Darwin CableInterconnectDarwin Cable Interconnect  Evolution of SoundThe Darwin Interconnect… The Evolution of Sound. Simple. Elegant. Dynamic. Made in the USA. Can a cable at this price be better than the likes of Purist, Nordost, MIT? Those are just a few of t...195.00

Darwin Cable Interconnect Evolution of Sound [Expired]

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The Darwin Interconnect… The Evolution of Sound. Simple. Elegant. Dynamic. Made in the USA. Can a cable at this price be better than the likes of Purist, Nordost, MIT? Those are just a few of the cables replaced by Darwin Cables. One hard to impress beta tester replaced his system full of Nordost cables with these Darwin IC's and declared flat out, after 100 hours of listening, that the Darwin Cables are better. As with all things, the shortest and simplest path is always the most efficient and most effective. To that end, the Darwin Interconnect eschews exotic wiring configurations that sound impressive (only on paper), cables smothered with fancy (sound killing) jackets, bogged down by gleaming clunky metal connectors that look like they came from a costume jewelry store. In most designs sonics are sacrificed for aesthetics. At Darwin Cable Company, the music comes first, but we are pleased that users find our sleek-looking design eye-appealing in its own right. While most cables droop, the Darwin Interconnects makes a graceful loop, eliminating cable cross-pollution. Our theory is simple. When it comes to audio interconnects, a low mass design is superior. From end to end, the signal path must be as consistent as possible. Darwin Interconnects feature the finest solid core .9999 silver for superior conductivity and sonic clarity—impossible with stranded and braided wires shielded with cheap metals, wrapped in poor dielectrics that suck the life out of the music. The silver wire was chosen both for purity and the precise gauge that delivers dramatic results—exquisite detail, decay and attack, full sweet midrange and thunderous, taut bass—a balance most cables cannot achieve. Don’t be surprised if you sell your high priced cables after hearing this one. After placing the cable into your system, the changes you will hear are instant and profound. If you have been suffering with a veiled, murky presentation, you will hear details you never new existed along with an expansive engaging, organic soundstage. The Darwin Interconnect employs the two best dielectrics in the world—air and polytetrafluoroethylene. By “floating” the silver core wire with minimum contact with the PTFE tubing, also chosen for precise gauge and wall thickness, a pristine signal is insured. A precise connection (with the finest silver solder) is made to the most sonically pleasing low mass ends available. All cables come with a 30-day money back guarantee. For a limited time, Darwin Cables is offering an introductory price of $195. Inquiries may be directed to Tony at 701-710-1517. By request, we are now offering a one and a half foot option for short runs and tight spaces. • 1.5-Foot IC: Regular Price: $275.00………………….……….Introductory Price $175.00 (special order) • 3-Foot IC: Regular Price: $295.00………………….……….Introductory Price $195.00 Add $20 per foot for Custom Lengths • Sorry, No Return on Custom Builds. Darwin Cable Company wishes to welcome a new dealer to our network: Eggers Audio & Video, Bismarck, ND Darwin Cable Company… Let the Evolution Begin! For those buyers who have had difficulty contacting us in recent weeks—an explanation. Audiogon’s new system has been extremely unreliable and inexplicably stopped relaying messages to us. This issue had been fixed temporarily once before but popped up again. Unfortunately, this resulted in two negative feedback strikes on unrelated transactions from parties who were unable to conclude a transaction. Their messages simply did not go through. We are working through the labyrinth of computer-generated responses in quest to contact someone at Audiogon who can clear up these issues. Until that happens, we must resort to listing our information directly. You can find us on the web. www.darwincables.com Or email redhead@drtel. The phone is probably best: 701-710-1517. We’d love to talk to you about the cable that has so many music enthusiasts retiring cables costing much, much more.