Audiocadabra™Optimus3™ Solid-Copper Dual-Headed USB CablesnewAudiocadabra™ Optimus3™ Solid-Copper Dual-Headed USB Cables (Free Worldwide Shipping)Experience the closest approach to the original signal with Audiocadabra™ custom handcrafted audio cables and accessories! Here we present Audiocadabra Optimus3 Solid-Copper Dual-Headed USB Cables,...99.00

Audiocadabra™ Optimus3™ Solid-Copper Dual-Headed USB Cables (Free Worldwide Shipping) [Expired]

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Experience the closest approach to the original signal with Audiocadabra™ custom handcrafted audio cables and accessories! Here we present Audiocadabra Optimus3 Solid-Copper Dual-Headed USB Cables, our 3rd-gen level-1 audio-grade Hi-Speed Dual-Headed USB cables, that are crafted with carefully selected 99.99% pure solid-copper conductors individually sheathed in PTFE (a.k.a. Teflon), hand-braided and terminated with imported high-quality USB plugs.

The Dual-Headed USB cable is split into two—one half (black sleeve) carrying only data; the other half (red sleeve) carrying only power and both can be plugged into two of the host computer's USB sockets simultaneously. With this arrangement, the data and power lines are physically moved away from each other, massively reducing the problem of radiated power supply noise that typical USB cables are prone to by design.

The Audiocadabra Optimus3 Solid-Copper Dual-Headed USB Cables provide neutral spectral balance, greater dynamics, purity of tone, blacker background, are more resolving and have a more cohesive presentation, atypical of cables found at this price point. They are a great choice for discerning audiophiles.

A single Audiocadabra Optimus3 Dual-Headed USB Cable which will enable USB digital connection between a Computer and USB DAC/AMP.


Why the Optimus3™ Solid-Copper Dual-Headed USB Cables are the best:

  • Our level-1 audio-grade Hi-Speed Dual-Headed USB cables.
  • Optimus3 is an enhanced 3rd-gen version of the original Optimus series.
  • Hi-Speed USB cables that are individually tested for speed before being shipped.
  • Handcrafted cables with proprietary Teflon wires and imported high-quality plugs.
  • Terminated with 24K gold-clad copper-alloy connectors for superior electrical contact.
  • Soldered meticulously with Kester audio-grade solder.
  • Choose between Type-A and Type-B plugs, at check-out, for no additional cost.
  • Choose between black and two-tone colors at checkout.
  • Dual-Headed USB cable with Red Type-A plug for power and Black Type-A plug for data.
  • 99.99% pure solid-copper conductors individually sheathed in PTFE.
  • PTFE (a.k.a. Teflon) dielectric manufactured and sheathed to specification.
  • Carefully selected conductors and geometry for optimum signal flow.
  • Hand-braided construction for superior EMI/RFI noise reduction.
  • 01 ft Y-split design at the dual-head side of the cables.
  • 3 wire braid per cable.
  • Completely separate data and power cables for maximum isolation.
  • These are not the same as fancy looking and lesser performing USB cables.
  • These cables sound more open and transparent than expensive mass-market brands.
  • Designed for computer audio especially for hi-res playback.
  • Instantly improves your home and desktop audio experience.
  • Neutral sounding USB cables that is faithful to the original signal.
  • Lifetime warranty, just post back for repairs.
  • Free worldwide shipping.


Choose one of the following designs at checkout:

  • Mkll: Dual-Headed USB cable design. Ideal for computer audio setups that has 02 USB ports.
  • Mkl: Single-Headed USB cable design. Ideal for computer audio setups that has only 01 USB port. The Single-Headed USB Cable design, inspired from our best selling Dual-Headed USB cables, consists of two separate braids—one half carrying only data and the other half carrying only power. With this arrangement, the data and power lines are physically away from each other, massively reducing the problem of radiated power supply noise that typical USB cables are prone to by design.


The Optimus3 dual-headed USB cable can be implemented in any one of the following ways:

  • If your USB DAC has its own in-built power supply, then the power-carrying half of the Optimus3 Dual-Headed USB cable (red sleeve) may be pulled out of the host Computer's USB socket, after the initial "handshake" procedure is complete.
  • If your USB DAC is powered by the host Computer's 5v USB socket, then the power-carrying half of the Optimus3 Dual-Headed USB cable (red sleeve) may be plugged into an external 5v battery pack.
  • You may simply connect both the power and data leads of the Optimus3 Dual-Headed USB cable to the computer's USB ports, they are designed to sound more open and transparent than any conventional USB cable possibly can.
  • Any of the above implementation helps reduce noise that most Computers' power supply is notorious for, in high-end audio application, and that which the standard USB cable cannot resolve by design.


“Definitely a keeper, and a wonderful surprise at this price point.”—Brad, Meilen, Switzerland 
“They sound great right out of the box.”—Michael, Burbank, USA 
“Suddenly, everything is crisp, much clearer, more focused!”—Radha, Pune, India 
“I like your cables. It sounds really good.”—Frédéric, Clisson, France 
“Saving my pennies to get another set.”—Alan, Richmond, USA 
“These cables are dead-quiet, smooth and revealing.”—Tony, Venturia, USA 
“I'm actually rather shocked.”—Peter, Richardson, USA 
“It has removed a veil of audio smog that I didn't even know was there.”—Andrew, Norfolk, UK 
“I'm very very familiar with this piece and I've never heard the Birds till Now WOW!!!”—Eddie, Surprise, USA 
“The Optimus is simply very good. I must say, well done!”—Ernst, Vienna, Austria 
“I switched briefly to my old cables. Yuk! Congratulations on bringing something to market that offers such good value for money.”—Adrian, Durban, South Africa 
“Accurate mids and non-fatiguing highs. Your cable preserves and enhances that. Once again, solid core copper can't be beat.”—Mark, Holyoke, USA 
“All my life I believed that cables were a gimmick and that they don't make any difference!”—Shyam, Mumbai, India 
“It allows the music to pass through without restriction, the sound I get is very open and big-sounding.”—Edmund, Bukit Purmei, Singapore 
“Your cable pushed my system to its fullest possibilities.”—Achille, Messina, Italy 
“Your cables perform brilliantly and at a price that defines the word ‘bargain’. Well done!”—Karl, Toronto, Canada 
“Kudos and thank you for making a great cable at a very competitive price!”—Keith, CC, Singapore 
“You would not think that for such a small investment, you could get that much of a sound difference from your system.”—Duvall, Greenwood, USA 
“In the price category you sell the cable, this is a very good product.”—Marc, Maastricht, Netherlands 
“The cable is the best I have of four…by a long shot.”—Frank, Fletcher, USA 
“I am getting a feeling that the Audiocadabra USB cable has more in the treble than the others I've used.”—Nikhil, Hyderabad, India


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This A'gon listing is for a 1.0m long Audiocadabra™ Optimus3™ Plus Solid-Copper Dual-Headed USB Cable with Type-A to Type-B USB plugs. Estimated turnaround time for this custom order will be emailed along with the order confirmation email.

Buy the Audiocadabra Optimus3 Plus Solid-Copper Dual-Headed USB Cables for just USD 99 apiece [Price inclusive of A'gon Listing Fees].

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