DAL Audio3875 DAL Audio 3875GREAT DEAL !!!!!!!! I am selling a like new DAL Audio 3875 amplifier with snubber power supply.This amp puts out 56 wpc into 8 ohms and over 100 wpc into 4 ohms.This is a copy of a $10,000.00 Chi...299.95

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GREAT DEAL !!!!!!!! I am selling a like new DAL Audio 3875 amplifier with snubber power supply.This amp puts out 56 wpc into 8 ohms and over 100 wpc into 4 ohms.This is a copy of a $10,000.00 Chip amp.This amp has hardley been used.This amp sounds awesome .... In a system with a nice preamp and some high efficency speakers this amp will be all you need.There are three levels of quality that Dal Audio sells these amps at and this is the best one at $375.00.This will sound awesome with high efficency speakers and will power speakers down to 88db maybe a little lower.It is a very quiet sounding amp and thats why chip amps are used with high efficency speakers.Original box and manual.Comes with both stickers .... the Dal Audio and the Dynaco sticker as they have never been put on the amp.Please call or text for the fastest service at 563-505-6462 and ask for Rick or email me at audio_way@yahoo.com Thanks and have a sensational day !!!!! There is no charge for Pay Pal or shipping $299.95 total ..... Done !!!!! Yours !!!!! •Built by hand with meticulous care in our Ohio workshop, this is a fully tested prototype amplifier, inspired by the sound quality of amps costing five times as much. •The basis of this amplifier project is the National Semiconductor LM Series, or Gainclone Amplifier Chips. This DALAUDIO Retro Amplifier (tm) utilizes high quality printed circuit boards designed by Brian Bell of Chipamp fame. •Non-inverted design, which to us simply sounds better. •Retro Dynaco-style chassis of black powder coat steel with black cover •Length (Front) 13" x (Depth speaker/switch)10.25" x (Height) 4" •Chip Amp type: Two (2) National Semiconductor LM series National Semiconductor - LM3875 - High-Performance 56W Audio Power Amplifiers with a total power output in excess of 100 watts (50 watts per channel) to 8 Ohm load •Main Board: Chipamp Brian Bell’s - Please see website that sells the PCB’s and LM Series amplifier kits. All are high quality printed circuit boards. •Power Supply: Designed by Carlos Fillipe and Brian Bell this snubber design provides a little more low end response reserve than our standard (non-snubber) units •Transformer (Mains): (Toroidal) 160VA 22v/22v, made by Avel Lindburgh Inc. (Y236503) •Speaker Output Terminal Type: Standard Color Coded Black and Red - For direct wire compression or banana plug •Audio Input Jacks: Standard Gold plated (color coded insert) RCA jacks •Chassis Type: Retro Dynaco look, black powder coat steel with black painted perforated metal cover •Approximate Dimensions: Length (Front) 13" x (Depth speaker/switch)10.25" x (Height) 4" •Heat Sink: Internal extruded configuration, allows more than adequate cooling. (actual sink size may vary slightly from pictured) •Power Input: Removable IEC 3 prong power cord with ground and integral power switch •Fuse: 2 amp bus removable – supplied but not installed •LM3875 Output and Operating Characteristics per National Semiconductor Datasheet: The LM3875 is a high-performance audio power amplifier capable of delivering 56W of continuous average power to an 8 Ohm load with 0.1% THD+N from 20Hz to 20kHz
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