Audiocadabra™Optimus™ Handcrafted Dual-Headed USB CableAudiocadabra™ Optimus™ Handcrafted Dual-Headed USB Cable (Pay Less For More!)Audiocadabra™ is a great global source for handcrafted audio products. Here we present our audiophile grade Hi-Speed Dual-Headed USB cables that are made with carefully selected solid-core pure cop...89.00

Audiocadabra™ Optimus™ Handcrafted Dual-Headed USB Cable (Pay Less For More!) [Expired]

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Audiocadabra™ is a great global source for handcrafted audio products. Here we present our audiophile grade Hi-Speed Dual-Headed USB cables that are made with carefully selected solid-core pure copper conductors sheathed in PTFE (a.k.a. Teflon) dielectric and terminated with imported connectors. The Dual-Headed USB cable is split into two—one half (black sleeve) carrying only data; the other half (red sleeve) carrying only power and both can be plugged into two of the host computer's USB sockets simultaneously. With this arrangement, the data and power lines are physically moved away from each other, massively reducing the problem of radiated power supply noise that typical USB cables are prone to by design. The Optimus Handcrafted Dual-Headed USB cables provide greater dynamics, are more resolving and offer greater purity of tone with a much quieter/blacker background. They are a very good choice for seasoned computer audiophiles. A single Audiocadabra Optimus Handcrafted Dual-Headed USB cable which will enable USB digital connection between a Computer and USB DAC/AMP. High-lights Why our Optimus™ Handcrafted Dual-Headed USB cable is even better! •Audiophile-grade reference Hi-Speed Dual-Headed USB cables. •Hi-Speed USB cables that are individually tested before being shipped. •14 days risk-free trial. •Handcrafted cables with proprietary wire and imported connectors. •Choose between Type-A and Type-B plugs at no additional cost. •Choose between MkI and MkII versions at checkout. •Choose between black and two-tone colors at checkout. •Dual-Headed USB cable with Red Type-A plug for power and Black Type-A plug for data. •These are not the same as fancy looking and lesser performing USB cables. •Our cables sound more open and transparent than expensive mass-market brands. •Designed for computer audio especially for hi-res playback. •Instantly improves your home and portable audio experience. •Carefully selected OFC conductors and geometry for low-loss signal transmission. •High-purity (99.99%) solid-core copper conductors. •PTFE (a.k.a. Teflon) dielectric manufactured and sheathed to our specification. •Hand-woven dual tri-braided cable design for maximum shielding & flexibility. •User removable/reusable high-quality imported ferrite EMI/RFI suppression filter included. •Neutral sounding USB cables that is faithful to the original signal. •02 years guarantee against failure, just post back for free repairs. Usage •If your USB DAC has its own external power supply, then the power-carrying half of the Optimus Dual-Headed USB cable (red sleeve) may be pulled out of the host Computer's USB socket, after the initial "handshake" procedure is done. •If your USB DAC is powered by the host Computer's 5v USB socket, then the power-carrying half of the Optimus Dual-Headed USB cable (red sleeve) may be plugged into an external 5v battery pack. •Either of the above usage eliminates noise that most Computer's power supply is notorious for in high-end audio application and that which the standard USB cable could not resolve by design. Customization •MKI design offers optimum isolation. Both the data and power cables are split all the way till the end of the cable. Ideal for desktop applications. •MKII design offers optimum flexibility. Both the data and power cables are split, 12 inches into the cable, and thereafter joining as a flexible braid till the end of the cable. Ideal for portable applications. Reviews 6moons verdict “First to play was Florent Nisse Aux Mages where the French bass player joined by a mix of French and American musicians pays his due to heroes like Paul Motion, Bill Frisell and Charlie Haden. Nisse is a master of the silent tone and this well recorded/produced album is like a poem. Meandering from intimate magic to all-out quintet power, it’s one of the best of this year. We played the album over and over and examined the effect of having the 5V line connected or not. With all DACs we tried, the verdict was that without the additional connection between PC and DAC, the sound had a better foundation. Low frequencies were more focused which led to a soundstage with better definition. That soundstage also gained in width when just running the two data leads to no longer be confined to just between the loudspeakers. Neil Young’s Storytone is an old-fashioned Young production. The Deluxe Edition of the album contains a solo part where the characteristic voice is joined by piano, guitar or jukele and the same songs are performed with a philharmonic orchestra or big band. No cable in the world can correct for the goose bump effect the orchestrated songs have. Young has never been a great singer and with the violins dancing around him, his vocalizing is plainly off key. But the solo versions of the songs are the complete opposite. Here Mr. Young touches the listener’s soft spot. It is that edge of his voice which triggers the blurred vision. Switching USB cables back and forth made it clear how the Audiocadabra with just the data leads connected was something special and able to wring the emotion from the music. Ditto for Carminho’s Alma where the Portuguese fadista joins older and new material to touch the soul/alma. Another album we must mention is Antony & The Johnson Turning, a live recording covering the singer’s extensive songbook plus some more or less obscure treasures. Antony’s performance comes from deep within and the recording utterly captures his emotional torments. Here again we noticed clearly that "digital is not digital" and that the right cable transporting the so-called 1s and 0s which are represented by square waves and voltage differentials does make a big difference. To us it is clear then that a high-quality USB interconnect contributes to a more enjoyable musical experience. Of course many manufacturers already confirm this by offering all manner of options, most at quite a price as is typical of high-end audio. Audiocadabra now show how a high-quality USB cable can be obtained for a very realistic price.”—Marja & Henk, 6moons, Netherlands Mono and Stereo verdict "As my good friend says. It either clicks or not. Some audio cables do work, some don’t. Its an instant process, that can be refined in performance in due time, but if something works the result is evident after first few note strikes. Audiocadabra Optimus Handcrafted Dual-Headed USB cable shift in performance was instantly spot on. One thing, that makes USB cable stand out from the those being of little or no benefit is musical flow. Music becomes smoother and more refined. Its much better livelier experience with less digitis affecting the listening and interaction between the performer and listener. And Optimus handled music exactly in this way. With Optimus under the duties my favourite testing tracks gained in focus and become more vibrant. Knowing your music material to the bone makes you prone to any changes in the system. This goes especially hand in hand with reviewing the audio cables where small nuances gives all the key ingredients for a change. It was not expected for Optimus to bring such a shift in the performance, but Audiocadabra and team for sure done something right. For me musicality matters the most and this was the clear signature of positive change made by Optimus USB cable."—Matej Isak, Mono & Stereo, Austria InEarSpace verdict “Something I did notice with this cable is that it just sounds better and everything is just clearer, cleaner and more focused. Okay the biggest change we heard was an extension of the frequencies at both ends, a more obvious rumble in the deep lows and a more airy high treble. When I went back to stock after the Optimus, I felt the sound and been squashed horizontally. I also felt things to be just a tad sloppy stock, a bit rushed; this is of course all in comparison. I must add though what we were not straining to hear a difference, they presented themselves easily and did not make heard work to flaunt their differences. The sound is better, yes, I think so, so did Josh, we A/Bed quite extensively and our notes were near identical, I wasn’t even telling him what USB cable I was using of the 5 I had hidden round the back of my system and he still knew which was which, blind testing at his best I would say. We also both laughed guiltily knowing people might not be sure on new found belief in USB cables. What can we do? Looking again at the price of this cable it makes for a easy recommendation, its not much more than the price of Josh’s standard USB cable he bought from the high street, that cost £20 and while well made, its not for audio listening in any way. Yes this isn’t exactly cheap still but if your curious about a USB cable making a difference then this a good a bet. Although it isn’t exactly pretty, it also offers versatility in function with its dual headed design and even if it is a rather small increase in sound performance, it could just be the icing on the cake.” —Sonny Trigg, InEarSpace, UK Testimonials “Definitely a keeper, and a wonderful surprise at this price point.”—Brad, Meilen, Switzerland “They sound great right out of the box.”—Michael, Burbank, USA “Suddenly, everything is crisp, much clearer, more focused!”—Radha, Pune, India “I like you cables. It sounds really good.”—Frédéric, Clisson, France “Saving my pennies to get another set.”—Alan, Richmond, USA “These cables are dead-quiet, smooth and revealing.”—Tony, Venturia, USA “I'm very very familiar with this piece and I've never heard the Birds till Now WOW!!!”—Eddie, Surprise, USA “The Optimus is simply very good. I must say, well done!”—Ernst, Vienna, Austria “I switched briefly to my old cables. Yuk! Congratulations on bringing something to market that offers such good value for money.”—Adrian, Durban, South Africa “Accurate mids and non-fatiguing highs. Your cable preserves and enhances that. Once again, solid core copper can't be beat.”—Mark, Holyoke, USA “All my life I believed that cables were a gimmick and that they don't make any difference!”—Shyam, Mumbai, India “It allows the music to pass through without restriction, the sound I get is very open and big-sounding.”—Edmund, Bukit Purmei, Singapore “Your cable pushed my system to its fullest possibilities.”—Achille, Messina, Italy “Your cables perform brilliantly and at a price that defines the word ‘bargain’. Well done!”—Karl, Toronto, Canada “Kudos and thank you for making a great cable at a very competitive price!”—Keith, CC, Singapore “You would not think that for such a small investment, you could get that much of a sound difference from your system.”—Duvall, Greenwood, USA “In the price category you sell the cable, this is a very good product.”—Marc, Maastricht, Netherlands “The cable is the best I have of four…by a long shot.”—Frank, Fletcher, USA “I am getting a feeling that the Audiocadabra USB cable has more in the treble than the others I've used.”—Nikhil, Hyderabad, India About Audiocadabra™ dot com is a great direct-to-customer source for custom handcrafted audio products. Over time, we have expanded into a premium e-commerce site that caters to audiophiles globally with a wide assortment of quality audio products at affordable prices. 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