Danish Audio Design Tube 10ReferenceDanish Audio Design Tube 10 Reference ...simply the bestFree upgrade! CAP10(capitators bank)when purchase before jun 2012.(worth $1000) Danish Audio design Tube 10 Reference At very special price(retail $14.000) Converts the data to the most music...6500.00

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Free upgrade! CAP10(capitators bank)when purchase before jun 2012.(worth $1000) Danish Audio design Tube 10 Reference At very special price(retail $14.000) Converts the data to the most musically natural sounding analog sound ever. Danish audio design Tube 10 reference is the first high-end product that exceed the limitations of traditional digital to analog converter at uncompromised performance After long research company decided make the final step and maked separated boxes for, Power source, Capacitor bank, Dac chip, and outputstage with the highest quality cabels supplyed... music is now emotional involving as it has never been before captivating and emotional, that is what tube 10 present no other one-sized dacs/cd cannot compete with that advantage. COMPANY AND BACKGROUND: 20 years experience in the development D/A converters, has also done consulting assignments for some of the top names in audiobransche One-man company and everything is made by hand from own handmade prints. The PCB is special made, the solder is ESA/Space approved. Danish Audio Design is a Danish company with audio DA converter as a specialty. The founder and "DAC guru" Ole Nielsen has 20 years experience in the DA converter. The founder of Eben speakers "Michael Børresen" used the cheap standard Ontech dac from Ole Neilsen instead of the expansive Burmester setup when he was awarded "Editors choise" at London hifi-show by hifi+/Roy Gregory DAD is also making a tube dac for Hørning Audio Arguably the world's best Reference Tube DAC to a middle class price. Tube 10 is a DAC based on PSU 10 and a modified DAC 10. Instead of using the output stage from DAC 10 it now has it's own box. The tube box is base on a 5U4, 5AR4, 5R4, GZ32, GZ33, GZ34 or similar rectifier tube. After the rectifier there is a choke based supply for minimal noise. The output itself is based on a 6SN7 tube. This is a very god sounding tube, and a lot of different tube's are available. The circuit itself is made of a passive I/V conversion, based on a highest quality carbon film resistor. The tube box, has high output impedance, so it is best used in combination with amplifiers with a relative high input impedance (10k or more). SPECIFICATIONS: 3 YEARS WARRANTY Resolution........24bit(up to 192khz) Input.............2x Coaxial S/PDIF Rca(could be rebuild) Output............RCA) 2.5Vrms Weight............17kg / 35Lbs CONDITION: NEW with 3 years warranty and input of youre choice TERMS & CONDITIONS: No custom taxes inside European Union! Shipping via Posten, UPS, DHL, FedEX or any other courier can also be arranged at additional cost. Bank transfer and will consider better offers or free shipping. Rewievs OWNERS: Adam, Poland(Tube 10+ Cap 10 high standard tubes) since I switched to vinyl two years ago, all my library of CDs and FLAC files was left useless until now. Music from Tube 10 sounds like vinyl played on reference SET amp. It outperforms all I heard in my not so short life. Many thanks to You and Ole. Now I try to make some tube rolling, to fit perfectly to my taste. Regards, Adam. Gid,Israel(Tube 10 reference high standard tubes) I enjoy very much from the tube 10 DAC It is much better from a lot of other which cost much more Two weeks ago we had a head to head between the tube 10 dac and Mbl 1611E dac($21450.00) Tube 10 outperform in all aspects Thank a lot for the information Gid John, Belgium (Tube 10 reference + Capbox10,Tung-sol 6sn7GT blackplate 1940´s) I am very satisfied with the Dac tube 10,it plays amazingly good!!! Very musical, detailed and airy. Great tone and pitch,makes your forget it is digital format(as Kondo dac KSL does) I disconnected the Kondo and played all time dac 10,to be sure a have to change again to Kondo(i thought maybe Kondo wins in purety of tone) ....but I think Dac 10 is a CLEAR WINNER !!!! I had some doubts reading your ad......but every word you wrote is true. Kind regards John Dominique, France (Tube 10 reference + Capbox10) You say me that your way of sound is "this feeling where you just stamp your feet, and the small hairs in the back of your neck is raising " , it true . My system with the DAC 10 tube is now worldwide class. The feeling is both details, natural, pleasure So , i would like by this mail , congrate you for the conception of the DAC and thank you for the result. Torben, Denmark (Tube 10 reference + Capbox10) Dac Tube 10 very much as described, the sound is just worldclass, very analog and detailed with lots of air. Dac10 is the very best I have ever owned and previously I have owned very esoteric brands, Audionote, Gryphon......... Greg, Great britain (Tube 10 reference) Starting to warm up and it really is an excellent DAC. More musical than the dCS or the EMM. I won't compare it to the Audio Note DAC 5 until it is more run in. Kaj, Sweden (Tube 10 reference) Well, I wrote a little input for Ole, and what strikes me most is that I do NOT think of as the room's influence anymore! The sound is more natural through Tube 10 Also this dac is far better than DCS P8i What I have had time to test the most is the sound between tube 10 and DCS P8i I know best, and here is the big difference, which can be a bit surprised that it could be? Wong, Honkong (Tube 10 reference) Overall: Very natural and linear with a good coherence of music flow. The choice of tube can make the sound very different. When I change to higher grade tubes,the performance is improved dramatically. Dynamic: Outstanding. The DAC can produce a wider dynamic range compared to my previous tube DAC. The transient it produces is fast and with attack. Tonality: It has rich tonal color and does not colorate any specific range of frequency in my system. Transparency: Very clean and dark background and foreground giving rise to a very transparent tonal picture. Noise control by this dAC is remarkable. As a whole in this price range, I am very confident that it stands from many many others in the market! Wong
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