Definitive TechnologyStudiomonitor 450Selling my gently used Definitive Technology Studiomonitor 450 bookshelf speakers as I've upgraded to towers, I no longer have a need for them. I have 2 pairs, and I'm asking $375 per pair, or $700...375.00

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Selling my gently used Definitive Technology Studiomonitor 450 bookshelf speakers as I've upgraded to towers, I no longer have a need for them. I have 2 pairs, and I'm asking $375 per pair, or $700 if you buy both pairs. They are in like new condition, and sound as good as they look. Add 3% if paying via paypal. From the manufacturers website: StudioMonitor 450 :Overview High-Definition 6-1/2 inch bass/midrange driver with cast Magnesium basket Annealed Pure Aluminum 1 inch dome tweeter Pressure coupled 10 inch Low Bass radiator for outstanding bass response High gloss black lacquer end caps Available only as a matched pair Definitive's StudioMonitor 450 is a compact high-performance, magnetically shielded full-range bookshelf speaker. But don’t let its small size fool you—thanks to its 10 inch pressure-coupled Low Bass radiator it belts out the bass depth and punch of a floor-standing loudspeaker. Its non-resonant monocoque cabinets feature Definitive's elegant piano-gloss black lacquer endcap/wraparound grill cloth styling. The StudioMonitor 450's sonic performance is truly stunning, producing huge razor-sharp, three-dimensional sonic images combined with incredible detail, ruler-flat frequency response and rich, full bass. Because the StudioMonitors are true full-range speakers with extended low-frequency response they deliver superb performance both as stand-alone speakers and when combined with separate subwoofers. Monocoque, Non-Resonant, Low-Diffraction Cabinet The cabinet of a loudspeaker plays a large part in its sonic performance. Diffraction, or the secondary radiation of sound caused by cabinet edges, grille frames and other protrusions, can color the sound of a loudspeaker. The design of the StudioMonitors reduces diffraction to an absolute minimum by flush mounting drivers on extremely narrow baffles with radial edges, which are covered by a frameless grille "sock." In addition, the resonant vibration of a loudspeaker's cabinet walls and baffles can also impart unwanted coloration. The Definitives' monocoque cabinets are constructed of high-density medite with 1" thick front and rear baffles, foam damping pads and internal braces. This virtually eliminates resonant cabinet coloration which could otherwise interfere with the pure sound produced by the high definition drivers. High-Definition Cast-Magnesium Basket Drivers The StudioMonitor 450 utilizes a 6-1/2 inch high definition cast basket bass/midrange driver for significant performance advantages in the areas of bass reproduction, lifelike midrange clarity and dynamic range. This sophisticated bass/midrange driver incorporates deeply drawn mineral-filled homopolymer cones, combined with butyl rubber surrounds and dustcaps, high temperature vented voice coils and massive magnet structures. This combination of features assures high definition, superb transient response, high efficiency, high power handling and extended bass response. In addition, they are assembled utilizing an aerodynamically designed, magnetically inert, cast-magnesium basket to minimize internal reflections off the back of the cone and preserve structural and magnetic integrity under all conditions. Moving Coil Pure Aluminum Dome Tweeters The moving coil dome tweeters Definitive developed for the BP7000 Series are used in the StudioMonitor 450. They utilize a specially annealed pure aluminum 1-inch dome, suspended by a silk surround and acoustically loaded by a precisely configured phase plug/lens, engineered to assure perfectly controlled, absolutely linear movement. This results in velvety smooth extended response (beyond 30 kHz), greatly reduced distortion, improved transient response, wider dispersion and notably higher definition. Magnetic fluid damping is incorporated for ultra high power handling. Phase-Coherent Linkwitz-Riley Crossover Networks The crossover network of a loudspeaker is the real heart of the system, as it is responsible for perfectly blending together the sound of the various drivers into a musically seamless whole. The sophisticated Linkwitz-Riley design used in the SM450 equalizes the drivers for linear phase and frequency response. This preserves the phase coherence, transient response and dynamic integrity of the signal for absolutely lifelike music and home theater reproduction in your home.
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