DakiOm Modified SonySS-B3000 The Best Pair of SPK(FOR pictures, installation diagrams, other info, please click the LINK to MORE info at the end of this message, or web search dakiom, or www.dakiom.com). YES, there is the BEST of speakers, the...1495.00

DakiOm Modified Sony SS-B3000 The Best Pair of SPK DBT-guaranteed, Period. [Expired]

no longer for sale

(FOR pictures, installation diagrams, other info, please click the LINK to MORE info at the end of this message, or web search dakiom, or www.dakiom.com). YES, there is the BEST of speakers, the DakiOm Mod speaker Pair; guaranteed under double blind testing (DBT) and casual auditioning. We challenge any music professional to come out publicly, under real identity, to find a better speaker pair. Remember that SILENCE means cowardice or collusion. MEGABUCK garbage speakers always BLAME something else for their CRAPPY sound, such as “the set-up”, “the room”, “the amps”, “the stand”, even “the stupid wires” and “the stupid synergy”. Well they are crappy no matter how or what. On the other hand, DakiOm Mod Speakers sound MUSICAL no matter how or what, PERIOD. Dear audiophiles please don’t be cowards, don’t hide behind stupid phony names, QUIT: lying, changing the subject, insulting, garbage talking, babbling about irrelevant and made-up stories and bad-mouthing DakiOm. Here is the opportunity to tar and feather us: just find any speaker pair that is more musical than ours. Fair enough? DakiOm FIGHT for better music reproduction WHILE audiophiles LIE, deceive, mumbo jumbo, talk non-sense and rob stupid people, selling megabuck GARBAGE as music. Let it be clear HERE, our products are for music lovers and connoisseurs of music ONLY, not for tin-eared audiophiles, crooks and stupid people having brainwashed subjectivity. It is STUPID to suggest otherwise. Of course, stupid people CAN choose garbage AS music BUT remember that it is STUPID to be proud of your STUPIDITY. Dear STUPID people, you should know that you are EVIL because your stupid beliefs and actions SUPPORT liars, scammers, crooks and audiophiles LEADING to garbage music, confusion, contradiction, conflicts, misery, and hell. Dear STUPID people, since you are incapable of thinking, HERE, let us spell out for you what an audiophile CROOK is: - The one avoiding DBT, babbling about “subjective opinions” without first proving the existence of AUDIBLE choices (using DBT) and babbling about “measurements” without correlation to DBT audible differences. Look, STUPID audiophiles DBT is the only requirement for truth, to hell with “opinions” and “measurements”. - The one bad mouthing VIBRATION damping such as cable risers, isolation pads etc. - The one “proudly” displaying their garbage on SPIKES to assure stupid people of the quality of their garbage musical taste - The one making excuses for spending money on GARBAGE, arguing about the freedom, the right, the privilege to be STUPID and to be brainwashed - The one being “polite” and “respectful” to stupid people. Well, CROOKS love stupid people while HONEST people abhor stupidity. - The one TECHNO-babbling such as cable technology, quantum, black body, sliver, skin effects, pure electricity, analog, jitters, noise floor, resolution, out-of-thin-air-quality-finest-best, DBT-free subjectivity, water falls (all you need here is +/- 6Db frequency range), % distortion, etc... - The one using glossary terms (NOTICE that we also have a glossary. Here it is: Fatiguing, Boring, Irritating, and that is it.) - The one giving testimonials, opinions without DBT - The one talking about the (impossible) task of selecting un-corruptible people (reviewers, editors, leaders), WHILE avoiding talking about impersonal VERIFICATION procedures that prevent corruption in the first place. - The one lying, baiting, scamming under PHONY identity - The one asking “how are components priced?” WHILE avoiding the question “how is sound quality evaluated?” - The one asking opinion on components WHILE avoiding DBT comparison between components - The one comparing audio components to furniture, cars, watches, steak knives, girls Dear STUPID people, you must learn for your self that ALL, no exception, FANCY wires, MEGA-buck anything, MEGA-pound anything, SPIKES, cones, points, TECHNO-babbling, PWR conditioners, BURN-in, popular HYPES, etc. ARE garbage, crappy stuff, and junk FORCED down your throat by psychological warfare waged on you by LIARS, scammers, audiophiles and CROOKS! If you don’t learn then you are stupid. We will continue to CALL you stupid until you CHANGE, partly because we sympathize with you BUT mainly because we want you to appreciate real, natural human music, NOT garbage music. We define natural human music as the difference detected by our “musicality test”, NOT deceptive, fuzzy, vague, meaningless GLOSSARY terms use by audiophile crooks to “grade or REVIEW” audio components. Audiophiles are CROOKS robbing the stupid. CROOKS always deceive, con and scam. They never talk about the real thing. They always divert the attention of people into nonsense, vague, irrelevant, emotionally deluded and confusing. They CON people into talking about how to clean up corrupted reviewers and magazines WHILE running away from discussing how to set up PROCEDURES that prevent CORRUPTION in the first place. They talk about nonsense such as TRUST, gurus, leaders, priests, reputation, prestige, 30-yrs of experience (in con-ship of course) WHILE running away from STANDARDIZED verification methodology. They want scammers and liars to be LEADERS, gurus, priests; OF COURSE they DON’T want you to VERIFY things for your self. Remember that brainwashing is the same as bullying, BOTH are robbery. Please wake up stupid people. Take your live back, learn how to VERIFY things, TRASH all, no exception, trusted reviewers, great magazines, great leaders, honorable personality, these are all crooks. An honorable person should be the one showing you how to verify things even he/she is a “bad” person. An honorable person should NOT be a crazy talker even he/she is a “good” person. The cult of personality is really a scam to CON people into nonsense. TRASH all personalities; RESPECT only common sense or obvious or self evident methodology, instructions and axioms or golden rules. And remember that INTELLIGENCE is how to choose which common sense is MORE common sense. STUPIDITY is to believe in nonsense or lesser common sense. Science is based on methodology, instructions and improved axioms. Human happiness can be improved only by methodology, instructions, and improved golden rules. Mumbo jumbo, stupid TOP-DOWN dogmas have led and will lead humanity to confusion, contradiction, conflict and straight to perpetual hell. The audio industry and marketers of all kinds ARE in the same CON game with audiophiles. All of them are afraid of scientific VERIFICATION. They avoid at all cost to STANDARDIZE scientific comparative listening. They talk about bribery to reviewers, bribery advertising to magazines but they refuse to talk about DBT. Look, with DBT who CARES about briberies because DBT will surely prevent corruption. NO one can lie under DBT, with or without bribery. DBT and peer reviews STOP corruption, bribery become IRRELEVANT. CROOKS JUST talk and talk nonsense, never verify what they talk are about. And the STUPID just believe and believe nonsense, never verify what they believe are about. This is really stupid and insane. CROOKS are in audio NOT to enjoy music BUT to take advantage of the gullible and the stupid. They DON’T care what music is, they just mumbo jumbo using the best psychological tricks to CON the STUPID into their GARBAGE pit. Once lured into their garbage PIT, the emotionally UNSTABLE stupid don’t have the INTELLIGENCE to get out. Look, STUPID people, to regain your freedom from brainwashing, ALL you have to do IS to DEMAND standardized scientific comparative listening. That IS IT, so simple YET very effective to get rid of CROOKS. In audio there is only ONE question. Don’t let CON artists divert your attention from this only audio subject. This subject or issue TRUPMS all others and it must be addressed first before discussing anything else. The ONLY audio issue is: - “Is it real or is it brainwashed?” OR - “What is real natural human musicality and what is delusional subjectivity?” OR - “What is stupidity and what is intelligence?” All 3 above questions are equivalent. The answer to any of them will advance music reproduction. Any mumbo jumbo avoiding this main issue is diversion, non-sense, garbage talks and propaganda from audiophiles, liars, con artists and crooks. At DakiOm we talk about MUSICALITY and artistic home-theater effects or REAL sound stage WHILE tin-eared audiophiles compare AUDIO to steak knives, cars, and watches, and they worship FAKE sound stage created by electronic garbage at the expense of musicality. Please STUPID people wake up, DON’T let liars scammers and audiophiles TRICK you into garbage music sold as goodies. Don’t let them DUMB down musical art. Please STUPID people, TRASH delusional subjectivity, garbage music, MP3, LP, spikes, power conditioners, beefy wires, techno-babbling, mega-pound speakers, mega-pound amplifiers, mega-pound anything and megabuck anything. Demand scientific COMPARATIVE methodology for the evaluation of audio products. Audiophiles are supposed to lead the audio world into NIRVANA, instead they TRICKED people into HELL. Audiophiles are crooks selling DELUSIONS as goodies. And MASS STUPIDITY is mindlessly following buddies and other baiting agents into cheap imaginary happiness sold at high prices (such as fancy wires and spikes; both make music much CRAPPIER as compared to very flexible wires and vibration dampers BUT somehow worshiped by stupid people, just by the power of mass stupidity). Also, as snake oil is concerned, why buy megabuck snake oil such as silver, black body, quantum carbon, phase coherent, and “cable technology” while you can cheat yourself for free by using the “pictures in freezer” thing. Look, lamp-cords-plus-picture-in-freezer is just as advanced technology as any cable technology. Now, that is the power of knowledge. CROOKS told people to trust their mumbo-jumbo-DBT-free reviewers and bobbing talking heads instead of teaching people HOW TO use double-blind-testing (DBT) to verify their marketing lies and hypes. They brainwashed people into believing MUMBO JUMBO instead of establishing standardized VERIFICATION methodology. They waged psychological WARFARE on people instead of teaching people how to CHECK reality. They sell GARBAGE brainwashed “subjectivity” instead of real natural human musicality. The lack of a standardized COMPARATIVE methodology is sure indicator of a crooked corrupted and CON AUDIO industry tolerated by MASS STUPIDITY. A corrupted MAGAZINE or REVIEWER is the one using DBT-free. A truly trusted reviewer is the one using comparative DBT and being well paid (including buying reviewed equipment at no-cost). A CROOK is the one suggesting that mags or reviewers are corrupted by favors or by ads, diverting attention from the real cause of corruption and that is DBT-free audition. A crook is the one AVOIDING the words DBT. Look, with comparative DBT NO magazine, NO advertisement, NO reviewer can cheat therefore who cares HOW they get paid or bribed. If they dare to cheat, the competition will jump on them with DBT proofs (such as peer reviews). Look, reviewers, magazines MUST be certified for having golden ears and must use comparative DBT and that IS IT; there is NO need to talk about bribery. Bribery and corruption occur only when mumbo jumbo is tolerated allowing crooks TO LIE without punishment. Accuracy of words, precision of instructions for verification will weed out LIES, corruption and crooks. Therefore DBT methodology is critical in achieving musicality and other happiness. All audiophile RULES are stupid, mumbo jumbo, lies, deceptions and traps for the gullible. Show us a single audiophile rule that stands verification. Audiophiles remain a bunch of crooks and with the AUDIO industry they will be doomed if they RUN away from VERIFICATION. DakiOm fight for SCIENTIFIC verification. DakiOm fight to eradicate: lying, scamming, robbery, techno-babbling, garbage talks, crazy talks, pseudo-science, irrational emotions, stupidity, brainwashing and PSYCHOlogical warfare on stupid people. At DAKIOM we have no rules. We only have comparative DBT. To us signal purity, signal losses, materials, shielding, noise reduction, % distortion, water falls etc are all stupid MUMBO JUMBO. We use scientific theories only as a design GUIDE. Our ULTIMATE scientific testing is always DBT comparative listening using certified GOLDEN EARS. And we confirm, DBT-proven, that VIBRATION kills musicality. We have no “explanation” for this, we ONLY have a theory, see our website, DIY page. Please STUPID people, DEMAND verifications; DEMAND accurate and non-ambiguous definitions of WORDS; DEMAND scientific definition of musicality; DON’T buy imaginary sound; DON’T buy electronic garbage touted as music; DON’T fall for audiophile propaganda and scams about QUALITY of expensive garbage. Look stupid people, MEGABUCK garbage indicate the ‘TIN-EAR power’ and stupidity of the owner, NOT the ‘prestige power’ of the owner; so don’t be stupid, stupid people. DON’T fall for mumbo jumbo about subjectivity, ears of the beholder, trust your ears, taste, opinions etc. These are liars’ and scammers’ BAITS and traps for STUPID people. Stupid people are so delusional for not recognizing that: - Subjectivity means choices made by using ears ONLY, no eyes no hints no cheating whatsoever - Ears of the beholder means using ears ONLY, no eyes no hints no cheating whatsoever - Trust your ears means using ears ONLY, no eyes no hints no cheating whatsoever - Taste means choices made by using ears ONLY, no eyes no hints no cheating whatsoever - Opinions must be backed up by testing using ears ONLY, no eyes no hints no cheating whatsoever. Without testing, opinions are 100% LIES. Giving opinions without testing is SCAMMING and BAITING. Music reproduction has been hi-jacked by FAKE golden ears for too long. At DakiOm we try very hard to repair the damage to the meaning of “Golden Ears” Golden ears are real. Claims of golden ears must be certified from now on. We trained our ears using OUR “musicality test”, and now our golden ears are CERTIFIED. We are proud of our CERTIFIED golden ears. FAKE golden ears always mumbo jumbo, talk non-sense and refuse to take double blind testing (DBT) certification. ONLY golden ears can design audio equipment reproducing accurately MUSICALITY. TIN-eared audiophiles WHO hear wires and spikes can ONLY design equipment for SOUND STAGE, warm, chocolaty, transparent and other stupid and delusional glossary terms, USING silver, carbon, beryllium, quantum, electron speed, pure, less loss, low % distortion, skin effects, conductivity, EMI shielding, noise reduction, jitters, synergy, burn in, bi-wiring, water falls, phase coherent, time aligned, balanced, black body and other stupid techno-babbling. It is DEPRESSING that stupid people DO believe such GARBAGE. Dear stupid people please learn and demand SIMPLE verification procedures. Verification is really VERY simple. In fact stupid people can learn it easily if NOT for the fact that stupid people are also emotionally unstable, incapable of facing the PAINFUL effects of TRUTH. Stupid people are stuck in the GARBAGE PIT dug for them by liars, scammers, marketers and audiophiles. - The most obnoxious garbage are FANCY hi-end audiophile cables, cords, interconnects. They all make music crappier, they can NEVER be better than simple very thin, very flexible cables having on site optimized LCR (smallest) sizing. Thicker cables always sound crappier. Liars and scammers are pulling your legs when they recommend thicker than #16 gauge for 10ft of speaker wires. Look, this kind of lies and propaganda permeate the audiophile world. It’s EVIL, it’s disgusting it must be stopped. Please STUPID people TRASH all technical discussion, trash all measurements, trash all graphs and trash all specifications, NO exceptions, because these are unscientific mumbo jumbo. Demand DBT comparative listening with a competitive product or with a standard because this comparative DBT is the ONLY scientific justification for the value of audio products. - Equally obscene are “electronic garbage” from broomstick cables, spikes, cones, points, powered subs and power conditioners touted as THE audiophile hi-end sound. - Music reproduction can advance only when the above OBSCENITIES are trashed. We CHALLENGE music professionals to speak out, using real identities, not no name buddies. The issue is about garbage hi-end wires, crappy spikes and vibration damping in general. They are scammers if they keep silence. Silence means participation in the CON game of the audio industry. They should defend the public against the marketing of today’s CRAPPY reproduced music. The public is stupid but that is not the reason for feeding them GARBAGE. Dear music PROFESSIONAL, please don’t mumbo jumbo and dance around the subject. JUST answer the following questions: - Are golden ears myths or real? - If they are real, can they be certified? - If they are real, can they tell whether or not hi-end wires and spikes are crappy? OR, alternatively: Do you have golden ears and can you recognize crappy music? Dear CON artists, liars, scammers and audiophiles, you can hate us all you want, we will continue to FIGHT for the sake of musicality. You are evil and obstruction to good reproduced music. Why not SHUT us UP by winning the argument and winning the testing (DBT of course) instead of intimidation, sabotage, and gagging, boycotting, insulting, smearing, lying and made-up stories? Dear STUPID people, don’t you think that facing the TRUTH is always the best way to reach true musicality? Present day music is crappy, why not just enjoy it AS IT IS while exploring what can be better? Isn’t it stupid to DELUDE yourself in believing marketing lies and hypes and refuse to explore for yourself? Look, music is not what the audio industry say it is, using glossary of ‘borrowed’ terms. You MUST learn for your self, using DBT methodology and repetitive comparative listening. And if you don’t have golden ears, SO WHAT, you are perfectly NORMAL, just get out of the CON game. Don’t be STUPID buying into mumbo jumbo, PRETENDING having golden ears. FAKE golden ears are for audiophiles only, NOT for you. The ONLY way to better reproduced music is 1. To understand what MUSICALITY is and 2. To ISOLATE the auditory part from the INTEGRATION of human feelings in human perception of music. This isolation is critical to evaluation of designs of audio electronics because audio electronics can only produce sound and cannot be evaluated when mixing with other human feelings. Presently, tin-ears confuse musicality with euphonic, sound effects and home theater effects. These must be produced by ALTERING the original music, NOT by accurately reproducing said music. The only way to get musicality is to reproduce accurately what the artists intended the audience to feel (including artistic home-theater effects). Isn’t it obvious that musicality MUST come from the ARTISTS? NOT from the audience. The idea of self generated musicality is reserved only for stupid audiophiles, for LIARS and scammers who can only make crappy hi-end megabuck garbage, sold as goodies using massive marketing lies, hypes, media brainwashing and propaganda. The following are self evident audio truths: 1. It is STUPID to trust your ears under double-blind-testing-free (DBT-Free) or sighted auditioning or sighted testing. Isn’t it obvious or common sense that trusting your ears means using ears only, NO eyes NO hints whatsoever? Also isn’t it OBVIOUS that it is STUPID to claim the freedom, the right, the privilege to be stupid, hanging stupidly on to mumbo jumbo, brainwashed beliefs and non-verifiable dogmas? Please, learn how to evaluate WHICH truth (or dogma, or theory, or axiom) has more “common-sense”, such as DBT-Free subjectivity versus DBT subjectivity? (All human perceptions are subjective but they can be verified under DBT-Free or under DBT). Remember that by definition, INTELLIGENCE is to know how to choose which “self-evident” truth is more “self-evident” (or makes more ‘common’ sense) OR which axiom is closer to the ultimate truth. Remember that human can never know the ultimate truth. Human can only discover some truths then compare which proposed truth is more common sense or more self evident or better axiomatically. Spirituality MUST deal with intelligent comparison of self-evident truths or axioms, NOT with parroting, brainwashing worn-out, stupid, out-of-thin-air dogmas and memes using propaganda, psychological warfare, intimidation, mass-media lies and dirty tricks. Spirituality must deal with comparison methodology, NOT with psycho analysis. Human can find HAPPINESS only by using methodology. Psychology and market research (meaning: how best to deceive) can only lead to and enforce STUPIDITY. Education on comparison methodology FREES human from the TYRANNY of liars and scammers. Since authority always means liars and scammers, free human DON’T have to TRUST or FEAR any authority or dogma, just learn how to think for your self. Believe it, history has shown that organized lying and scamming always lead to misery and hell. Well, an obvious evidence of HELL is the audiophile world built on DBT-FREE lies and hypes. Please stupid people, wake up, ignore marketing lies and hypes and learn methodology (such as DBT and how to define musicality) and use it to verify things. We propose using our “musicality test” as a definition of musicality. Another definition of musicality can be the difference in musicality using spikes and paper rolls. OR find your own DBT definition of musicality. It must be DBT definition DBT is simply a smart (intelligent) and precise procedure (f) that insures the use of ears (x) only, in a comparative listening (D = A-B). Mathematically it is D = f(x) that is the difference D depends only on procedure f and ears x. NOT vague A = fuzzy g(x,u,v...) and vague B = fuzzy h(x, m,n...) then A-B = mumbo jumbo and lies. Of course golden ears (x) detect much smaller differences (D) while stupid tin ears (x, u, m...) believe mumbo jumbo (A-B) and refuse to learn; they get stuck in the garbage pit dug for them by LIARS and scammers. DBT simply SAYS: Only ears (x) can be used in evaluating differences (D) in sound quality. Parlor tricks, cheating are always difficult to detect, therefore they must be completely eliminated by smart testing procedures called DBT. Consequently NON-DBT or DBT-FREE is stupid (parlor) testing used by scammers and audiophiles to cheat stupid people. DBT simply guaranties that ONLY EARS (x) are used to detect difference (D) in sound quality produced by A and by B. Look it’s about differences in SOUND, not anything ELSE. Scammers and audiophiles always MUDDY the subject in order to CHEAT stupid people. They introduce irrelevant variables into the simple equation D=f(x), such as human complex integration of feelings in perception. For example: audiophiles will LIE their heads off in order to show off their audio GARBAGE as goodies. It would be impossible to TRASH such lies if NOT for DBT. Another example: DBT revealed that all fancy wires were inferior to or at best equaled to ordinary wires optimized (on site) for LCR sizing. One more example: NO golden-eared audiophile reviewers yet to pass “DakiOm DBT musicality-test” (see our web site). As long as audiophiles worship DBT-Free, they remain a gang of LIARS. DBT-Free is the most EVIL human stupidity, leading to misery and hell. Please, VERIFY your belief, truth, reality, knowledge, wisdom, habit, perception, whatever, etc. Please don’t be brainwashed by liars, scammers, (trusted) reviewers, (great) leaders, (no-name) buddies and (talking) bobbing heads. It is TRUE that DakiOm agree with many of audiophile “goals” such as personal subjectivity, trusting your ears, individual musical taste, continuous and endless search for the perfect sound. BUT audiophiles are CROOKS because they believe in DBT-FREE mumbo jumbo WHILE DakiOm are FIGHTERS for better reproduced music because we do DBT research and development; same goals but different approaches, one leading to mumbo jumbo garbage and the other leading to accurate reproduction of music. Dear STUPID people (look, stupidity is the TRUTH; you must face it squarely), you don’t have to understand science, technology, measurement, variables, sound quality, musicality, logic, math, etc. To insure your best buy, just ignore marketing mumbo jumbo and DEMAND that manufacturers and sellers GUARANTY EXPLICITLY that their products are designed under DBT methodology. You DON’T even NEED to know what DBT is. Let advertisement watchers decide for you the validity of claimed DBT methodology. The best advertisement should be “This product is guarantied under DBT methodology to be superior to a competitor or to a standard”. GARBAGE are always advertised as “Best”, “Finest”, “Quality”, “High end”, “Audiophile approved”, “Wow!”, “Reviewed”, “Popular”, “Million sold” etc. Please don’t be the million and first stupid sucker. [Standard for cables, cords, interconnects are “Courtesy cables”] [Standard for vibration damping footing are paper rolls] Here are the most obvious facts that you must verify for your self (facts observed by human auditory senses, to be “explained” eventually in the future): - All wires sound the same under perfect vibration damping (including connectors). Thin flexible wires require less vibration damping. Of course, LCR of wires must be properly sized according to load demand, for thinnest sizes. Big, thick wires always sound crappier. Fancy cables, cords, interconnects are definitely 100% garbage, regardless of prices and regardless of “cable technology”, techno-babbling, marketing blah-blah, and white or society papers. - All components on spikes, cones, points always sound crappier as compared to the same components on paper rolls (best) or on any other effective vibration damping feet. We are sorry to say, but if you like spikes more, you have tin ears. You can claim “freedom of choice, subjectivity, musical taste” all you want, you still have tin ears because music from spikes is garbage music. We dare any music professional to come out publicly (real identity) in favor of music reproduced from spikes and reject vibration damping. - In short, audiophiles sell you GARBAGE as music. Look, fancy wires, spikes, heavy stuff, conditioners, techno-babbling, unobtainium, magical science, fake golden ears, DBT-free subjectivity, uncertified reviewers, no-name buddies, dishonest scientists, tin-eared designers, corrupted societies, lying propagandistic institutions, evil dogmas, out-of-thin-air morality, etc; ALL are 100% GARBAGE. 2. ONLY DBT-comparative-testing can resolve the question “Is it real or magic?” Liars and scammers don’t want to resolve said question. They are always afraid of DBT. There is no magic in science because DBT will give a definite answer as to what physical variable X correlated to what audio characteristic Y (for example vibration X makes crappy music Y). Even if there is no “explanation” for said correlation, said correlation IS definitely a scientifically established law. For example gravity cannot be “explained”, it is a set of scientific laws, the laws of gravity. (Well, Newton and Einstein had some theories to “explain” or “formulate” gravity, using force, mass, acceleration, attraction, curvature, space and time in order to “combine” and to “predict” Galileo’s, Kepler’s and billions of other laws of motions in the universe into one set of gravitational laws). So, explanation is correlation to known laws (or prediction of future laws/observations) using mathematical truth and verified by DBT human observations. All scientific laws must be verified by human senses using DBT methodology. Theories involving mystical variables beyond human senses are garbage UNLESS they lead to DBT-observable phenomena using human senses. When prediction fails DBT, additional variables can be tried to “preserve and broaden” said theories or laws (such as dark matter trying to preserve the laws of gravitation). So, science is DBT observation or verification. Mathematic is the reasoning tool for science. DBT-Free observations are for audiophiles, marketing lies and hypes, crooked politicians, scientists, reviewers, buddies, experts to mumbo jumbo in order to rob the stupid, selling GARBAGE as goodies. Stupid people, please demand explicit guaranty that products, ideas, promises, plans, doctrines, dogmas, beliefs etc. be DBT-proven. VIBRATION effect on musicality IS another example of a scientific LAW, even unexplained this law was scientifically DBT-established and is a law in audio on the par to other laws of electricity. Notice that this law of vibration effects can only be observed by golden ears, TIN EARS need not try, similarly to comparing widths of hairs using a ruler. (Well we have a theory to explain this law. See our DIY web page). Many successful tweaking can be “explained” by or correlated to vibration damping. Magic are for STUPID people believing in DBT-Free. Magic always involve fuzzy “variables” and fuzzy “signatures” that disappear under DBT. Notice that a “theory” is a set of “correlations” between scientific laws mostly “proven” using their mathematical representations, but eventually must be observed physically. Hopefully all scientific laws can be correlated to a single law, the law of everything. Also notice that said correlations can be very-very close to 100% but can never be 100% sure. 3. DBT must be done, regardless of difficulties, regardless of techno-babbling, regardless of pro or con scientific “explanations” in order to advance music reproduction. IT IS STUPID to talk about measurement, specifications, explanations, theories, math, equations etc...; because these are mumbo jumbo WITHOUT DBT-correlations to human audibility. 4. Audio reviewers, designers, programmers must CERTIFY their golden ears. Tin-eared audiophiles can only hear wires and spikes, they can never hear music. At DakiOm we work hard to improve music reproduction and by necessity/survival we also have to fight off LIARS and scammers who sell GARBAGE as music to a gullible and impressionable public. REAL music reproduction can be HAD only when the public wakes up to the FACT that presently, reproduced music is CRAPPY; hi-end and hi-fi are really GARBAGE. Unfortunately, emotionally immature and GULLIBLE people are incapable of free choice, they are incapable of self improvement, of change for the better, they are stuck in fantasy, self delusion and they are easily brainwashed off reality, into buying lies and hypes, leading to the dumb down of musical art and the worshipping of garbage music. Garbage such as fancy look, golden veneer, blinking lights, fancy wires, stiff wires, spikes, cones, points, megabuck garbage, megabuck amps, megabuck speakers, megabuck CDP, megabuck DAC, mega-pound speakers, mega-pound amplifiers, power conditioners, powered subs, active speakers, MP3, Vinyl, burn-in, sighted testing, auditioning, sound stage, chocolaty, warm, transparent, extended, detailed, techno-babbling, skin effects, quantum, intelligent, teleportation, silver, beryllium, carbon, unobtainium, phase cohesive, time cohesive, time aligned, black body, fire walls, cryogenic, shielding, pure, finest, electron speed, electron flow, Maxwell equations, tin-foil hat, pictures in freezers, quality, fit, and other out-of-thin-air TRUTH and more stupid mumbo jumbo. The real question is “Why People Believe Such Lies?” or “Are People That Stupid?” Well, yes they are. - We, at DakiOm serve genuine music lovers. We use double blind testing (DBT) methodology in our product research and development, and we trash DBT-FREE. - We don’t condone the present audio market, the crazy market created and maintained by powerful status quo, using lies, hypes, techno-babbling, pseudo science, pseudo morality, psychological warfare and brainwashing. - The present audio establishment sells crappy music and garbage megabuck-hi-end-stuff to a brainwashed, delusional and ignorant public. We sell real musicality as defined by our “musicality test”, NOT by mumbo jumbo glossary terms. - We will bring to light public mass misconceptions, irrationalities and brainwashed beliefs by SIMPLY telling the truth, the VERIFIABLE truth, NOT the out-of-thin-air truth, NOT the out-of-thin-air assertions, NOT the dogmas. Here is VERIFIABLE truth: - YOUR reality (or truth or belief or knowledge) is how you verify IT. - DBT-FREE (testing, auditioning) is stupidity or STUPID verification - DBT-proven (comparative testing) is intelligence or SMART verification - It is STUPID to claim the freedom, the right the privilege to be STUPID. - It is SMART to learn and to DEMAND education on how to verify things in order to fight for freedom and to weed out LIARS and scammers. Note that it is extremely difficult to luck into a “tweaking” that produces large improvement, large enough such that DBT is irrelevant. In reality, huge improvement can only be accumulated from tiny improvements, because there are many variables affecting sound quality. Tweaking must be done on all of them and each one of them gives only a tiny improvement. For example the huge number of dowels used in our modified Sony speaker pair, each dowel requires optimum sizes and precision adjustments. Without DBT, tiny improvements can never be confirmed, leading to tail chasing. So, in reality, product research based on DBT-FREE produces snake oil or hyped garbage. Subjectivity based on DBT-FREE is lying or at best is delusional. SUBJECTIVITY must be DBT-proven. - We will scorn marketing lies, hypes, sound bites and crazy myths brainwashed into the public psyche. We call this MASS STUPIDITY, no offense here, this is simply the truth. The powerful status quo always brainwash the public into extreme sensitivity about the psychological HURT inflicted by truth in order to SHUT the public from truth. Of course, STUPIDITY is a TRUTH that hurts BUT people must get over it for any hope of FACING the truth. Facing and verifying the truth is the only way to change for the BETTER. We all know that in the end, VERIFIABLE truth will WIN and OUT-OF-THIN-AIR truth will be verified and trashed. - Audiophiles please, hating us, insulting us, sabotaging us and boycotting us will NOT resolve your STUPIDITY. But facing the verifiable audio truth will bring true musicality and happiness. Look, audio megabuck hi-end and ultra hi-end is GARBAGE as compared to DakiOm products. DakiOm stabilizers bring 10x more DBT-proven improvement as compared to fancy wires, cables, cords costing from $10 to $30,000. And DakiOm speakers are way up more musical than speakers costing from $30 to $300,000. Look, we challenge marketing lies and hypes to show downs, but no taking so far. - Remember that the status quo is evil and powerful because people are STUPID. In other words, stupid people created their own miserable and evil (audiophile) empire. DakiOm products bring to you true MUSICALITY, musicality as defined by harmony, timbre, rhythm and melody; NOT sound stage (note that sound effects, home theater effects are much better than audiophile sound stage), NOT chocolaty, warm, slam, extended, transparent, neutral, live, etc. We serve MUSIC LOVERS of all musical taste. Our SPEAKERS will make all music true and accurate. In fact with them, you will find that you really like program material that you previously don’t like. For example: classical is not boring, metal is not irritating and some terrible CD’s are really listenable. Also, when we say “best”, “finest” we meant comparatively under double blind testing (DBT) to any and all other products, not the out-of-thin-air “best”, “finest” or any other slogan used by liars and scammers. You MUST understand that HEARING WIRES, cables, cords, and SPIKES, cones, points is stupid and brainwashed. Enough is enough it must be ridiculed and SCORNED. Equating sound from spikes, stiff cables, power conditioners to musicality is the most OBVIOUS proof that audiophiles have tin ears. You must realize that decades of GARBAGE audio, mumbo jumbo, crazy talks, institutional corruptions, lies, deceptions, deceits, and intellectual dishonesty MUST END now. In a DECENT audio world, megabuck garbage, snake oil, and crappy program materials SHOULD NOT exist. It is SHAME to stupid people, liars and scammers who perpetuated GARBAGE AUDIO for so long. It is SHAME to institutions and dishonest intellectuals who keep deafening SILENCE allowing garbage audio to persist for decades. Why not speak out against the most OBVIOUS lie of all, the sighted testing or the auditioning or the double-blind-test-free-SUBJECTIVITY (DBT-FREE)? DakiOm stabilizers are DBT-proven to improve Amplifiers, Receivers, Players, and other Audio Sources. Our stabilizers are for critical people, not for ordinary people. But our modified speakers are for all music lovers, guaranteed to beat any audiophile “hi-end” speaker pair (under both DBT and sighted testing). If more volume is needed (such as in large rooms), staging two or four of our speakers per side (in parallel/series combo, for 240 and 480 wpc max respectively) will beat any “hi-end” floor standing pair. In fact multiple drivers are always better than a single powerful driver. And multiple enclosure partitions are always better than a single big cabinet. We recommend a 4-ch amp or 5.1 receiver (<$700) plus our QA263/HA263 and QR/HR263 for players/sources. This is the best buy, given present commercially available options. This kind of amp/receiver is low cost and easy to use for stereo (bi-amp., we recommend bi-amp with line level cross-over) or multi-channel. Receivers are convenient as a switch box and pre-amp with remote control. Sound quality with our stabilizers will beat most hi-end components. Believe it, hi-end components are highly hyped and most are really garbage, particularly the one that weights tons and seats on spikes. DakiOm’s modified Sony SS-B3000 is DBT-guaranteed to be the most musical speaker pair as compared to ANY speaker pair, even to ordinary people (under both DBT and casual sighted testing). Our modified Sony speakers have accumulated enough tiny improvements to beat any speaker from $30 to $300,000, under sighted testing and/or under DBT. Our modified speakers are MOST DIFFICULT to manufacture. Our modified Sony SS-B3000 is WAY more sophisticated than the best looking megabuck (and definitely crappier) audiophile speakers. Fancy drivers are just that, fancy and crappy because they are designed by marketers, NOT by golden eared scientists using DBT methodology. Fancy cabinet is just that, fancy and crappy because it is designed by furniture makers, NOT by golden-eared scientists using DBT methodology and new damping technology. IF YOU WANT BASS, real bass, then our Modified Sony SS-B3000 is a must buy. The trick to real bass is vibration control of “optimally flexible and ported” cabinet and of the frame of woofers. But you must start with a woofer with plenty of bass first. This is the reason we choose Sony SS-B3000 and NOT some other more expensive but bass muted woofers. All other rigidly braced cabinets (and woofers with un-damped baskets) have lousy bass. Powered-sub is marketing lies and hypes. It is STUPID for audiophiles to criticize us for choosing a cheapo speaker pair. Our choice is purely technical. The musical value of our modification dictated the choice, not marketing gimmicks. If our choice reveals the CRAPPYNESS of hi-end speakers, then so be it. (May be this is the reason why audiophiles hate us so much). (Sorry, audiophiles, you are wrong and stupid. Cheapo Sony SS-B3000 beats the hell out of your stupid hi-end megabuck stuff, in terms of having less stupid technical mistakes. Technical deficiencies in Sony speakers can be corrected by ADDING things, but the stupidities in audiophile speakers cannot be corrected without TEARING them apart first.) The FACT is that the RAW Sony SS-B3000 pair is only a tad more fatiguing than speakers costing ten times or more. But it has definitely more BASS and is as state-of-the-art as any other speaker pair. For sure, it doesn’t have LIES such as carbon, beryllium, quantum, coherence. In fact it is better than some megabuck speaker pair. The reason we chose Sony SS-B3000 was that it would be ridiculous to re-invent the wheel and that for small production, it was more logical to modify existing speakers than producing essentially the same thing from scratch. Note that our modification is extensive in labor time as well as in tuning craftsmanship. We assure you that it will take 100 hours or much more for DIY people to copy (illegally) our modification and to duplicate the musicality of our speaker pair. In any case, to duplicate the musicality of our speakers, one must pass our “musicality test” first (see our web site). Our modified Sony speakers are guarantied to beat any speaker from $30 to $300,000, under sighted testing and/or under DBT. DakiOm modified Sony speaker pair is really a BLOW to the pride of audiophools who own megabuck garbage. Up to now, because of the crappiness of all existing speakers, such garbage can be touted by propaganda and brainwashing to be better than these so-so speakers. But since our speaker pair is way better musically than any other speakers, propaganda and brainwashing can no longer cover-up the crappiness of megabuck garbage. Therefore audiophiles and phools play dirty in the attempt to shut us up. We dare them to comparative show downs but they chicken out. They are afraid of real DBT PERFORMANCE comparison. They are hiding behind the stupid DBT-FREE performance comparison where they can babble non-sense, avoiding reality. Insults, sabotage and boycotting seem to be the weapon of choice of COWARDS when they lose the dbt-proofs and the rational arguments. Audiophiles are anti music and anti real DBT comparative testing. They have tin ears and are for bragging, lying, cheating, mumbo jumbo and robbing the stupid. They must be eradicated for the sake of musicality. We, at DakiOm, don’t talk non-sense, audiophile crazy talks, tin-ear mumbo jumbo, techno-babbling propaganda. We give you instructions for verification of our claims. Remember that intelligence means smart verification and stupidity is dogmatic belief. For example, to the STUPID, “trust your ears” means listening with eyes (or DBT-FREE) but to the INTELLIGENT, “trust your ears” means listening with ears only (or DBT-proven). DBT-free is definitely stupid and DBT-proven is definitely smart. We don’t insult any one, don’t rant, don’t flame, and don’t wish to hurt any one. We simply tell the truth, and stupidity is the truth, not an insult. By definition, stupidity is dbt-free beliefs. And by definition dbt-proven is intelligence. We challenge anyone to come up with a better definition of stupidity and intelligence. If audiophiles want to shut us up, they simply have to show with dbt-proofs that we lied. We already told audiophiles that they lied, using dbt-proofs. Audiophiles, please don’t lie or babble non-sense while hiding under stupid ridiculous pseudo-names, you should proudly display your real identities when saying something significant. Anyone can put forward a dogmatic out-of-thin-air assertion but only intelligent people can teach a cohesive assembly of instructions for the verification of a claim or a theory. So, be intelligent, don’t be stupid. Stupid people cannot verify their desires, they are EMOTIONALLY manipulated into fantasy and their desires are brainwashed toward cheap products sold at high prices, such as megabuck audio components, sugary harmful liquid, snake oil drugs, crappy MP3, sound stage, spikes...Stupid people give power to liars and scammers, then complain about being exploited. Stupid people please, stop buying fantasy; please learn how to verify your needs. You can take back your power only by NOT BUYING from liars and scammers and by verifying reality. It is STUPID to complain about exploitation while buying into snake oil and other propaganda. Our weapon in this war is reason to combat stupidity. We will keep on repeating our simple messages: 1. DBT-FREE is stupidity. 2. Techno-babbling is for BRAINWASHING the STUPID. Scientists never take techno-babbling or “explanations” seriously until proven experimentally, by the claimer (that is: DBT audibility guaranteed by claimer, correlating claimed design variables to claimed audible sound “signatures”). Stupidity is also irrational, emotional response to change and it must be ridiculed and scorned. STUPIDITY must be eradicated, especially mass stupidity. So, wake up and DBT-proving your perceptions of your own musicality and fight for your own musicality. Please don’t just parroting whatever garbage the liars and scammers fed you. (In a sense DBT-FREE mumbo jumbo is similar to global warming deniers. Both stupid people just asserted, out-of-thin-air, that DBT-FREE is reality and that CO2 does not warm the earth, period. This kind of stupidity contradicts scientific methodology, so the stupid people just throw away scientific rationality and adopt out-of-thin-air dogmatic mumbo jumbo. In other words, they just LIE with a straight face and they make things up to brainwash the stupid. They must be ridiculed and scorned) It is absolutely STUPID to talk about technological merit when knowledge about technology (or science) is lacking. Please, consider techno-babbling only as a speculation to guide the designs of audio products, NOT as a fact that improves anything. Techno-babbling is at best a theoretical proposition and at worst lies and propaganda, nothing more. IT IS MOST important that the listener verifies any claimed improvement using his/her ears only, that is using Double Blind Testing (DBT) methodology. It is most important to verify that CO2 does warm the earth, therefore the debate should be about how much CO2 can be tolerated, not about the reality of global warming. It is STRANGE but somehow AUDIO is related to religion and CULTS and politics. To have good music somehow requiring exposing the stupidity in belief systems. The subject is really the perception of reality, such as in comparing DBT versus DBT-FREE. Don’t let LIARS and scammers use DBT-FREE AUDIO mumbo jumbo as “proof” that reality doesn’t exist and that reality is what ever you perceive. Of course, this kind of reality can be brainwashed into the STUPID, therefore is advocated by LIARS and scammers. On the other hand, VERIFIABLE reality cannot be brainwashed, therefore is hated by LIARS and scammers. Verification by anyone is what makes REALITY a REAL reality as opposed to BRAINWASHED reality. A set of instructions for verification or for justification of reality protects human from being taken advantage of by EVIL, similarly to a gun that can discourage a thug from taking advantage of a physically weak person. With verification, a person only needs to examine the VALUE of the instructions, therefore there is no need to obey or fear any authority. Just obey YOUR heart and mind during your evaluation of the instructions (or justifications) and ignore any mumbo jumbo from any authority. RUN AWAY from any talk that doesn’t include EXPLICITLY instructions for verification/justification (such as crazy talks and out-of-thin-air assertions). There is no need to FEAR or TRUST any authority, just GET EDUCATED on rational ways how to evaluate instructions. Societies have the DUTY to educate their people and to expose mumbo jumbo. A society is WICKED if it promotes free for all to lie and cheat and to promote “every one for him/her self”. Such society is essentially for the wicked and by the wicked. Using “personal responsibility” as an excuse for robbing and cheating the STUPID is EVIL. Remember that evil is what ever you don’t like being done to you therefore if you rob and cheat, you certainly are evil and will be punished, even if your victims are stupid, similarly to the punishment of the one hurting another, even if the other is a weakling. Discriminating against the stupid in the fight against evil IS evil. Leaving the stupid to fend for themselves IS evil. The fight against evil must include educating the stupid on how to check reality and also must include systematically exposing crazy talks, at all costs, and beyond any political agenda. Political fighting can include how to define FAIRNESS and how to share the FRUITS of work, but must not be about the “personal responsibility” of the stupid. The stupid can be responsible for themselves only after they are educated on how to trash propaganda. Discussing and trashing propaganda must be the subject of any institution for learning. If any institution mumbo jumbo about the “relativity” of reality, promoting crazy talks, brainwashed-top-down-enforced reality, then this institution is a TOOL and accessory for EVIL. Reality must be verified by instructions for observations (for natural laws) and justified by instructions linking said reality to golden rules (for human laws). (Notice that human laws and human destiny are up to human, not dictated by nature. For example Darwinian theories can be used by some human to justify wickedness and be rejected by other human in their search for better human values i.e. their search for golden rules). Human spirituality should concerns only with the discovering of golden rules, NO mumbo jumbo, superstition and dogmas. These can be USED to rob and cheat the stupid. Robbing and cheating the stupid is EVIL because it violates a golden rule. To have TRUTH in human laws, golden rules must be discovered and be used as SELF EVIDENT or AXIOMATIC, similarly to MATHEMATICAL truth based on mathematical axioms. Human LAWS based on conflicting “out-of-thin-air”, non-self-evident dogmas/truth will be delusional, unjust, hypocritical, contradictory and evil. TRY OUR PRODUCTS TODAY. Unlike other shady outfits, we DO guarantee DBT-proven performance for our stabilizers as compared to a fake black box and for our modified speakers as compared to ANY speaker, behind a curtain and also in sighted testing. Here is the list of audio stupidities: Audiophiles are good at lies and insults but they can never answer the following: All they put against us are lies, mumbo jumbo stupid arguments, out-of thin-air assertions, and made-up stories. 1. FANCY cables, stiff cables. Hearing wires is one of the top stupid things audiophiles do. “Audio cable TECHNOLOGY” is crazy talk for the brainwashing of the STUPID. Look, LCR of wires (or any other stupid variables mentioned by the LIARS) can vary tremendously without detectable audibility. It is the DBT audibility that counts, not wire measurement or “technology”. The only DBT audible variable for wires is mechanical vibration. 2. SPIKES, cones, points. It is crazy to accept crappy music from spikes, cones, points as golden ear music. This is the most obvious proof that audiophiles have tin ears or are stupid. 3. Silver, unobtainium, carbon, quantum, skin-effects, Maxwell equations, black body 4. Megabuck caps, resistors, parts. 5. Power conditioners. (These always make music crappier, never better) 6. Megabuck CD players. (Some of these are out-right frauds) 7. Mega-lb speakers, fancy heavy drivers. These are absolutely crappy. 8. Mega-lb amplifiers, huge power supplies. These are absolutely crappy. 9. MP3, LP. (These are stupid as compared to stabilized hi-res.) 10 Tubes (Toobs are stupid as compared to well compensated, low Open Loop Gain solid state) 11. More..... For more info www dakiom.com or internet search dakiom http://www.dakiom.com/
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