WyWires SilverUSB 2.0 A/B 1.5MWyWires Silver USB 2.0 A/B 1.5M NEWThis USB cable just received the Brutus Award from Positive Feedback Online for being one of the very few products that "curled Dave Clark's toes" in 2011. Cary Audio Design has selected the WyWire...399.00

WyWires Silver USB 2.0 A/B 1.5M NEW [Expired]

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This USB cable just received the Brutus Award from Positive Feedback Online for being one of the very few products that "curled Dave Clark's toes" in 2011. Cary Audio Design has selected the WyWires USB to showcase their new Xciter DAC and MS-1 Music Server at CES! The WyWires USB 2.0 provides a natural and holographic presentation with all the detail and soundstage majesty you would expect from a premium cable but without a hint of digital glare or nastiness. This cable will enable your PC or Mac connected to a good DAC to rival high quality analog. This cable WILL NOT drop out or fail to synchronize with ANY DAC! Here are a couple of recent customer comments: "When I put in the WyWires USB, I noticed some magic on the first track. I started out with A Perfect Circle's "The Noose" because it's a pretty good recording (but not perfect) and I wanted to see how the sound would be on a more alternative song that wasn't really audiophile quality. I was really surprised. Never has it sounded this good. The slight digital edge that I usually hear in the song was hugely reduced, vocals were more focused and more fleshed out, cymbals were scary good and there was overall more transparency without losing any weight in the instruments. Bass and mid-bass were not as bloomy and articulated the different tones very well (wasn't a huge change in this department, but I took notice on the first listen).Female vocals were drop dead beautiful. The WyWires cable seemed to bring more texture and human-sounding flesh to vocals and organic elements like guitar picks and vocalists breathing etc. I'd almost say there was a fuzzy thickness that was removed across the board when adding in the WyWires, but it didn't remove any weight or mid-range sexiness, it just seemed to make everything more transparent without digital edge or treble tinge. I guess it is just the WyWires effect! Love it". Clayton, Victoria, BC, Canada "Well, I am now thoroughly convinced that cables make a big difference. From personal experience I know that there is a big difference between say copper and silver interconnects, but that the choice of USB cable could radically change the sound seemed a little far fetched. I have my Mac Mini hooked up to a Bel Canto 1.5 Dac and have been doing AB comparisons between db Labs The Essential and WyWires LITESPD USB cables. The music of choice are albums I have been using as reference for years. To summarize, the Essential sounds dead in comparison to the LITESPD. When using the WyWires cable everything changes. The sound stage opens up and the music comes alive. At least in my system the difference is nothing short of dramatic". Bjorn, Miami Beach, FL Several people in the high end audio industry have told us that this is the best USB cable on earth, period! Not sure if I believe that. As always, we guarantee that this cable will outperform what you are currently using. If it fails to meet your expectations, we will refund all of your money, no questions asked. Please visit our website for customer comments, links to reviews and information on our growing dealer network. The price above is for a 5 foot (1.5Meter) cable. Any length up to 12 feet (pictured) is available. Please add $60 per foot for lengths longer than 5 feet. Thanks for looking and happy listening!
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