Diyhifisupply "Basie+" AikidoThese units don't come up on sale very often, so this is a chance for you to own a quality tube preamp. This product is a marriage of a proven topology (Aikido from the talented John Broskie) and a...750.00

Diyhifisupply "Basie+" Aikido Linestage with Remote Control! [Expired]

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These units don't come up on sale very often, so this is a chance for you to own a quality tube preamp. This product is a marriage of a proven topology (Aikido from the talented John Broskie) and a superb kit from the reputed seller DIYHIFISUPPLY. This kit has been discontinued and no longer sold by DIYHIFISUPPLY I was initially planning to do an Aikido build myself, but I lucked upon this unit (someone already did the hard work with building the kit) two years ago and since then this has been the mainstay in my system. I'm only selling it because I bought a more expensive linestage and I can't justify keeping them both (as much as I would love to keep this one-of-a-kind preamp). This linestage uses the best combination of input and output tubes for this topology - The 6CG7s which has 6SN7 octal tube characteristics in a 9 pin socket and 5687s which provides much needed drive and dynamics. The power supply is a LCRCRC design to get the best out of the Aikido topology. This tube preamplifier is as close as you can get to "wire with gain" in a linestage. I have done some significant upgrades which I'm listing as follows : 1) A pair of superb AmpOhm Paper in Oil Tin Foil Capacitors (0.47uf) in the output coupling position 2) Matched Kiwame Carbon Composition resistors in the signal path 3) Tung Sol JTL 6X4WA in the rectifier tube position 4) Matched pair of Tung Sol D Getter circa 1956 5687s (will come with their original boxes) 5) NOS 6CG7 Raytheons (will come in their original boxes) I think I have squeezed the most I could with the above upgrades from this already great design. The chassis quality is top notch with the unit weighing close to 20lbs. The unit comes with 4 inputs and two outputs. The input switching is done using top quality miniature relays. The main circuit is point-to-point wiring, but the PSU unit is a PCB unit as seen from the pics. Also included is the original build guide from DIYHiFiSupply. Last but not the least this comes with a Remote Control volume (24 position stepped attenuation), mute and input selection buttons. Specifications: (may change without notice) Frequency response: 5-80kHz (-3dB) HD: 0.1% - 0.001% @10V PK Inputs: 4 sets RCA remote controlled Outputs: 2 prs RCA Input sensitivity/impedance: depends on tube set used Power: 115/230V AC +- 10% 90W Dimensions: 29cm deep x 36cm wide x 11cm tall Tubes: 2 x 6CG7, 2 x 5687, 1 x 6X5 (can use other noval/octal combinations) includes remote non-magnetic chassis, premium connectors, EI power transformer Description as per : "The Basie+ pre-amplifier is (with permission) based on John Broskie's Aikido tube circuit. Much has been written by the DIY community. Suggested reading on the circuit concept and development here. Circuit performance and amazing distortion measurements here. Possible tube combinations here (note not all listed can be used in the Basie+ but most common 8/9pin can). Our implementation uses a tube rectifier and choke in the power supply. Standard tube compliment is a pair each of 6CG7 and 5687. Gain is about 15db. It shows extremely low harmonic distortion and has excellent power supply noise rejection due to the unique noise cancelling topology. Output impedance is very low and it swings huge output voltage. This linstage loves to drive a load. Subjectively the sound is open, lively, turn-on-a-dime fast, transparent etc BUT...still captures the full tonal tapestry of music. If you like the sound of a TVC, you'll love the Basie+, which is not affected by impedance matching issues. Basie + Aikido has a heart of song - the more you listen, the more music you discover." I'm asking $750.00 shipping and paypal included within CONUS. Overseas buyers, please contact me for shipping quotes. I'm happy to answer any questions should you have any. Local San Francisco Bay Area buyers welcome.
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