Nordost Odin Nordost  Odin   BNC Digital Cables (1.25m)Up for sales is a 1.25m Nordost Odin Digital cables. The new 2016 digital cable is selling at a reduced price of $2800 each and $5000 for two. You can select any connectors to fit for your own sys...2800.00

Nordost Odin BNC Digital Cables (1.25m) [Expired]

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Up for sales is a 1.25m Nordost Odin Digital cables. The new 2016 digital cable is selling at a reduced price of $2800 each and $5000 for two. You can select any connectors to fit for your own system. All cables are new and will be break in for ready use. By using only one Odin cable in your system, you will achieve a great sound improvement that you have never been experienced before. Your whole system will be upgraded instantly. Once you have used the Odin cable, you can't go back to any other cables. I have tried to test and compare the Odin cable with Nordost Valhalla V1 / V2 and many other brands top grade cables. The results are distinguished and other cables have no comparasion. Using the Odin cables, the music performance will be improved in all respects. The vocal voice and all musical instruments become so real that you can really enjoy the music you like. The price I am selling is the lowest price that has ever been listed on Audiogon. Don't miss this opportunity to own a world known top grade cable with less than half of the original price. The cables have no original box, but it will be packed safely for shipping. All the cables were custom made from original cable and reterminated with top grade connectors by an authorized dealer. The cable has no serial number as it's not factory terminated cable, but the cable quality and music performance is the same and even better than factory cable because it's using better grade connectors. I have sold Odin cables of different types for many years on Audiogon and all buyers were pleased with the cable quality and price. Please review my 100% positive feedbacks. A comment about the Odin cables quoted from the Hi Fi magazine :- The crazy thing is, that even on a whole system costing less than a single wire of Odin cables the benefits are so stunningly obvious! Roy Gregory, Hi-Fi+ Issue 51 The following is the recent feedbacks I have received from the buyers:- Feedback 1 --------------- Hi Simon, Just wanted you to know I picked up the cable at my local PO and all is well. When listening to music and blurting out "JESUS CHRIST", you know the stereo change is good. What a great cable! I'll do your very positive feedback soon. Plus I'm interested in some more Odin 1 stuff from you, like two XLR interconnects and two power cables. I'll write you later with specifics, but I think it will be those four Odin items. Package deal maybe. 😀 Thanks again and it was a great pleasure doing business with you. BTW I have a home near Seattle so we are practically neighbors! Take care, Don Feedback from Don:- Exemplary Audiogon seller and community member. Superb product and condition, super fast shipping, bountiful integrity, and great communicator. Very Highly recommended! Nordost Odin (1m) Digital Cables (Price further reduced) Feedback 2 --------------- Hi Simon, Reference is made to your “customized” RCA Odin interconnect VS Nordost RCA interconnect. My first impression when comparing your customized Odin interconnect VS the original Odin from Nordost is that your customized Odin cable is even more open and detailed than the original, - superb! (-may it be using the top of the line connectors from WBT; 0152AG). Please do not hesitate to contact me Simon if you need a reference person for your excellent customized Odin cables. Yours faithfully, Jan A. Wolstad N.B Different length with different connectors for all types of Odin cables can also be ordered. Please send me inquery for price quote. Please add 4% for Paypal payment.
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