DaliMegalineDali Megaline Series 3Up for sale is my Dali Megaline III Speakers. For the price there are few, if any cone type speakers that can compete. They built extremely well and at their core they are a “two way design” that...11500.00

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Up for sale is my Dali Megaline III Speakers. For the price there are few, if any cone type speakers that can compete. They built extremely well and at their core they are a “two way design” that is simply amazing. The bottom and low midrange is handled by the 24 7” drivers which is extremely fast, accurate and can create unbelievable impact. Subs are not needed. The ribbons are equally and impressive with fast transient response with clear and crisp response. They ribbons being forward and back firing image incredibly well. Over the past five or so years I have owned most all of the biggie speakers over 50K a pair. The Dali’s make most of them sound silly. Without question they more than “hold their own” at most any price and they are the only cone speakers that I truly enjoy listening to. Being a two way design their sonic cross over characteristic is very smooth and occurs only once, try saying that with the other mega cost speakers with more (different) size drivers with complex crossovers and with more sonic characteristics than one can count on one hand. The enclosures and the drivers are in great condition, several of the ribbon outboard trim pieces do have some nicks on them and I am in the process of purchasing factory new replacements, The electronic crossover is sonically physically perfect but there is a scratch on the red Lexan Dali logo, I am in the process of ordering a replacement logo. One of the outboard low voltage power supplies has been cracked and I am in the process of replacing it with a factory new supply. I am also in the process of ordering the Dali Room Alignment Templates to which I understand that only a few factory original templates still exist. The speakers can be shipping without the replacement components and the new components dropped shipped to your location from the factory. In any case I will provide both the original and the new components so that you do have spares. In the end it is my intent to insure that these speakers are in near perfect condition. Please realize that these speakers along with the line level crossovers are designed for bi-amped systems. Therefore they do require 4 channels of amplification. Dali recommends that all four channels are identical. Each amp is required to drive 4 ohm loads and consequently they do like power (current). I have driven them with Halcro, Audio Research, VTL, Pass Labs and Convergent Audio. If you like solid state with hard driving music I strongly recommend at least 200 watts per channel (800 total with the current capability to drive nominal 4 ohm ribbons). If driven with high current capability solid state these speakers will easily create live performance dynamics at unbelievable levels. If tubes are your preference…sorry to say but you not even get their attention with 50 watts or less per amp. But if you like classical, jazz and voice 100 watts of good clean tube amplification will work. If you want to “push the dynamics” then 200 watts for each of the 4 channels is required. I have also made two 3/8” thick metal dollies sized to fit directly under the speaker base. The dollies will allow to move them within your room while you seek their optimum position. When the pictures were taken they were sitting on dollies if you’re wondering what they look like. Once the optimal position is realized the dollies can be removed and the spiked base plates set in permanent position. If you have carpet I would recommend that thick MDF is placed on the carpet in order to use the dollies as they will not roll on carpet (in fact you will have a disaster on your hands). I have found the dollies to be very helpful in understanding their optimal position. Once boxed, the speaker modules will be placed on a wooden fork lift skid and then wrapped in plywood. They will require a carrier like Old dominion. If you’re looking for freight quotations please use a wooden skid that is 3 feet deep by 6 feet long by 4 feet tall and will weigh slightly over 700 pounds. Within the wooden shipping skin there will be 9 boxes, six boxes containing the speakers, one box containing the base plates, one box containing the dollies and one box with the cross over and cable assemblies. Pay pal please add 3.5%.
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