remain. DEMAND DBT-guaranteed improvements. You DON’T need techno-babbling. You DON’T need measurements. ALL you NEED are DBT guarantees. Those who advocate “objective” measurements as replacement for DBT are also CROOKS, the other face of crooks muddying the subject of DBT in order to confuse stupid people. We REPEAT: you don’t need measurements; because: measurements of what? Measurement of garbage variables IS EXACTLY the same as techno-babbling. Measurement must be DBT correlated to be valid. Therefore, ALL YOU NEED are DBT-GUARANTEES. Under TRUTH in advertising laws, crooks cannot lie to you. We will challenge the crooks if they dare guarantee DBT improvements for placebos. We will DBT a dirt cheap alternative to their megabuck garbage for producing the same garbage music. The crooks will be exposed because they will prefer our cheapo to their placebo. Also, BE HONEST with yourself. In the long run, delusions and fakes will make you more miserable. Delusions and fakes will create mistrust, conflicts, hatred and anxiety. Please, wake-up and change and start ANEW. Take lots of time and effort to find out if you have golden ears, the DBT way. If you don’t have golden ears, get OUT of hi-fi; buy $200 receivers and $200/pair speakers. If you do have golden ears, then explore tweaks and stuff, the DBT way. In the long run, when you have a good idea what is your musicality, then sighted testing will be OK, but you have to start with DBT because only DBT can bring out your true inherent, genetic musicality. Then you will agree with us that wires and spikes are garbage and megabuck stuff are for crooks baiting stupid people. We suggest learning our “DakiOm comparative listening test” to be used in DBT or sighted test. By the way, our GLOSSARY of AUDIO terms is quite simple: Enjoyable, Boring, Fatiguing, Irritating, and that’s it. We TRASH terms like: sound stage, dimensionality, warm, chocolaty, neutral, transparent, bloom, coherence... These are meaningless but delusional, to be used by audiophile crooks brainwashing stupid people. ENJOYABLE means “you like it and can listen to it longer”. Music education has already explained why you like it, in terms of harmony, timbre, rhythm and melody. Delusional expressions in audiophile glossary of terms are deceiving, trying to divert the attention of stupid people away from the FAILURE of the reproduction of harmony, timbre and rhythm into delusional states of mind. Musical GENRE and MELODY can always be accurately reproduced by even the cheapest of audio equipment and program materials. Therefore HI-FI only means harmony, timbre and rhythm. IN FACT, you must know that the most UN-musical sounds are OUT-of-TUNE sibilance, rumbling, noises, missing decays, excessive decays and the lack of IN-TUNE timbre. These create confusing relationship (anti-harmony) between high, mid and bass. As you can see, GOOD music has nothing to do with sound stage (except for artistic home theater effects), or warm, chocolaty, bloom, etc. (these are related to in-tune timbre). Please, remember the following: 1. Stupidity BREEDS mediocrity, waste and evil 2. EVERY techno-improvement MUST pass DBT. If it fails DBT it becomes STUPID techno-babbling, including circuits, parts, materials, constructions, measurements, graphs, software and theories. 3. Using TIN EARS to test for musicality is STUPID and golden ears MUST be certified. Presently, the audio establishment and CROOKS frame discussion on audio subjects in the same way as discussion on religions and cults. They USE religious thinking to SELL garbage. So, RELIGIOUS mentality tolerates and is in agreement with marketing lies and hypes. It is always “I heard it and YOU didn’t” or “I am right and YOU are wrong”. But there is no way crazy talks can settle the score, so the conflicts go on. This is STUPID and stupid wars never end. Obviously, NO right, NO wrong, NO truth, only subjectivity (or conscience, consciousness, unconsciousness, sub-consciousness), suits their brainwashing scheme perfectly. (Consciousness or Sub-consciousness or Unconsciousness is just another word for Subjectivity). CROOKS love to play with fancy weasel words to cheat and brainwash stupid people. In fact unconsciousness is identical to subconscious brainwashed reality. Subjectivity, reality, truth, experience, conscience, consciousness, perception, feeling, etc. are all weasel words. Crooks ABUSED these words into becoming meaningless. Presently, these words need clarification by adjectives such as scientific, religious, verifiable, non-verifiable, DBT-, out-of-thin-air-, DBT-free-, brainwashed, indoctrinated, conditioned, etc. For example, scientific consciousness and religious consciousness are all indoctrinated (or learned; children are born ignorant and superstitious, should we educate them to be scientific or religious?). Being scientific means verifying things in accordance to improved observations of nature or to improved formulation of human ‘golden rules’. WHILE being religious means following blindly a set of mumbo jumbo or a set of rules created by a few with a self-serving agenda (in fact most religious teaching are kool-aid mixed with secondary consequences of golden rules as baiting truth, SO, why not define human spirituality as the pursuit of truth based on golden rules, similarly to mathematical truth based on axioms and get rid of kool-aid). STUPIDITY is blind trust and rules by men; dominated by garbage talks, kool-aid, marketing, brainwashing, propaganda and lemming behaviors. INTELLIGENCE is blind test and rules by reasoning; dominated by learning, observing, evaluating instructions, verifying things, individual freedom and personal self confidence. Audiophiles, “trusted” reviewers, audio “experts”, buddies (with a ridiculous and fake identity) ARE all out to lie, to bait, to cheat and to rob people. They never TEACH people anything, they rather brainwash people into STUPIDITY. They lie, talking about HEARING THINGS and stupid people believe them. Brainwashed people become frauds and liars without realizing it. Here is how to get out of the cesspool: 1. Learn how to conduct a true, scientific DBT. 2. Do this DBT again and again until you are very sure of the perceived differences. 3. Compare these DBT differences with your previous delusional differences. If you don’t have any DBT differences, get out of the audio hobby, don’t be stupid as to get stuck with your delusional differences. The audio establishment is full of crooks and the audio world is a garbage pit BECAUSE: 1. CROOKS avoid DBT. If you don’t SEE the words Double Blind Testing (DBT) in a text about audio, you should RUN AWAY, because said text is 100% garbage talk. Any excuse to avoid DBT is garbage talk. 2. Ordinary people have tin ears. They are incapable of perceiving small improvements. But they should be able to hear nirvana; they just don’t know what nirvana sounds like yet. They COUNT on the audio establishment for accumulating improvements leading to nirvana. BUT the corrupted audio establishment refuses to use CERTIFIED golden ears for rating audio reproduction. The crooks use tin-ears for testing their garbage. Of course testing GARBAGE using TIN EARS will perpetuate CRAPPY music and equipment. We don’t need, we don’t want publication and peer reviews in audio societies. Our customers should be doing the DBT verification and the reviews. In any case, we SEE audio institutions, industry, societies and audiophiles as corrupted, anti scientific, and pushing garbage music, so, their publications are for sure GARBAGE. In fact they never establish DBT as the requirement for advertising audio products and they talk about “subjectivity, delusional that is” and they babble about measurement of garbage variables. They cheat stupid people, selling them fancy wires. Of course STUPID people are THOSE buying fancy wires, but IT IS the audio establishment that makes it easy for CROOKS to sell fancy wires to stupid people. Remember that a simple RULE requiring comparative DBT with ordinary things and wires WOULD for sure STOP crooks from selling fancy wires (and other garbage). But, instead, the audio establishment tolerates DBT-free mumbo jumbo. Shame IS on the audio establishment for colluding with CROOKS in cheating stupid people. Dear lying EXPERTS, you guys talked garbage for too long now. Please be HONEST and STOP cheating stupid people. Even they are stupid, they deserve honesty. Look stupid people, DBT knowledge is YOUR power. DBT-FREE knowledge is CROOKS’ power. In audio DBT rules: NO DBT, NO knowledge, only lies and speculation. WITHOUT DBT, “Trust your ears”, “Listen to your ears”, “Use your ears” are sound bites and garbage talks from lying experts, audiophiles and CROOKS. STUPID people are the ones using FANCY wires and spikes, believing in DBT-free, BELIEVING that placebos worth the money, THAT biases are as good as reality, THAT snake oil and brainwashing are heaven because they make them happy. WELL, the real question is “Why spend money on delusions while ‘a picture in a freezer’ costs nothing and works as well?” May be they need MASS STUPIDITY provided by CROOKS in order to be happy, WHAT a sorry and a stupid audio CULTURE. We DEMAND that our customers be INTELLIGENT, learners and truly music lovers. Audiophiles and STUPID people need not try our products. Audiophiles always pretend to try our products, but their real intention is to sabotage us; they hate us for telling the scientific truth. Example of intelligent talk: “Did you hear the DBT difference between CD and hi-res? Which one do you like?” Example of stupid garbage talk: “Don’t you know that 16 bits are more than enough? 24 bits are mathematically redundant. Here, look at these charts” Another example of stupid garbage talk: “My power cord took me to nirvana, it sounded so good. The sound stage was huge; the mid-range was warm, much better than eating chocolate” YES, there is the BEST of tweaks, the DakiOm FB stabilizers; guaranteed under double blind testing (DBT) WHILE fancy cables always make music CRAPPIER. Wires are supposed to measure ZERO’s on a LCR meter. It is absolutely STUPID to suggest that wires should be used for compensating oscillating amplifiers. Look, an oscillating amp is defective, dangerous and garbage to be TRASHED. Only AUDIOPHILES (audiophiles are CROOKS) can talk such garbage to sell fancy wires to tin ears and stupid people. YES, there is the BEST of speakers, the DakiOm Mod speaker Pair; guaranteed under double blind testing (DBT) and casual auditioning. MEGABUCK garbage speakers always BLAME something else for their CRAPPY sound, such as “the set-up”, “the room”, “the amps”, “the stand”, even “the stupid wires” and “the stupid synergy”. Well they are crappy no matter how or what. Particularly BASS, no expensive speaker has MUSICAL BASS comparable to OUR speakers. And forget about “hi-end” powered-subs, they all really SUCK, no exception! Dear audiophiles please don’t be cowards, don’t hide behind stupid phony names, QUIT: lying, changing the subject, insulting, garbage talking, babbling about irrelevant and made-up stories and bad-mouthing DakiOm. Here is the opportunity to tar and feather us: just find any speaker pair that is more musical than ours. OR find any fancy wire that is more musical than our stabilizer + lamp cords. Fair enough? At DakiOm we talk about MUSICALITY and artistic home-theater effects or REAL sound stage WHILE tin-eared audiophiles compare AUDIO to steak knives, cars, and watches, and they worship FAKE sound stage created by electronic garbage at the expense of musicality. - The most obnoxious garbage are FANCY hi-end audiophile cables, cords, interconnects. They all make music crappier; they can NEVER be better than simple very thin, very flexible cables having on site optimized LCR (smallest) sizing. Thicker cables always sound crappier. Liars and scammers are pulling your legs when they recommend thicker than #16 gauge for 10ft of speaker wires. Look, this kind of lies and propaganda permeate the audiophile world. It’s EVIL; it’s disgusting it must be stopped. Please STUPID people TRASH all technical discussion, trash all measurements, trash all graphs and trash all specifications, NO exceptions, because these are unscientific mumbo jumbo. Demand DBT comparative listening with a competitive product or with a standard because this comparative DBT is the ONLY scientific justification for the value of audio products. - Equally obscene are “electronic garbage” from broomstick cables, spikes, cones, points, powered subs and power conditioners touted as THE audiophile hi-end sound. - Music reproduction can advance only when the above OBSCENITIES are trashed. Dear CON artists, liars, scammers and audiophiles, you can hate us all you want, we will continue to FIGHT for the sake of musicality. You are evil and obstruction to good reproduced music. Why not SHUT us UP by winning the argument and winning the testing (DBT of course) instead of intimidation, sabotage, and gagging, boycotting, insulting, smearing, lying and made-up stories? ONLY DBT-comparative-testing can resolve the question “Is it real or magic?” Liars and scammers don’t want to resolve said question. They are always afraid of DBT. There is no magic in science because DBT will give a definite answer as to what physical variable X correlated to what audio characteristic Y (for example vibration X makes crappy music Y). Even if there is no “explanation” for said correlation, said correlation IS definitely a scientifically established law. For example gravity cannot be “explained”, it is a set of scientific laws, the laws of gravity. (Well, Newton and Einstein had some theories to “explain” or “formulate” gravity, using force, mass, acceleration, attraction, curvature, space and time in order to “combine” and to “predict” Galileo’s, Kepler’s and billions of other laws of motions in the universe into one set of gravitational laws). So, explanation is correlation to known laws (or prediction of future laws/observations) using mathematical truth and verified by DBT human observations. All scientific laws must be verified by human senses using DBT methodology. Theories involving mystical variables beyond human senses are garbage UNLESS they lead to DBT-observable phenomena using human senses. When prediction fails DBT, additional variables can be tried to “preserve and broaden” said theories or laws (such as dark matter trying to preserve the laws of gravitation). So, science is DBT observation or verification. Mathematic is the reasoning tool for science. VIBRATION effect on musicality IS another example of a scientific LAW, even unexplained this law was scientifically DBT-established and is a law in audio on the par to other laws of electricity. Notice that this law about vibration effects can only be observed by golden ears, TIN EARS need not try, similarly to comparing widths of hairs using a ruler. (Well we have a theory to explain this law. See our DIY web page). Many successful tweaking can be “explained” by or correlated to vibration damping. Here is VERIFIABLE truth: - YOUR reality (or truth or belief or knowledge) is how you verify IT. - DBT-FREE (testing, auditioning) is stupidity or STUPID verification - DBT-proven (comparative testing) is intelligence or SMART verification - It is STUPID to claim the freedom, the right the privilege to be STUPID. - It is SMART to learn and to DEMAND education on how to verify things in order to fight for freedom and to weed out LIARS and scammers. Note that it is extremely difficult to luck into a “tweaking” that produces large improvement, large enough such that DBT is irrelevant. In reality, huge improvement can only be accumulated from tiny improvements, because there are many variables affecting sound quality. Tweaking must be done on all of them and each one of them gives only a tiny improvement. For example the huge number of dowels used in our modified Sony speaker pair, each dowel requires optimum sizes and precision adjustments. Without DBT, tiny improvements can never be confirmed, leading to tail chasing. So, in reality, product research based on DBT-FREE produces snake oil or hyped garbage. Subjectivity based on DBT-FREE is lying or at best is delusional. SUBJECTIVITY must be DBT-proven. DakiOm stabilizers are DBT-proven to improve Amplifiers, Receivers, Players, and other Audio Sources. Our stabilizers are for critical people, not for ordinary people. But our modified SPEAKERS are for all music lovers, guaranteed to beat any audiophile “hi-end” speaker pair (under both DBT and sighted testing). If more volume is needed (such as in large rooms), staging two or four of our speakers per side (in parallel/series combo, for 240 and 480 wpc max respectively) will beat any “hi-end” floor standing pair. In fact multiple drivers are always better than a single powerful driver. And multiple enclosure partitions are always better than a single big cabinet. We recommend a 4-ch amp or 5.1 receiver (<$700) plus our QA263/HA263 and QR/HR263 for players/sources. This is the best buy, given present commercially available options. This kind of amp/receiver is low cost and easy to use for stereo (bi-amp., we recommend bi-amp with line level cross-over) or multi-channel. Receivers are convenient as a switch box and pre-amp with remote control. Sound quality with our stabilizers will beat most hi-end components. Believe it, hi-end components are highly hyped and most are really garbage, particularly the one that weights tons and seats on spikes. DakiOm’s modified Sony SS-B3000 is DBT-guaranteed to be the most musical speaker pair as compared to ANY speaker pair, even to ordinary people (under both DBT and casual sighted testing). Our modified Sony speakers have accumulated enough tiny improvements to beat any speaker from $30 to $300,000, under sighted testing and/or under DBT. Our modified speakers are MOST DIFFICULT to manufacture. Our modified Sony SS-B3000 is WAY more sophisticated than the best looking megabuck (and definitely crappier) audiophile speakers. Fancy drivers are just that, fancy and crappy because they are designed by marketers, NOT by golden eared scientists using DBT methodology. Fancy cabinet is just that, fancy and crappy because it is designed by furniture makers, NOT by golden-eared scientists using DBT methodology and new damping technology. IF YOU WANT BASS, real bass, then our Modified Sony SS-B3000 is a must buy. The trick to real bass is vibration control of “optimally flexible and ported” cabinet and of the frame of woofers. But you must start with a woofer with plenty of bass first. This is the reason we choose Sony SS-B3000 and NOT some other more expensive but bass muted woofers. All other rigidly braced cabinets (and woofers with un-damped baskets) have lousy bass. Powered-sub is marketing lies and hypes. It is STUPID for audiophiles to criticize us for choosing a cheapo speaker pair. Our choice is purely technical. The musical value of our modification dictated the choice, not marketing gimmicks. If our choice reveals the CRAPPYNESS of hi-end speakers, then so be it. (May be this is the reason why audiophiles hate us so much). (Sorry, audiophiles, you are wrong and stupid. Cheapo Sony SS-B3000 beats the hell out of your stupid hi-end megabuck stuff, in terms of having less stupid technical mistakes. Technical deficiencies in Sony speakers can be corrected by ADDING things, but the stupidities in audiophile speakers cannot be corrected without TEARING them apart first.) The FACT is that the RAW Sony SS-B3000 pair is only a tad more fatiguing than speakers costing ten times or more. But it has definitely more BASS and is, as state-of-the-art as any other speaker pair. For sure, it doesn’t have LIES such as carbon, beryllium, quantum, coherence. In fact it is better than some megabuck speaker pair. The reason we chose Sony SS-B3000 was that it would be ridiculous to re-invent the wheel and that for small production; it was more logical to modify existing speakers than producing essentially the same thing from scratch. Note that our modification is extensive in labor time as well as in tuning craftsmanship. We assure you that it will take 100 hours or much more for DIY people to copy (illegally) our modification and to duplicate the musicality of our speaker pair. In any case, to duplicate the musicality of our speakers, one must pass our “musicality test” first (see our web site). Our modified Sony speakers are guarantied to beat any speaker from $30 to $300,000, under sighted testing and/or under DBT. DakiOm modified Sony speaker pair is really a BLOW to the pride of audiophools who own megabuck garbage. Up to now, because of the crappiness of all existing speakers, such garbage can be touted by propaganda and brainwashing to be better than these so-so speakers. But since our speaker pair is way better musically than any other speakers, propaganda and brainwashing can no longer cover-up the crappiness of megabuck garbage. TRY OUR PRODUCTS TODAY. Unlike other shady outfits, we DO guarantee DBT-proven performance for our stabilizers as compared to a fake black box and for our modified speakers as compared to ANY speaker, behind a curtain and also in sighted testing. Here is the list of audio stupidities: Audiophiles are good at lies and insults but they can never answer the following: All they put against us are lies, mumbo jumbo stupid arguments, out-of thin-air assertions, and made-up stories. 1. FANCY cables, stiff cables. Hearing wires is one of the top stupid things audiophiles do. “Audio cable TECHNOLOGY” is crazy talk for the brainwashing of the STUPID. Look, LCR of wires (or any other stupid variables mentioned by the LIARS) can vary tremendously without detectable audibility. It is the DBT audibility that counts, not wire measurement or “technology”. The only DBT audible variable for wires is mechanical vibration. 2. SPIKES, cones, points. It is crazy to accept crappy music from spikes, cones, points as golden ear music. This is the most obvious proof that audiophiles have tin ears or are stupid. Related garbage are vibration contaminated active speakers, powered subs. 3. Silver, unobtainium, carbon, quantum, skin-effects, Maxwell equations, black body 4. Megabuck caps, resistors, parts. 5. Power conditioners. (These always make music crappier, never better) 6. Megabuck CD players. (Some of these are out-right frauds) 7. Mega-lb speakers, fancy heavy drivers. These are absolutely crappy. 8. Mega-lb amplifiers, huge power supplies. These are absolutely crappy. 9. MP3, LP. (These are stupid as compared to stabilized hi-res.) 10 Tubes (Toobs are stupid as compared to well compensated, low Open Loop Gain solid state) 11. Listening position and speaker placement are MUCH more important than room treatment. Remember that there is a good chance that room treatment makes things worse. 12. More..... For more info www dakiom.com or internet search dakiom http://www.dakiom.com/
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