EAR YoshinoAcute CD PlayerEAR Yoshino Acute CD Player  Chrome FaceplateI brought this unit on Audiogon in October 2010. The EAR Yoshino Acute CD Player from brilliant audio engineer Tim de Paravicini is a unique design featuring a specially designed transformer-couple...2600.00

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I brought this unit on Audiogon in October 2010. The EAR Yoshino Acute CD Player from brilliant audio engineer Tim de Paravicini is a unique design featuring a specially designed transformer-coupled tube output stage which gives the sweetest, most engaging musical presentations. This player offers stunning dynamics along with a very analog sounding, tube warmth. The CD Player uses a Wolfson 24bit/96kHz DAC, a pair of 6DJ8s (6922 / 7308) in the output stage and a wonderful analog volume control (can be connected directly to a power amplifier as it has enough gain). I will also include a pair of Platinum Grade NOS 1967 Amperex 7308 Orange tubes from Upscale Audio which cost $160.00/pair. These tubes take this CD Player to a different level. The original tubes that come with the CD Player are also included. Reviews The Acute is a one-box CD player that has analog sound in its heart and ultra-high definition in its soul. The Acute is at the very top of the heap of today's ultimate CD playback gear… Acute creates an intimate, involving, organic sound that envelops the listener… The highs are extraordinary for digital—extended, accurate, delicate, and oh so musical… The mids are more realistic, warmer, and fleshier than the best solid-state digital reproduction, at any price… The Acute's bass is excellent, maybe the best tube-powered CD bass I've heard… E.A.R. Acute is a wondrous value for those who love music. I have lost count of the CDs I own, and would like to continue to enjoy them. The E.A.R. Acute CD player offers this golden opportunity right now, and is most highly recommended. - Robert H. Levi, Positive Feedback Online EAR Acute CD Player - The Absolute Sound Editor's Choice Award Winner! "[The Acute] was smooth in a way that does not suppress information or add euphony. It is blessedly neutral in its character and its reproduction of the human voice is quite simply excellent... What struck me then was the airy sweetness and extension of its high-frequency performance, entirely atypical for almost all digital players, and enchanting... Truth is, I like the unstressed quality of the top octaves here..." - Harry Pearson, HP's Workshop, The Absolute Sound, Aug. & Oct. 2006 Positive Feedback Online's Writers' Choice Awards - for 2006 Another Giant Killer, or is it? If we assume "Giants" are expensive, this is a giant killer because of it's modest, by high end standards, price of $5495. This player bested two $15k players and everything else I've heard. No it's not affordable to those that don't save, but if you can save and want a terrific CD player, this is it. This is the best CD player I've heard yet. Had the Acute been around, I probably would have purchased a less expensive analog set up and simply committed myself to Redbook CDs. Oh, it doesn't play any of the "superior" formats-I'm devastated. Tube rolling allows you to get the sound you want, though I loved the stock tubes. No review forthcoming, though perhaps a purchase. -Larry Cox, Positive Feedback Online Unit used in a smoke and pet free environment. I will double box and ship (with insurance) anywhere within continental USA. Payment by PayPal. No lowballers please.
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