DynaudioFocus 360 Black AshInnovative Audio is one of New York’s leading High End Audio store. Located on Manhattan’s East Side ( 150 East 58th Street) in the A & D Building. Innovative Audio has always been dedicated to...4950.00

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Innovative Audio is one of New York’s leading High End Audio store. Located on Manhattan’s East Side ( 150 East 58th Street) in the A & D Building. Innovative Audio has always been dedicated to providing their clients the best sounding (and performing) audio components available. The new Dynaudio Focus 360 is a remarkable loudspeaker. Featuring industry respected Esotar² soft dome tweeter, renowned Dynaudio midrange driver and newly developed dual bass drivers makes for an unbelievable presentation. The Focus 360 exhibits precise staging and an absolutely pure sound reproduction at any volume, especially with voices and natural instruments. Authentic deep bass delivery and reproduction down to 31 Hz. Energy, depth, substance: The Focus 360 reveals the full musical picture. From the finest nuance of a singing voice to the full dynamics of an orchestra - music becomes a tactile experience. The impressive energy and dynamics are achieved by newly developed 20 cm woofers, arranged in a dual driver design. The large diaphragm surface and the immense inner volume of the cabinet allows authentic deep bass delivery and reproduction down to 31 Hz. Even the most energetic low frequency notes are reproduced in an absolutely precise and controlled manner, thanks to extraordinarily large voice coils with the magnet inside the coil. The result is remarkable speed and accuracy in the lower registers. Voices and instruments are handled by a dedicated midrange driver. The separation of the midrange from the lower bass in the isolated cabinet chamber avoids influence and disturbance from the woofer section. The Esotar² soft dome tweeter is the ideal match for the powerful bass and midrange drivers, while the special coating of the fabric dome enables the smooth, natural high frequencies Dynaudio has become famous for - even when revving up the amp to maximum levels. The high-quality veneered cabinet is additionally braced and reinforced to ensure absolute rigidity and minimize resonances, even when playing loud. The acoustically optimized cloth grille runs over the full cabinet length, bringing an elegant, slim shape to the design. The Focus 360 was reviewed by Jeff Fritz for SoundStage! (June 2010), earning a "Reviewer's Choice" award in the process. Citing the speaker's "excellent fidelity", Fritz offered the following on the sound characteristics of the 360: "The most striking aspect of the Focus 360's sound was its neutral midrange. I found it so lacking in coloration that it highlighted, in comparison, the relatively non-neutral sounds of most speakers." "Bass was taut, but not too much so. It was quite natural and neutral - characteristics that were all hallmarks of the speaker overall, though they were still most audible in the midband." "The highs, too, were quite good." "If you assume that only an exotic hard-domed tweeter can sound ultra detailed and airy, you'll be surprised to find out that the Esotar2 in the Focus 360 can deliver all the air and detail you could ever want. I listened to many, many tracks to determine just where the Esotar2's weak spots were and man, did I have a hard time finding any." Fritz added:"The 360's soundstaging and imaging were very good to excellent" and "The Focus 360 was the epitome of uncolored", while concluding: "The Dynaudio Focus 360 offers a lot of performance for $7000/pair." "It's easily one of the best loudspeaker values now available." This pair is in Black Ash. These are available because of a canceled order. So these are new, out of the box, and played a few times. These will come with the full 5 year Manufacturers Warranty from Dynaudio. We have the original boxes for shipping but they will have to go freight. Impedance 4 Ohms Weight 36.1 kg / 80 lbs Dimensions (W x H x D) 248 x 1240 x 385 mm 9.8 x 48.8 x 15.2" Buyer pays for shipping. We will ship only to the US. Wire Transfer and a cleared check is accepted.
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